Under Dreemie's Tree - BIG giveaway (and FREE!)

4년 전

It's time for Christmas gifts.. from all of us to YOU!

And do I have some gifts for you! Thanks to the beautiful, generous Steemians I'm blessed to know, I've compiled some lovely goodies for TEN of you to win!

Here's how to play!

Choose 3 of the 10 raffles to enter! Leave a comment telling me which raffles you'd like to be entered into. List your favorite first. So I can make sure you are entered into your favorites first! Once you win a raffle - you won't be entered into anymore. So favorites first! 🎄

If you upvote, you can choose 4 of the 10!

If you upvote and resteem, you can choose 5 of the 10!

That's it! If you win the gift, you don't even have to pay for shipping! The vendor will contact you privately and they will send it directly to the address you give!

@misslasvegas and I are pretty addicted to spreading love and joy - not just at Christmas, but ESPECIALLY now! So ALSO be sure to check out her contest where she's giving away 60 steem!

Of course, you don't HAVE TO WAIT to win something. If you see a gift you really love, feel free to click on the vendor's banner to find out how to buy directly from them!

(in alphabetical order)


I want to enter this raffle so badly! I have been obsessed with @anutu's jewelry since I first met him. He has such an eye and talent for making the most unique pieces. If you are fortunate enough to win one of his pieces, be among the high fashion models who have had his work grace their bodies! Don't believe me? Go look at his site and be amazed!


Please use scroll bar to see sample of @bluefinstudios' work


I already own some of his work, but I surely would love to own more! @bluefinstudios has quite the eye for the bold and beautiful, the serene and the exquisite where nature is concerned. As a photographer, he has the patience to wait for the perfect shot, but you can just pick and choose among his best work! This drawing is for YOUR CHOICE of 6 of his prints made into beautiful greeting cards! Choose from any of his amazing shots on his site. Need more than 6? Check out his site and go shopping!


Would you like a handmade pen to showcase your love for Steem? I'd love to make a customized pen for you! Let me know the colors, and I'll put the Dreemie elves to work immediately! Special limited-edition Steem charms add Steem Pride to everything you write! 😊


I might be biased, but I would buy a sketch on a napkin from this artist! Everytime I see her work, I'm touched deeply the unparalleled quality of her passion that is placed on the page! Two original graphite pencil abstract drawings on beautiful 100% Cotton Somerset Paper with lovely raw edges. Use the drawing to meditate as you sink into its depths and follow the lines. Or simply frame, hang and enjoy in your home. 19cm x 14cm Care to be dazzled by more of her work? Or perhaps you'd like to commission her for something more personal? Contact @eveningart on her latest post for more details P.S. She also just released a GREAT book on ideas for your blog posts. Do you run out of ideas for posts on Steemit? Get ideas from this awesome little book and have it in your Kindle in moments!


Do you see the beautiful banner and profile picture that I have on Steemit? I received this as a gift from @monchhichi23, @penderis, and @plushzilla (it was a serious pay it forward trail! heehe) - created by the amazing artist @jimramones! He works with you until he finds EXACTLY what you want, and he isn't satisfied until you are! I've loved working with him so much that I hired him for all of our @spunkeemonkee work! Extremely professional and so personalized! You WANT one of these for your profile! If you don't want to wait to win, you can hire him to create your banner and profile pic directly for $35 USD - (or... just comment that you want to be in his drawing!).


There are only a handful of Steemians who have been chosen to sport of one @monchhichi23's bracelets! I happen to be one of them! Don't be jealous! You can have one too! She puts so much care into each of these bracelets as she puts YOUR personality into them. I absolutely love mine and I was thrilled that she was willing to make one for some lucky winner here! Would you like to see what else she does? Her creations are sought after every year by the droves during Mardi Gras time! But she can be hired throughout the year to make something special for you! Check her specialty items out here!

@Ravijojla (and @crazybgadventure)

Click on the picture to see the candles lit and glowing!

This brand new candle business is the brain-child of @ravijojla and @crazybgadventure. I have a special candle being made for me called "Cowboy Dreems" that I cannot wait to inhale! Sweet oats, leather, hay... mmmmm the intoxicating scent that all cowgirls dreem of.... riding horses! Don't worry - if you're not a cowgirl, they have lots of beautiful scents for you to love! Choose their drawing to win a candle from them - or... order directly from them by commenting on their latest post! (The post explains all about how the candles are made, so be sure to check it out!)


