Audience rating

4개월 전

According to experts, 🌎 the global advertising market will exceed 💲700 billion by 2021.

🎓In marketing and advertising, the term “target group or audience” is often used. It means a certain group of people united by common characteristics, goals or objectives.

Not only gender, age, region of residence fit these characteristics👨‍👨‍👧‍👧 This also includes the interests of people, any specific actions on the Internet (for example, subscribing to a sports group), etc.

The most important component of the analysis of an advertising campaign is 👉🏼the target rating👈🏼 (TRP, target rating point). This is the total number of ratings of the target audience who saw or heard the ad.

Not the entire audience is important here (as in determining the aggregate GRP rating), but only that part of the target audience that has been in contact👀 with the advertising company.

To determine the marketing effectiveness of an advertising campaign, you will need Req & Doc specialists💪 We will come to the rescue and identify the exact number of impressions delivered to the target audience for each media channel



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