Real Steemians Should Read This - Unity & Compassion When We Will Need It Most

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My immediate neighbor, a nurse at a hospital a few blocks away, just told me that they already have 50 CONFIRMED coronavirus cases, with one about to die. A monsoon is on the way. They're running out of beds and can't get enough ventilators. She's surrounded by coronavirus patients, but doesn't senselessly bitch or complain like so many Steemians over a "database" these days. She helps them with her bare hands. She asked me to deliver her food if she gets quarantined like fellow nurses are starting to be, and of course I will. It's the least I can do.

This is real shit, far bigger than Steem and Steemit, or two altcoin groups throwing digital stones on social media like absolute children. Steem has become a battleground at the worst possible time, and it needs to stop.

Let this be the starting point to bump elbows and move forward for a greater purpose.

To anyone immediately disappointed that this isn't a war cry regarding Justin's stake, Ned's brutal backstab, DPOS witness voting, and/or our blockchain takeover/pending fork, I have two choice words for you...Please continue.

Steemians > Steem > Steemit

Before Steem/Tron leaders and stakeholders completely burn bridges and rip our community apart...

This is a PERFECT time to unite to address the real enemy, a global pandemic. We need to refocus and build a support system because many Steemians in our "best community" are going to get hit HARD.

It's not all about who's right and wrong right now. SERIOUSLY.

I live by myself, so engaging with the Steem community for the next couple of weeks or months could've been an amazing opportunity to keep myself sane, entertained, and make side money to help with bills. My home business is also about to be frozen so I'll be royally fucked. Engaging with the Steem community would mean that I could be in control of something while I had a significant loss of freedom outside. Steem could've been a solution for EMOTIONAL support and a sense of growth and connection while in isolation.

But, I feel little hope for that now. At this rate, I'll need to find another way.

While I'll be ok, Steemians around the world in underprivileged areas WON'T. They'll need help in many ways, and we'd normally be clear-minded enough to realize this if everyone wasn't so obsessed with our blockchain's issues. People are going to struggle. My sister is already on 100% confinement with her family for 45 days, and her kids are already feeling it.

Too many people are obsessed with the Steem-Tron-Sun drama because our most "influential" stakeholders are paying them up the ass with rewards to propagate their agenda. It's a controlled media that's backfiring, and not why I first was attracted to our blockchain. More importantly, it's taking vital attention away from a dire problem on the way.

So, what if this behavior changed to focus on supporting our community during a global health crisis? You know, where people came together with a passion, united partisan sides, rebuilt trust, purpose, utility, and hope... It's a no brainer and how we can save Steem or even some Steemians for now.

^-- If this doesn't mean anything to use, I direct those two choice words from above at you again.

Unify NOW under the umbrella that we have a FAR greater priority on hand than a hard fork.

We should mobilize to start working TOGETHER to create a healthy and supportive environment for everyone when their time of need comes. Mine is about to start, but I'm a fighter and independent as they come, so I'd rather lead a charge than receive. Only good can come of this. We have enough stake and relationships from over the years to make a difference for many across the platform.

Hell, Tron and Steem's communities have the ideal opportunity to put their fists down and join forces for the sake of humanity.

  • People will need hope and morale, not a war zone.
  • People will need financial help. People can provide that with upvotes, not out of pocket.
  • People will need emotional support
  • Give people a sense of control and growth.
  • Entertainment.

I've always viewed Steem as a powerful and special way to distribute various forms of support to those in need around the world. Others have too, but it's not a profitable theme for those more concerned with inward agendas. This needs to change or the platform will perish.

So, let's wipe the milk off the floor and come together to find out how to use Steem for GOOD while we still can.

I don't have the perfect answer or stake to make an impact, but collaboratively we do. The right leadership can adopt this idea and start building out on some ideas that will make a difference.

We may not feel like this is necessary now, but if you're on 100% lockdown for a few months, you may never need it more.

Let's get our heads on straight and brainstorm how to use Steem to support our community and those in the real world. A few dollars may mean little to some, but it could be groceries and water for others. Don't lose sight of that.


Enough is enough. Let's leverage our communities and relationships wisely.

Who's with me?


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For sure brother!
We need to keep this thing going till everything goes back to normal.
After all as a community we've got to keep it together when the times are hard. Personally I'll be doing my best to be present everyday and do my job here in the space. Much love and be safe brother. <3

My home business is also about to be frozen so I'll be royally fucked.

I noticed your sales seem to have ground to a halt. Are you under quarantine already? I'm worried a quarantine will be here soon, and not sure how bad it will wreck me financially. Will keep you in my thoughts.


Thanks! I've been making a big effort to bring my sales offline for cash and carry locally. Sales were doing great in that respect until last week when the fear and change started hitting fast. Ironically, I'm probably going to have to ramp up big time online again if USPS and FedEx remain operational here, and if we're allowed to go there. Thankfully, they're both short walks from my apartment.

We're not on lockdown yet, but rumors are swirling that that's the next step, and we're one of the prime candidates for it with dense population. I'm also uncertain how I'll be able to source from the recycling, but I'll try as long as I feel it's safe/and keep the new items in my hallway for a few days before bringing them in.

In some potential situations, going outside may ultimately only be for food and medicine. For now, I just loaded up on another set of groceries and will try to take it as it comes.

Hey Matt. What city is this happening?


Up in the northeast. Kissing most of my baseball goodbye is going to be soul-breaking.


Yeah. Sorry to hear it. Everyone has to stop everything it seems.


Yeah. Sorry to hear
It. Everyone has to stop
Everything it seems.

                 - acolucky

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

during the venezuelan inflation crisis, i tried to reach out for steemians there, with little effect (even though i speak spanish). Many still just dump and cash out (and leave when they see it aint much).

But you are right, justin sun should be lower priority as he is defeated by now plus those bitcoin prices will have hit him hard as well.

Its telling that there is no corona community yet. In Germany the virus is in full swing this week. I have to secure my family first, then i can act for others. But i want to help where i can.