The "Jellyfish" lady is back! Have you ever seen something so cool? This picture is taken from her site, but the one I will send is blue with orange tentacles. Her picture was just way prettier! Believe me! When you hold these in your hands, you can see the craftmanship as you turn this little beauty in the light! Not only does she create these cute little jellyfish - but she has some really beautiful memorial glasses that you have to see to appreciate. They are little, individual works of art. Truly special mementos of your loved ones - breathtaking and unique! Simply must see her site to really get the full picture!

@shadowspub & @dreemsteem

What do you get when you combine generosity, fun and community? A gift from ShadowDreems! The two of us (@shadowspub and @dreemsteem) thought it would be super fun to give away 45 SBI to one Christmas beneficiary! Simple, fun, go for it! Merry Christmas from ShadowDreems! (Come say hi on Pimp Your Post Thursday, in @shadowspub's Steemit Ramble!)


I own THREE of @zen-art's designs already - and I am in LOVE with them! They make fantastic Christmas ornaments on the tree, or just that special snuggly gift! Perhaps a fun magnet for your fridge? Whatever you choose, you will be delighted with the sweetest craftmanship of Petra! Whatever she does, she has such delightful design! Her felt creations are no exception to this! Enter to win the cute ladybug house (maybe our little ladybug @priyanarc would like that?), or go to her recent post to fill up your shopping basket with even MORE of her beautiful things!!

Hurry and enter a comment below for whatever 3 drawings you'd like to join! (More, if you upvote and resteem!) MERRY CHRISTMAS from all of us to you! Hope you win and enjoy a present from "Under Dreemie's Tree!" Winners from the drawings will be announced live at the evening PYPT show in @shadowspub's Ramble discord channel. If you can't make it - don't worry! I'll announce the winners in a post the following day also!

Amazing banner created by @liberty-minded


Under Dreemie's Tree Image, edited by @dreemsteem

SBI logo from @steembasicincome

Calamity Jane Font used in this post

Christmas baubles divider used in this post

All other images belong to vendors. Please only use with permission.

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Very cool!!!
@imsteinsbrother said you have an awesome giveaway happening, and he was right! What an awesome way to promote Steemians AND bless Steemians!! Thank you for hosting this!

  1. ShadowDreems SBI Raffle
  2. The @scarletleonard jellyfish raffle
  3. @eveningart's abstract drawings raffle
  4. The sweet banner art from artist @jimramones raffle

Yeahhhh :) thanks for coming to join!!!! I'll be picking winners today :) Good luck and Merry Christmas!!!!

I am a greedy feck. I would like one of them all.

I would like a Dreemsteem pen. So I can keep writing my name and saying Dreems Pen write my name everywhere. Then people will think I am really cool and I will be in the cool kid's gang.

I would like a Monchhichi arm ring. It would be kinda like a super power. When I go into a room people would ask Is that a genuine Monchhichi. could say yup and be the envy of everyone.


You get another entry!!! Hehehe


mister Jan... come back and add another entry !!! LOL


Shadows and Dreems 45.

  1. @eveningart
  2. @ ShadowDreems
  3. @zen-art

but really, I wish all of the rest of you luck!


will be choosing today! :)

What a wonderful way to promote all the wonderfully talented people that we have in this community! I think it might be too late for me to give away some origami creation I have been working on at the moment but there's always next year :D

@dreemsteem, @scarletleonard, @anutu and @monchhichi23 for me!



And sir.... You have one more.entry! You upvoted and resteemed! Hehehe so.you get 5 entries!

Choose one more gift please hehe

And....you know, I've had a few more people contact me and say they would like to be a part next.time!

If I get a total of 10 people wanting to donate...I'll do a DREEMIE'S tree part 2 for this year.lol

So maybe your origami will have a home this Christmas! Hehehehe ♥️

Don't forget your other entry! And Merry Christmas to you.my generous friend!!!! 🤗


I figured out from trying to send things overseas from Australia that it takes a VERY LONG time, which is why I don't think anything is going to make it until well after Xmas :D

I'll add @bluefinstudio to my list :)



hehehhe well that's ok! things can be won FOR Christmas - and received after!

no pressure and no deadlines :) it's the thought that counts :)

that is a lovely little keepsake box hehehe and the paper is so pretty!!! nice selection!



