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It comes when you're expecting it less

Yes, it happens to all, and it happened to me. It got me from behind and it held me there. I've been so caught up in my work, that i barely had time to sip some water as that saying is .

Having had to deal with projects and coordinate people and resources was something common to me; but lately it all seemed to go backwards which it took all of my time .

That is the main reason i didn't had much time to dedicate to my family, and neither towards Steemit. Either than upvoting a bit and leaving few comments, no content creation whatsoever .


I'd like to apologize for that, and to start acting towards improoving that.

I am doing this post to write down my intentions and dedication towards the platform, and also to start building up SP so that i have more influence towards promoting the PayingForChange project and the people behind it .

To fully support that, and to show my engagement towards the community, all my posts will be 100% powered up to SP .

Account builder

As mentioned above, this post is intended to start building the account further on, which will be the home of the PlayingForChange project. Any and all upvotes and resteems are appreciated to help get this account funded. The voting power of this account will be used to boost the post about the project, and as well other projects that bring positivity and change in the world we live in.

Support Needed

If you are interested in supporting the PlayingForChange movement on Steemit, please give this post an upvote and consider delegating SP to @playingforchange .

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