Steemitri The Mannequin: delivery of hot chili peppers by @stea90!

3년 전

Hello Steemians!

Today I won’t talk about bananas in my post!!!

Some days ago, @stea90 announced that he would ship me one of the hottest chili peppers in the world, the Carolina Reaper!

This morning I saw an envelope sent by Federico (@stea90) in my mailbox, and I geared myself up to be able to manage this dangerous situation and to avoid damages to my delicate plastic skin!!!

I started analyzing the least hottest chili peppers to start precautionarily! I tried to sniff them first to get a sense of them.



How beautiful are these hot peppers?!?!? Above to the right you can find the famous and fearful Carolina Reaper!

Here it is from close up!!! Still I haven’t dared to touch it… I am afraid to catch on fire!


Dear Federico, thanks again for this fantastic gift and for your kind words!!!
From time to time feel free to write, just to check on me!!!

A plastic hug from my side!

Anyone has got any advice regarding the different uses of this particular chili pepper?!?!?

  • Homemade chili oil?!?
  • Cookies?!?!
  • Bananas and hot chili peppers?!?
  • Red hot chili chewing-gum?!?

Let me know in the comments your thoughts!

Spicy hugs

Steemitri The Mannequin


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Nooo c'è anche il mio biglietto, scrivo come una gallina XD. Ormai sono troppo abituato a scrivere solo da tastiera.... Sono felice di vedere che è arrivato tutto in ordine!

Mmm banana e chili? Sembra azzardato però potrebbe essere una rivelazione :D.


Arrivato tutttttttto!!! Grazie ancora!!!
Mi piace anche l'idea di @roused... fare assaggiare un pezzettino ad amici/conoscenti/sconosciuti e filmarli... naturalmente spiegando loro della piccantezza del Carolina Reaper... Ci penserò.
Un salutone!!!

Grande @stea90 ! Ottimo regalo!😀
Che look caro manichino, sembri un chirurgo!😆🔝

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Gran bel regalo!
Meglio star alla larga da quel peperoncino... si rischia grosso!


Immagino, personalmente non reggo molto neanche quello blando...😅

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  ·  3년 전

Hai preso precauzioni come se si trattasse di antrace... ahahahah!

Scherzi a parte: complimenti per la creatività e l'originalità dei tuoi post... ti ho aggiunto ai miei preferiti!

Hasta pronto, mannequine! ;-)


Hey Osso! Grazie per il commento!
Comunque... hai ragione... meglio una tuta come quella in foto ;-)

  ·  3년 전

Ahahahe... bomba, bomba, bomba! 🤒
Sarà scattato l’allarme Echelon? 🤔


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Ufff😤...anche io voglio amici che attentino alla mia salute come @stea90!!!😝

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Haha, effettivamente qui poteva saltare in aria tutto quanto!!!

Take a video camera and go to the square in your local town and offer a reward of 10Sf for someone to eat a bite.

Then post your video here so we can experience just how hot they really are.


Oh oh oh... not a bad idea, mmmhhh!!!
I will think about it ;-)
Thanks for your comment Alan!

Bananas are banned! Thankfully we still think alike even though you’re plastic and I’m not

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Yo... There was too much bananification ;-)
It's time for Make crazy ;-)



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Caro manichino, questa mise ti dona moltissimo 😍 In effetti da questa Carolina Reaper bisogna proteggersi... Sigillata in un vasetto con l’olio da lasciare ai posteri 😂🌶

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Haha grazie ;-)
Già, uno di quei peperoncini può dar fuoco a tutta la baracca!

The best for me is the homemade chili oil. Slurp!!!


I love it too... I think this is the easiest solution :-)

I think my mouth is too delicate to eat pepper like this, but it looks like really useful to cook something good (and hot!) :P


Yeah, it's super-mega-hyper hot!!! One of the most dangerous hot chili peppers in the world!

Hello foodie steemian!

You get an homemade upvote from SteemKitchen! 👍

This was given by hand and not by a bot.
You have received this as motivation from us, so you can keep going on with your great dishes.

---Great! They look so crazy hot, that i would like to test them :-) ---

We are looking forward to see you soon on our discord server , so we can exchange fresh new recipes and delicious meals with each other 🌮🍔🍩.

With friendly regards, your curator of today @avizor ;-)