Hi @plushzilla
I am having a similar dilemma. I am a great fan of steemit snail mail connections, but being in Australia I need to be very organised for Christmas.
Tragically, organisation is not my strength, procrastination I do well, which doesn't help.
Last year I sent some New Year gifts, which worked out OK, especially as it's more secular. They were probably closer to the lunar new year too. 😂
Beautiful piece by the way.


Thanks for your kind comment :) I don't tend to celebrate Christmas but many of my friends do - I prefer this time of the year to be less stressful and hectic than it needs to be :D


Wow @plushzilla and @girlbeforemirror you’re both from Aus? Where? Are you in @teamaustralia as well? I love origami!!

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I'll have to add you to my list of Steemit couples :) I am currently in Brisbane but have lived in a few different places in Australia. I am also in the teamaustralia Discord channel.


There's quite a few of us from AUS, and we are always happy to meet other fellow Aussie Steemians :) Do you make origami yourself?


I used to love making origami cranes and try out different things.

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OK, I want to be entered on these three: @anutu's jewelry, @bluefinstudios' prints, @dreemsteem's pens!!!


Oh miss! You also upvoted and resteemed! that means you get to choose 2 more drawings to be entered in :)

Please do that - I want you to have the best chance of winning something!!! :) You can just edit your post if you like!

I hope you win something lovely!!! and Merry Christmas to you my sweetest, generous friend! so much love for you <3


Yaaay!!! Two more!!!! Here are my other two choices: @shadowspub & @dreemsteem 45SBI giveaway, and @scarletleonard's cute jelly fish!

hmmmmm....🤔🤔🤔 what can i choose?? it's hard for me because every items are so so creative, beautiful, bold and artistic... 😍😍

well, here are my choices.. I have my eyes on @ravijojla and @crazybgadventure 's candles for long time. So i can't miss this opportunity.. hehe, i am greedy.. 😄😄

@eveningart i can't miss this opportunity grabbing sketches.. i just love them 😘😘

@dreemsteem and @shadowspub 's gift is perfect.

Need a perfect pen for my diaries.. Hmm which pen can be more perfect rather than @dreemsteem .. Question!!!

Now it's tough time.. 😭😭 last choice and i am so greedy and confuse also..

Well, hard one but i would love to choose @zen-art for her amazing DIY as i am Lady Bug..🐞🐞

Thank you @dreemsteem for this amazing giveaway.. i know i am greedy because can't resist myself grabbing this amazing gifts... 😘😘😘
Merry Christmas everyone.. and goodluck everyone..


Heehehehe not greedy!!! Enjoying the opportunity to be blessed!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

I hope you win something special, my sweet beautiful friend!!! I saw the ladybugs and thought of you!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️

Merry Christmas 🐞 ladybug!!!


Thank you, dear!


hehe... i am blessed and needy also..😂😂

What a beautiful community effort from @dreemsteem and @shadowspub!!

These are all such cute gifts.

@monchhichi23's bracelets rock

@dreemsteem I have never seen a Steem pen in my life

I don't know the other artists here, but @anutu's jewely looks fantastic.

@zen-art's Christmas ornaments are perfect for the season.

The candles from @Ravijojla (and @crazybgadventure) is just what we need to light some holiday cheer.

These are all such nice crafts and I commend you but actually you would have to pay a ton for shipping to Korea so if I win any prize then give it to @violetmed as a Christmas present from us all.


awwwww you did it! I'm glad! I hoped you would join!!!!

Great you've been entered into all of your choices!!!! (and yes I do believe I'm the first one to make a Steem pen! LOL)

does shipping to Korea really cost that much??? ohhhh that is too bad :( maybe we can see who you win from... it might not be too bad :)

but either way! that's kind for you to want to gift it away too! hehehehe
Good luck and Merry Christmas!!! :)

So many wonderful products and choices.

I don't need tickets in the raffle, you can have my upvote for helping spread the word.

...but I do want one of those pens pretty badly - so maybe just one ticket for that one :)


hehehe thank you! i'll be choosing today and your name is in the raffle for one of my special pens hehehe

You are always so generous and giving @dreemsteem and you always make steemit such a fun place to be!!! I would love to win a piece of jewelery from @anutu, or amazing prints from @bluefinstudios or gosh those jellyfish are amazing from @scarletleonard. Thanks for putting all that time in to this dreemie love you


yes!!! you picked lovely items! hehehe and gotta have fun, right?
we laugh or we cry! LOL i hope you win, love <3

Awesome Contest!!! Thank you kindly!!

