Mecene activities: next steps ? (ma prochaine étape?)

2년 전


What I am going to do next?

I started my #mecene activities here with one idea: help promote a sense of community while learning how to interact with the steem blockchain. I never thought I would spend that much time and money to support the communities I like around here (#fr, #freewrite, #gridcoin). I have more communities, mostly about art and writing, I would like to support but I don't have enough money to make an impact.

I should make a service/app/website

to let more people do the same. I know! That was my goal. But now I am wondering if it is not going to be too much a task and If I am not too lonely on that. This is not the only project I have too. I can stop putting pressure on myself but I know I can do something about it and it is frustrating how slow I can advance on that.

In the mean time

I will still support with my bot on @lablockchain. Writing articles and publishing source code through utopian should cover my expenses to rent seem power, pay for my witness servers(because I am losing money doing those activities but I won't stop). I want to promote awesome content and I won't stop now.
Also, let me know if you have ideas or want to help :-D.

You can vote for me as a witness if you appreciate my work

Que vais-je bien pouvoir faire maintenant?

J'ai commencé mes activités de mécène sur steem avec une idée derrière la tête: promouvoir les communautés sur steem tout en apprenant à programmer pour interagir avec la blockchain steem. J'ai passé plus de temps et dépensé plus d'argent que mon idée de base, notamment pour supporter quelques communautés sympas (#fr, #freewrite, #gridcoin). Je voudrais faire plus mais je n'ai pas les fonds pour que mon bot ait beaucoup d'impact.

Je devrais faire un site/une app/un service

qui permette à tout le monde d'être mécène. Je le sais très bien et c'était le but initial. Mais maintenant je me demande si je vais y arriver. C'est quand même du boulot,je suis tout seul dessus et ce n'est pas mon seul projet. Je devrais arrêter de me mettre la pression mais c'est assez frustrant de voir comment la plateforme évolue.

En attendant

Je vais continuer mes activités de mécène avec mon bot @lablockchain. Je me finance en publiant des articles sur steem ou du code avec utopian. Cela devrait suffire à couvrir mes dépenses de witness et pour louer des SP(parce que je ne gagne pas d'argent avec ces activités mais je ne vais pas les arrêter pour autant).
N'hésitez pas si vousavez des idées ou vous voulez me donner un coup de main.

Vous pouvez me choisir comme witness si vous appréciez mon travail

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Because of the small help you give me and because I want to see this grow, I think you might want to check out - The reason being is that you are voting too fast, which means you don’t make a curation award.

Hope this helps. Thanks for your support!


Even if I waited the 30 minutes period before upvoting, I would not get rich. The best way to earn money when you have SP is to lend it :-D.

So I don't really focus on any sort of return from my sponsor activities


Sounds good.

Merci pour tout ! Si je peux aider c'est avec plaisir !

On se retrouve sur discord ;)



Toute aide est bienvenue :-D.
Là faut surtout que je me motive et que j'arrête de faire mille choses en même temps. Cela m'avancerait beaucoup de bosser avec quelqu'un qui a déjà fait une app steem et un vrai dev web


FYI if a comment or a post has less than 0.03 in votes - there is no payout. It is rounded to zero.

Merci lablockchain ! Je me demandais qui upvotait mes posts à chaque fois... Je viens d'avoir ma réponse. Merci pour le soutien que tu apportes à toute une communauté.
Je viens de voter pour toi en tant que witness.

Pour tout ce qui est projet d'app ou tout ce qui est en lien avec Steemit, j'aimerais aussi me lancer dans quelque chose. J'ai quelques idées, pas mal de temps et quelques compétences aussi. Je suis sur le discord de steemalsace si tu veux discuter un peu (FlashCrypto).


Merci pour le vote de witness. Je trouve que je eux faire plus donc c'est juste un petit pas dans la bonne direction.

Je traine de temps en temps sur discord(cryptohazard) même si j'avoue que je ne participe pas trop à tous les groupes.

Thank you so much @lablockchain. You are indeed an epitome of selflessness. Your kind gestures and deeds towards promoting the steemit community especially the minnows are highly appreciated. You are going to be voted as a witness and you will lift the steemit blockchain higher.


Thank you for your kind words. I don't think I will ever make much or even cover my expenses with my witness activities so the vote are bonuses I don't focus to much on. I just want people who produce awesome content to keep doing that. What makes people come back is much more than just money, at least that is the case for me and that's what I believe.

We very much appreciate your support!! One thought. I had a friend run a query for me with freewrite as a search focus. I noticed that a lot of people are putting that tag now who are not really part of a community effort. I don't know if they just see it as a now popular tag or that they know that you hand out a vote.
this might be way more work than it is worth it, but you might want to program the bot to vote on certain names instead of on a tag.

also, voting a bit later would give you some curation to help with keeping your SP up.

Thank you so much for all you do!!


I really need to think again about all of that. I have quite a long blacklist too. There is definitely an issue of tag abuse and I won't be able to do much on my own.
My other issue is that I support small communities like freewrite and big like fr. So it is very hard to find an equilibrium between the way I support. Maybe my service should aim at supporting only small communities later.

All in all, I am still having a lot of fun doing that and I don't think I will stop here.
Thank you for putting this awesome community together.


Thank you!!! And remember that we need a selfie in one of your personas for the contest!! We love for you to play :)