READ! VOTE! RESTEEM! Your opinion is valuable for the development of communities on Steem



This is a call-to-action. Every Steemians' opinion is needed to set up a good action plan for the future of Steem ecosystem. So please:

Read! Vote! Resteem!

What's this week's topic? Building communities! The question to answer is:

What makes communities thrive on Steem?

Five ideas have benn named in SOS forum no. 6 by @pennsif and his guests @carrieallen @clixmoney @enginewitty @hauptmann @jonyoudyer @shadowspub @shredz7 @starkerz @taskmaster4450

Support for newcomers
Comfort for users
Shielded community spaces
Joint community tasks
Specific interests

Which of these ideas should be turned into action? All of them? Probably that won't work because of limited resources. There is a lot more to do to make the Steem ecosystem flourish.

So, who should decide upon what to do? Since there is no central authority, a decentralised way has been established. Check this post for the details.

To make a long story short: your opinion matters! Please help identify, which of the given ideas are most promising in terms of impact and feasibility. Polls help you sort out, which one is really promising. So here you go. Please answer all five of them:

1 support for newcomers
2 comfort for users
3 shielded community space
4 joint community tasks
5 specific interests

And after you've finished, please RESTEEM this post. As many answers as possible are needed to develop a sound strategy for the Steem ecosystem. Results will be published here and on the blog of @impactn.

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What does shielded community space mean?


Thanks for asking. Having community related posts ‘near’ by each other, making them form something like an own ‘universe’ a little seperated from all the other good stuff on Steem.

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Ahhh OK! I think I get it now. It seems like it would make it easier to browse through similar content.

It could make it easier for people like me who want to find certain types of people on here, martial arts, vegan, etc, etc

You guys might want to elaborate more on each idea to enable voters understand more and be able to decide


We had been discussing that. The problem is we are relying on the answers given by the guests in the SOS Forum. Trying to explain their thoughts would often lead to interpretation. Any specific points you’d like to know mire about?

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I would not mind all to be honest in order to assess which would be best for steem. For example, what do you guys mean by "support for new comers"? Support in terms of what? Invites you should have an idea of what I mean now.


Making them feel welcome. Help them understand the Steem world. This are my personal ideas :)

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:) Waiting for the polls!


Takes a while. Now they're online :)

I think ''Joint community tasks'' is the most important.

My choice would be Shielded community spaces. Comfort for users would likely be accomplished because of it, as well.


What protections could be placed to prevent shielded community spaces from turning into child porn collection areas?


Good point. Shielded in my opinion doesn’t mean free of regulations and insights. After all we are on a blockchain with public access.

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By protection my meaning was that the moderators could keep flag happy users out. For example a community of flat earth believers need not worry about a Bernie attack. What goes on in the community should be up to the community. In no way is my suggestion tp mean censorship of the blockchain. The thought crossed my mind to experiment on setting up a node on the Darknet so that such a censor free policy would not run foul of the law in any.particular jurisdiction if tests proved successful.

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Joint community tasks😁

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