Good Luck everyone!!!


glad you came to join!!!! :) i'll be choosing today! :) Good luck!

I would like to be entered into:
@anutu, I think I might give something to my mom,
@scarletleonard I really like jellyfish!,
and @eveningart I really like pencil art, and I hope that I win! Not to be greedy or anything! @dreemsteem, and @zen-art.


ok!!! hehehehe well you should enter all 5!! :)

because you'll have a better chance of winning something :) Please edit your comment and join 2 more - it will be best for you to have a better chance :)

Merry Christmas to you! and thanks for coming!!!


Ok I will, and Merry Christmas to you too!

A very very Merry Christmas <3 Ho ho ho <3

What a wonderful idea and such a beautiful collection of amazingly talented artists <3 Love everything!!!

  1. @jimramones
  2. @ravijojla & @crazybgadventure
  3. @eveningart
  4. @dreemsteem
  5. @monchhichi23

Sending love to you all <3


Ohhhhhhh you picked some nice things hehehehe. I'm so biased though.... I love them all.too!!!! ♥️

Thank you for being a part of it hehhee whoever gets your piece of jewelry art is going to go wild with excitement!!! ♥️
Merry Christmas to you my dear friend!!!


Thank you - hohohohoooo merry, merry...


Hugs and love back to you, @anutu!

OOOOOOO so much goodies to choose from, ok here it is:

  1. @anutu jewelry because not only is it beautiful but it is GREEN and everyone knows that GREEN is my absolutely favorite color!
  2. @ravijojla and @crazybgadventure candles because they are simply gorgeous and it would be amazing to own one
  3. @shadowspub & @dreemsteem 45 SBI shares because WOW, that is a long term gift, isn't it? :)

Yes yes yes... And I thought you upvoted and resteemed... Didnt GINA tell me this? You get 5 choices if so! Hehehe... (Or 4 if you upvoted.... I forget! But I'm sure you have at least one more.choice! Lol)

Come come.....choose again please! Lol

Merry Christmas fairy friend ♥️


Gina will NOW notify you because I have just reestemed, thanks for reminding me. Ok, the following are:
4.@scarletleonard crazy beautiful piece of art
5.@dreemsteem pen because it looks really cool


Hahhahahaa you got it lady! ♥️


Thank you, @zen-art! <3

Merry Christmas, Dreemie! I will so love to join in...😀

Anutu: I have always loved his jewelries and I would so love to have one!
Scarletleonard: those designs are amazing😍
Dreemsteem: that pen sure is one to have!😍
Dreem and Shadows: 45sbi😊

Thanks a bunch...😘😊🤗


All wonderful choices!!!! Hehehehe of course you are.entered!!! Thank you for.coming to my house for Christmas!!! Hehehehe

Hope you're feeling better this week, my darling girl.♥️🤗

Merry Christmas!!!!


I am glad I stopped by at your house, there is a whole lot in there.😊😘

I am feeling much better😊🤗❤

Merry Christmas!!!

Love this! It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, everywhere I go, and I’d be super happy to find any of the above items under my Christmas tree. But here goes my order of preference:

  1. @eveningart meditation art
  2. @dreemsteem pen
  3. @bluefinstudios amazing images
  4. @jimramones awesome banner
  5. @shadowspub & @dreemsteem generosity personified

And Merry Christmas to one and all! ❤️


So many beautiful things .... Hard to choose only 5 right? Hehehe

Thank you for coming to.celebrate Christmas with me!!!! And today...we get a bit of time together??? I hope I hope? Hehehe

Heading to bed now! But will wake up and look for.you!

Merry Christmas Jules!!! (Jewels) hehehe ♥️🤗😍


Sweet Dreems!

Heading off to do the grocery shopping & return my daughter to Galway. See you later when you awake. :)

Oh I love this! My first would be @monchhichi23! Then would be Shadowdreems hehehe and lastly but certainly not leastly is @bluefinstudio and his beautiful pictures!


You got it!!!! Good luck and Merry Christmas !!! 😍

You certainly have some great gifts under your tree here :)

Here are my choices

  1. @shadowspub & @dreemsteem
  2. @anutu
  3. @bluefinstudios
  4. @eveningart
  5. @jimramones

Arent they awesome!!?! Talented people! And generous too!!! 😍

Merry Christmas and good luck!

I want them all!

