Invitation: The ecoTrain Slack Community Is Now Open To All! Make new connections and get more support and engagement for your own work. COME AND MEET US AND LIKE MINDED PEOPLE!

3년 전

As you may know, the ecoTrain passengers have been meeting up, chatting and supporting each other on our Slack App / Website. Until now this has been a private area for ecoTrain passengers. Then two days ago I had the idea to open up the Slack community to you all so that you can join us, meet each other and get some more support and engagement for your own work. We know how sometimes it feels like its hard to meet other like minded people, and so you might just find our little community a breath of fresh air.

The motto of the ecoTrain is "Supporting anything that helps make the world a better place." If this resonates with you, please do come and join us!

Slack is an easy to use community network system that offers many useful features to help us connect and talk with each other in either public channels or private messages.

We invite you to join us, using the invitation link provided below and meet like minded people. We hope that is the start of a blossoming community that can share, exchange, and support each other.


Please note you do not need to enter your personal information.

Please simply use your Steemit user-name as your Slack user-name and the rest is optional.

Thanks for being here with ecoTrain!
We are a small community that support each other because we love what we write.

If you are new to Steemit, love to write, and would like to join the ecoTrain community please email me on

Click Here For More Information on the ecoTrain

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Might be a great way to find some more vote-worthy authors, nice idea. Gonna become an Indian packed train, maybe i'll send you a goat later to make it complete :-)


lol, lets see! goats welcomed

Well I know what I am checking out as soon as I am done work! Thanks for welcoming us to the ecoTrain Slack community!


thank you! hope to see you there!


nice one! i just was chatting with @ kiaraantonoviche about this.. turns out he has been very busy with EQ and just shared with me his shop where he has some really nice looking printable worksheets.. u Might be interested if this catches your attention..

I love new people ! Hope to see some new faces to talk to <3

Great initiative @eco-alex !


yes me too! i hope many of the people who comment on our posts will come!

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Nice one and great idea as always live supporting great concepts...


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.. well then ?? !! - ))

" .. i think you are from an advanced alien family from the stars! "

Since you guessed my Extra-Terrestrial (he'ritAGE) .. and BEcAuSE, your MoTTo is 'in' ali-gnMEnt with OUR P(rim)E directive !!! - )))

" .. "Supporting anything that helps make the world a better place." .."

I'm sure WE can send an operative into one of your "tech" stORes, to retrieve the necessary g'ear .. toCOmmunicate through this .. 'slack channel' .. perhaps within 1 or 2 of your earth cycles - ))

ha ha - )))

Thanks for the invite ALEX !! - ))

i'd be VERY HappY to play along with a bunch of "BE GOOD'erS" (!!!) .. and i started a little "support the STEEM eco-system" project yesterday !!-))
(( THE DAILY PULL )) .. i want a link, to your BEST PosT !!!
.. i'm sure the 'daily pull' can be aligned, even more to the ecoTrain'S motto, and EXP-AND both, the momentum & size .. of your WONderFUL ProJecT !!-))

IF i beCOme to "juicy" .. i don't mind riding on the RooF -))
.. as @bubke suggests, the people from IN(D)IA kNOW what it means to fill a TraiN, which in my mind .. has always been a bold recognition of 'how' to fully utilize RE-SOURCES !!!-)))

.. what do you say ?? - ))

lovelovelove )))
greb'Z )

ps .. (( sincerely = joKING aSIDE - )))
... when SMT's are released here on STEEM .. i will beGin .. (P(re)sent(in)G) a series of "NaturaL ENerGY" devices that harmonize with the inf(in)ite nature of re(aLi)ty .. !!!!!! - ))

= .. in the near future, i'd like to up-grade this "ECO-TRAIN" to GravitY (( Dr. i'vE )) ... if you don't mind ?? - ))


cosmic comment as always! I think you will have to tell me more about this GravitY ((Dr. i'vE )) .. it sounds quite interesting!

i like this best post idea.. shame its only in the last 5 days! maybe i can pull one out the hat..

In the meantime, im going to share a link here to one of my very first posts here on Steemit that i THINK you might appreciate! It was a gem at the time, and I remember feeling like that it was (( Mos'T )) profoUnd!

SOme visit us in (( sLack!)) anytime.. im sURe you will be very wonderful addition and amazing unique energy to bring to the party! its pretty quiet there right now so you dont get overloaded..

<3 ** ( 1+1 = 1 ) * * * love and light!


What a GORGEOUS POST !!!!!!!!!!! - ))
.. thanks for sharing that with me - ))

i have soMEthin'g to 'add' - ))

1+1 = 1 .. "in"side - )
1+1 = 3 .. "out"side - )))

.. the difference = 2 ... = .. 2 B, or K'not, TWO BE - ))
... ((( THAT ))) is the QUEST_i_ON - ))

"THAT" .. the 'word' .. is the KEY & QUE-STiON - ))

= i am ((( T_HA_T ))) i am - )))))))))

ONE (IN(f(in)i)TY) .. infinitely ( !! ) separate & joined - ))

1 infinite perspective + 1 infinite perspective = ??? ???
all-ways .. an INFINITE "ThirD" perspective - )))

.. because, i perceive myself to have a 'left & right' -)))

ONLY .. i can b'RING the sides .. to'GET-H'er .. d'ONE ??-))
2 B .. the change i SEE'k ... for me - )))

" ... If I was alone in this world I would be nothing. It is only with you here to share and compare my life with, that my life has any meaning or value at all. Therefore, I should accept all the things in this world, even the things I don’t like, because without them I would be nothing, or 1 !!! "


.. my cheeks hurt, i'm smiling so W(iD)E !!! !!! - )))

i will certainly be joining YOU on slack - ))
.. thank YOU - ))

AND .. a huge THANKS aGAIN, for the L'inK - ))

lovelovelove )))
greb'Z )

ps .. Gravity Drive = gravity is always on = heat always rises & cold always falls + there is only 1 'infinity' ... so, in gravity drive #1 (( there are many to come )) .. what happens to the "temperature" of a system, when WE suck out the cold potential ??? = how do 'volcanoes' work ((hint: earth does NOT have a molten iron core !!!! - ))
... and i have P'RooF !! - ))
ha ha - )))


It may take me a few days to decode this.. standby!!! ;) thank you as always for your comment


"A M" = 1 13 .. = 1 'in' 13

1+1 = 1 .. "in"side - )
1+1 = 3 .. "out"side - )))
.. do you see ?? - ))

Thank YOU Alex - ))
.. it all fits tog(et)her .. the PLAN(et) .. that is - ))
ha ha - ))


in my higher mind i see.. im my current lower mind im a tad confused. .. but i think i get the idea..

I love the idea to meet new like-minded people%) The very good post and the awesome idea! I think Ecotrain has a very good Driver! And a compliment to him (as always in an Art form)
x_by_sashagengi (21).jpg


Thank you for the kind praise, and great image! Very cool! ;)

Cool beans; I'll be popping on later.