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VERYME, A Very Good Chance To An Early Investment.**

Visit their website by clicking here

** This is not a financial advice, please do your own due diligence and only invest what you’re willing to lose.

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Digital Identity on blockchain is totally necessary for a new economy (and social life too). I believe there is a EOS based option for this too!

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Thanks @melip enjoy this

So nice friend


Thanks. Yes, I think it’s a good project 👊😊

Amiga paso a saludarte no he podido hacer nada en steemit, sera que para nosotros los de poder de voto y reputación baja volverá todo a la normalidad?

hola @melip buen post, esperemos que steemit vuelva rápido a la normalidad

Project has potential, think I will give this one a go

hola amiga,esperando que steemit vuelva al cien por ciento ya que ha hecho falta,saludos

Taking the opportunity to greet you and waiting for us to return to the daily activity at steemit, good daily information from the blochain world and very good advice to do the diligence each one, greetings @melip

A great idea no doubt

if this project implement in a proper way on various sites with mutual partnership can turn out to be a game changer


I also think that, it’s something that we really need 👊😊