But I guess I'll have to pick (in alphabetical order)

upvoted and resteemed
@Ravijojla (and @crazybgadventure)
@shadowspub & @dreemsteem


hehehehe you shall be entered my friend! <3 <3 <3

I actually came by to see if you still wanted the mi goreng noodles sent to you.

I will enter your raffle if you don't mind

  1. The pen.
  2. @anutu artwork.
  3. @scarletleonard jellyfish
  4. @shadowpub & yourself SBI

hmmmmm mi goreng noodles? I'm not sure I remember this at all?

and yes - you will be entered!!!!! Thank you for stopping by and spreading some Christmas cheer! hehee

Wow, this is really cool! Thank you so much for this contest! :D
It's hard to choose with so many good things, but I will go with:
1- the candles from @ravijojla and @crazybgadventure
2- the jewelry from @anutu
3- SBI from @shadowspub and @dreemsteem
4- the awesome banner from @jimramones
5- spiffy cool Steem pen from @dreemsteem!
Thank you again for the opportunity! <3


hehehehe yes you're so welcome! :) I'm so glad to see that people are enjoying these selections!!! :)

You are entered! and Merry Christmas!!!! :)


Happy Yule! :)

I would like...

  1. A gift from ShadowDreems (@shadowspub and @dreemsteem), my two favorite spirit lifters...
  2. Maybe a neat STEEM pen, that would be so lovely so I could write in my journal and it would be made by @dreemsteem...
  3. One of @bluefinstudios pictures because I love all the beautiful things found in creation and evidently he does too because he captures them for us all to enjoy!


Thank you so much for having this really nice Christmas Event and being you! You are one of the greatest gifts I already have! You as a friend and confidant!


The feeling is mutual, my friend! I love how you can lift people with your encouragement and joy! I know you have your down days too - but when you have your up days... oh boy :) Your spirit is addictive hehehehe

Merry Christmas (or... Happy Hannukah!!!) to you, dearest Dan! :) and of course - you are entered!

Merry Christmas to all! 🎄⛄ So many wonderful gifts to choose from:

  1. @shadowspub & @dreemsteem
  2. @dreemsteem pen
  3. @anutu
  4. @scarletleonard
  5. @ravijojla & @crazybgadventure

Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway!💕


You're so welcome!!! :) Glad that you enjoyed the selections! hehehehe You're entered and Merry Christmas!!!!

Wow how amazing is this lady. You've got a whole host of goodies there.

I'm not going to enter as it would feel wrong since I've not been on steemit for so long and there are members of this community that deserve it way more. But I still had to support you xx


awwwww but you donated such a beautiful gift! :) Why don't you join in the fun! :)

and it's wonderful to hear from you - glad to see your business has taken off and keeping you BUSY in this Christmas season! Please give my love to the family <3

Merry Christmas!!

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I upvoted your contribution because to my mind your post is at least 5 SBD worth and should receive 178 votes. It's now up to the lovely Steemit community to make this come true.

I am TrufflePig, an Artificial Intelligence Bot that helps minnows and content curators using Machine Learning. If you are curious how I select content, you can find an explanation here!

Have a nice day and sincerely yours,


Truffle Pig!!!!!!!!!!!! it's been so long since you've come to visit meeeeeeeee!!!!

ohhhhh you're the best little pink piggy robot ever! hehehehe

Merry Christmas Truffle Pig :)

Well, I am going to have to say I would like to be entered into @jimramones , then @shadowspub & @dreemsteem, then @Ravijojla (and @crazybgadventure), @anutu, and @monchhichi23



Was that 5 entries? If so....you can! But 5 separate entries... Hehehe spread the love around 😉😍


hehehehe ok darlin!

Mmmmmmm what awesome gifts!!! My choices are as follows!!

  1. SBI raffle by @dreemsteem and @shadowspub
  2. @dreemsteem pen!
  3. Jellyfish by @scarletleonard
  4. @monchhichi23 lovely bracelets!!

Resteeming and upvoting to spread the joy!!

Posted using Partiko Android


woo hoooooooo - you are entered my darling!

and oh my gosh 2 weeks?!?!?!?! i'm freaking out, lady!!! i'm sure you are REALLY freaking out hahahaha

thank you for spreading the joy! :) I can't wait to see that baby girl - that will be the BEST Christmas present! hehehehehe

Love you!!!

