Some updates to my 88 SBD Contest for Ebook Cover

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Original post -

So people kept asking me some stuff, here are the replies.

  • End date 9.09.2018 i think thats more than enough
  • A4 format in DPI but ebook is smaller
  • i like minimalistic design but also like vintage/oldschool like Pacman
  • i have no prefered colors
  • the FUK logo is old, it can be also adjusted a bit as long as people see what it says
  • you can enter as many times as you want
  • if you post your proposition as separate post use tag "fukio" so its easy to find for me, or just paste in in comment here or on original post

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Keep up the excellent work! Thank you for being a supporter.
Full Steem Ahead!! <3

Hello @kingscrown here is my design proposal for your E-Book Cover. I hope you like it.

I have made two versions with different color. You can ask for changes if you want.

cover cripto book-03.jpg

cover cripto book black-06.jpg

#fukio #cryptoincomeguide #kingscrown


Wow! this is the best design by far. You're a pro.


Hey! @camiloferrua you designed an amazing book cover! I think you should win easily this contest. Are you on discord? I'd like you to design a logo for me, how much you charge for that kind of work?


He designed my logo, I'm very happy with the result. Thanks @camiloferrua.


Hahaha he designed our logo too! @salopastel.

Congratulations @camiloferrua I think this is the best cover proposal, I hope you win the contest!


@kingscrown check this out! I love it!

Hi @kingscrown! Please let me know if you what do you think about it.


Thanks for most valuable information....


Well, I already made an entry before, I hope it was good enough to win so I just tried making a new one.

@kingscrown 88 SBD Contest ukio. Thanks for sharing

Hello @kingscrown I'll design a very cool cover for your Ebook! I hope you like it.

Oh interesting. I didn't know you were doing a contest. Let me see if I can join. 😁

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My entry, hope you like it! :)

Hello, @kingscrown, Thanks for inviting Steemit's designers. This is my presentation


Hello, @kingscrown,
This is my second presentation, I hope you like it. Thank you