Hi @dreemsteem, it is good to drop a comment here as I am trying to reach out to you via discord but can't find you. So not sure why.. It is about spunkee monkee beta tester. I will really love for me and my family to be part of it. Okay, my question is do I use this account or I need to create a separate account for it? Hope to hear from you soon. And those spunkee monkee dance video around, they really help to spread the word. 😉

Secondly, onto this raffle contest. It is such an amazing one, spreading love as well as help tp promote these people and their amazing products. You are such a brilliant. So I have upvoted and resteemed, means I get to choose 5.

  1. @dreemsteem - Your pen as I write everyday in my things-to-do notebook, tried using phone, it just doesn't work. Maybe still live like old school days. So love your pen once I saw it.

  2. @monchhichi23 OMG! The bracelets... They are sweet:)

  3. @anutu's jewellery

  4. @jimramones

  5. @shadowspub & @dreemsteem

Thank you so much for doing this for us. ❤️


yes! hehehehe i think we are playing tag with one another! LOL

I replied to another comment on a post for you hahahahahaha and now i see yours here :)

but the best thing to do - is create an account for your child (that you as the parent will also be monitoring and using together)

very important to note that it is NOT her account. but a FAMILY account :) it's for the protection of the child, and also - Steemit doesn't want kids to have accounts if they are under 13 hehehe

then when you have the account - go follow @spunkeemonkee
that way i can find you both! (follow @spunkeemonkee with the @iamjadeline account too - so i can reach you at both places)

and as far as the drawing - you are entered, my friend!!!! hehehehe so glad that you enjoyed this and loved seeing the promo for these AWESOME Steemians! :)

hope you win! and Merry Christmas!!! :)


Haha. Yeah, looks like we are playing tagging game. Lol...

Thank you for this great idea @spunkeemonkey for family. I am loving it already.

Will find you in discord to ask you on advice regarding account creation. :)

So many things to choose from! I've resteemed to help get the word out and about!

So I guess I need to make some picks for a Christmas Steem treat!

  1. @eveningart, I do like her work!
  2. @zen-art, I already have some of her toys, and I know some little people who would enjoy them as well!
  3. @dreemsteem... A Steempen! Too cool to pass up!
  4. @scarletleonard: I'm still not quite sure what this is, but it looks like something I want to hold to see it!
  5. @monchhichi23: I have two daughters... there can't be enough bracelets!

Thanks for spreading the Christmas cheer, @dreemsteem!


thank you my graduation friend! hehehehehe

yessssss your picks are awesome!!! actually ALL the vendors are awesome hehehe really hard to pick only 5! :)

you are entered and I'm so thrilled to spread the Christmas cheer! hehehehee Merry Christmas to you my friend!


You guys are amazingggggggggggly blessed to share this awesome crafts to us all!

Well if you say so i would like to pick a few hahahahahahahaha! 😉😍

Since i reesteem and upvoted I get to pick 5 presents??!!! Woooooohooooooooooo! Ohhhhhh lucky stars my fairy godmothers and lucky coins and clovers pleaseeeee focus on me for a second.. hahahahahahaahhaha 🤣😂🤣😂

Here we go!

1 - of course I want one from Sir Greg!!! 🐳🐋🐳🐋🐳🐋🐳

2 - Your pen is soooooooooo cute ate @dreemsteem.. it would be useful in my office table! And every time i will use it, for sure it will bring a smile on me.. 😊

3 - since I am a SBI fanatic, do want those too!! Please let it be me.. hahahahaha miss @shadowspub and ate @dreemsteem.. 😍

4 - hmmmmmm.. your banner creations are just lovely dear @jimramones!!! I will be humbled and too honored to use one of your masterpieces.. 😉

5 - miss @monchhichi23!!!!! I am truly jealous of those bracelets you seem to be giving away to few precious chosen friends only.. hahahahaha.. i think it will look rather dashing in my arms.. hehehe

There!!! Did I miss anyone?? I would sure want to have all!! Really!!! But if you feel like more than generous, I am willing to accept them too.. hahahahahahahaha..

Keep being awesome guys! I love you all!


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Great choices!!!! I will let you know of course if you win!!!! Fingers crossed!!! And Merry Christmas to you Sissy!!!! 😍


Hahahahahaha i hipe i win one!!!

@twodorks what are you waitinf for! Take a pick! Hahaha

Posted using Partiko Android

What a wonderful idea! I upvoted and resteemed your post! Here is my list:
I know I could choose five, but this is ok.


ahhhh are you sure??? you are welcome to join 5! better chances of winning something :)

edit the comment if you'd like to enter 2 more! I'd love for you to have the best chance!!!

Merry Christmas Peter!! :)


OK, Two more added! Thank you! Merry Christmas!


awesome!!!! i am choosing today - Good luck!! hehehe


I am looking forward to the outcome!

I love @anutu's jewelry so will add my name to that one. Thank you!! Good Luck to all that enter. Great prizes/gifts <3

  1. @anutu

hehehehe that's all??? you get 5 choices! :)


oops - sorry - you know that is me ;)


Noooooooo.............. I had no idea that was you. :D
Thank you for making me laugh so early in my morning!!

What a lovley idea. Thanks for thr DM and merry christmas to you. All of these would be wonderful gifts but if I had to pick 4 they would be @scarletleonard, @anutu,
@monchhichi23 and the one from both @dreemsteem and @shadowspub's who doesnt love @sbi shares.


yes you're welcome! hehehehe i wanted to make sure you got a chance to win something! :)

and you have all AMAZING choices - but they all are! hehehehe

good luck my friend - and Merry Christmas!!!! :)

Upvote, jimramones is my favorite, need that banner for witness votes :P then anutu, monchhichi23, and shadowpub/dreamsteem. SBI giveaway is second favorite

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Isn't @jimramones the BEST?!?!?!?!? I absolutely LOVE him!!!!!!! He isn't just a huge talent - but he is a wonderful person as well :)

beautiful heart!

and yes - ok!!! then i have all your entries!!! :) good luck and Merry Christmas!!! :)

What a fabulous idea! Thank you for doing this. ;) 100% upvote and resteem. So...

  1. art from @jimramones
  2. SBI from @shadowspub & @dreemsteem
  3. a lovely bracelet from @monchhichi23
  4. candle from @ravijojla & @crazybgadventure
  5. jewelry from @anutu

Or, just put my name in 5 times for the art by @jimramones... 'cause WANT! ;)


I knowwwwwwwwwww @jimramones is amaaaaaaaaaaaazing!!!!! his work ... i'm so proud to flaunt it hehehehe

and he is the official artist for Spunkee Monkee (how fortunate are we?!?!?!?!?) he has so many goodies waiting to be unveiled for our monkees. eeeeeeeek. i'm so excited!hahaha

ok! so you are entered! :) Merry Christmas! and good luck you my friend!!!!

Great prizes! The following would be my choices.

  1. SBI giveway from @shadowspub & @dreemsteem
  2. Banner by @jimramones
  3. Jewelry by @anutu
  4. Candles by @Ravijojla & @crazybgadventure

Awesome!!!!! You are entered!! Merry Christmas friend! 😊

My choices: @anutu, @scarletleonard, @Ravijojla (and @crazybgadventure), @eveningart and @monchhichi23 are my choices.
What a lovely thing to do! I feel greedy, but I love all these people's work. Much love :)


I"m choosing today!!!! :) good luckkkkkkkkkk hehehehe <3

We are giving our entries to the people who participated here - you decide who should get them. Thank you :-)


ahhhh i can't do that hehehehe

That would be me showing favoritism - but how about I enter you into the SBI giveaway! If you win that will be a nice daily upvote for the @crowdmind account!!! :)

I will be choosing soon - good luck :)


Great! Thank you :-)

so, uhhhh... late to the party but let's call it fashionably late, shall we?!?

These are such great gifts and I feel sooo conflicted. but here are my choices!

  1. @anutu . I mean. I can't. Looookit how preeeettyyyy!!

  2. @bluefinstudios because photography is LIFE and i'd be honored

  3. @monchhichi23 ... these are so beautiful and unique!

  4. (cuz i voted and resteemed, right?!?) is the @shadowsdreem team deal! I've had to power down off and on since the summer due to family emergencies so i would LOVE to get back into the swing of things!!

  5. (now i just feel greedy) @dreemsteem !! I would carry this with me everywhere and always and always have a reason to bring up Steem!!

thanks for putting this on, even if i don't get picked it was fun to dreem for a minute!!

xoxoxo, b.


you got in - in the nick of time! and that's all that matters hehehehe

choosing today! good luck lady! and you will be getting a DM from me later about @spunkeemonkee! hehehe

Omg this is soo soo so amazing I love how you support all these peoples’ work and how they collaborated with you for this raffle!!!! I’m gonna need some time to think about this lolol

Ok got it now:
@anutu @scarletleonard @jimramones @monchhichi23 @ravijojla/@crazybgadventure

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I'm choosing the winners today - good luck! hehehehehe

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thank you so much @bengy :)

Upvoted and resteemed! I have so much jewelry, and so many candles, and so many pens, and I need to be getting rid of some stuff instead of collecting more. So, please put me down for the SBI drawing, and we will leave it at that, so others have a better chance of winning! 🙂 It is so sweet of you to do this! 💛

hehehehe you got it!!! :) I will be choosing today! Good luck my friend <3

Aww... This is such a wonderful thing to do and... Wow 😉👍🎅 that is some seriously cool gifts... Thank you all for doing this.
Ya I want it all 😂😂hahaha
But I choose @dreemsteem customized pen
@jimramones beautiful banner
@BluefinStudios beautiful photographs
@ShadowsPub and @dreemsteem sbd gift
And @anutu jewelry

I'm blown away by this generous gifts.. ❤️
Have a wonderful Monday!
Much looove ❤️🤗❤️ butthugs


Hehehheeh yayyyy!!! So.glad that you joined in the fun ♥️♥️♥️♥️🤗

I can't wait to see.all the winners!!! This is like the silver monster raffle!!! 😂😂😂😂 So much fun!!!

Love you sis! Merry Christmas!!!!!♥️

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awesome!!! thanks @arcange :)

Merry Christmas to you! :)

Awww, Dreemie...@dreemsteem! You decorated the most fabulous tree. All raffles are amazing.

@ravijojla jumps and enters

  1. @jimramones -profila banner
  2. @anutu - jewells
  3. @shadowspub and @ dreemsteem- 45 SBI
  4. @zen-art - crafts ornaments
  5. @bluefinstudios - art shots

Merry Christmas, merry fellas!


You like.my decorations??? Hehehe I learned from a certain Bulgarian diva how to decorate! 🤗😉😍

Hehehehe glad you joined in!!! Lets hope that people can see all the lovely Steemians here that make amazing creations too ♥️

Merry Christmas love!


Gorgeous idea and a love it!

This is fantastic
I upped and resteemed yesterday, but couldn't choose, I would happily be entered in any, but here goes.
Thank you!!


Wonderful! choosing the winners today - good luck!!!! :)

What a fantastic Christmas Contest!!
I'm going to have to go with...

  1. @shadowspub & @dreemsteem SBI drawing
  2. @eveningart awesome drawings
  3. @dreemsteem sweet steem pen
    4.@scarletleonard Jellyfish glass

Good luck to everyone and Merry Christmas!
Thank you @dreemsteem ! You're too cool :)


Hehehe glad you stopped by my house for Christmas my friend!!! 🤗 Thanks for entering and for resteeming to.the curation channel too!!! Can't wait to see.who wins hehehe
Merry Christmas!!! ♥️

Wow, such a generous coming together of beautiful hearts! Talents! And Souls!

What a wonderful Christmas tree in the steemiverse. Thank you All the Santa's and Dreemie for this opportunity.

Best wishes to all who have entered! Xx

To All a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Dreemsteem: Pen in purple pls
Monchicchi23: Bracelet
Dreem and Shadows: 45sbi


woo hooo!!! choosing today :)

I'll tag everyone so they can see who won! good luck eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek :)


Yay!! The best part is seeing who got what!

I love love love this idea and its so wonderful to see how much joy it's spreading! Ive upvoted and resteemed... and ass ive already got my beautiful pen, I would be so so happy to enter...
@shadowspub and @dreeemsteem sbi

Gosh, in reality I'd love to just list them all 😍
Thanks for the fun xxx


hehehehe choosing today!!!! eeeek. im so nervous - i wish i had gifts for everyone LOLOL

amazing idea, I want to win them all. Okay so I upvoted and resteemed so I can enter 5 times. ohhhhhhh its so hard

okay @eveningart, how cool are those sketches
@scarletleonard, wow I would so love one of those
and who wouldnt want a steem pen @dreemsteem, way cool for my office
@shadowspub & @dreemsteem 45 SBI units, I love SBI
and finally @anutu jewelry is beautiful, I so want some :-)

Thank so soooo much for this awesome give away, you rock


hehehehe yes!!! right - i was looking at them too and thinking hmmmmmmm how could I even pick?!?!? hahahahahaa

I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!! and hope you win something fun!!!! :) Merry Christmas to you my friend <3

oh - and of course - you're entered hehehe