Someone Said To Keep Your Fire Lit & That People Will Eventually See It - My Personal Experience With That

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When you put your heart and sweat into building a fitness community for the second time that virtually nobody gives a sh*t about, the joy eventually erodes away.

That's the power of the "best crypto community" for you, demotivating me to cancel my SteemFest trip and drop Steem for a while... and certainly not invest.

It's not spite. It's reality. Why on earth would I want to keep investing my time, effort and emotions on a "blockchain" where the majority of the people with influence focus on taking care of themselves on the upper rung?

Heck, the most egregiously selfish Steemians on earth are now deemed heroes for voting after the EIP, some out of necessity. FFS.

Maybe I'm just that twisted to think what I was trying to build again had real value.

Maybe the real demand is a fitness app that automatically rewards people for taking steps in their day. That's worth plenty of delegation and hype right? Everyone will post and support that cause because they get some tokens for... walking around. Hats off to those who took true "exercise walks" for that though.

Alternatively, to manually upvote a daily post for a genuine budding community with more substantial exercise and supportive engagement/coaching, or the Steemians participating... what a waste of Steem Power, right?


After 51 days, I'm ending my daily fitness challenge again due to this abysmal support. I've always felt that talk is cheap and that actions are where the true value is, but talk and ROI are what people seem to appreciate most in my 2+ years of experience. I can't pretend anymore. There's too large of a gap in my values and what a larger community seems to value.

I never expected a lot of people to partake in my recent challenge in a bear market, but I did think that more people would see the value in the selfless mission to occasionally show some support with comments or votes. Was it flashy "NewSteem" marketing hype that gave me false hope, the EIP, or the inroads I thought I made with likeminded individuals who may have cared even in the slightest about my success here? Apparently not. At large, virtually nobody cared.

If someone tried once or twice to do some reps, or even half of them, that'd have meant a lot. It's the message that sends and it helps the people in the group feel like they're part of something special to keep them motivated. The same goes with voting, if you're not the physical type.

Regarding the excruciating lack of votes for a community health initiative with a quality mission and genuine engagement that improves others, I can't understand how blind or indifferent people can be.

When I ran this challenge in the past over 158 consecutive days, so many people were disappointed when I needed to stop it for family reasons. The engagement was much higher, but the community voting was just as terrible -- if not worse (if that's possible).

Regardless, I powered through for the people with social responsibility to keep them motivated and rewarded with my vote. Many of the participants were solely on Steem just for my challenge and many left after I stopped it.

Since then, many hoped I'd bring it back, so I eventually did with optimism that my expanded network would help carry it this time. Some of those who asked for me to bring it back didn't necessarily follow through on their end once I did, but that's out of my control. All I wanted to do was show I cared and try to give them the platform to improve their health again. If they chose to not take me up on that, oh well.

Alas, the answer after 51 days of my second try to build this was a resounding "we don't care."

Other than auto-votes and the occasional help from a small handful of kind people who got the bigger picture, most of these posts were raking in $0.10-$0.50. Forget the money. I was busting my ass to be a leader and inspire about a topic that actually matters -- and thousands of people neglected my effort like it was garbage. I spent weeks sore as hell from my thousands of reps (most in the middle of the night before bed) in order to be accountable and inspire others. That didn't seem to mean much.

I even tried to approach some people directly who had a passion for fitness and used to blog about it before... and crickets. I won't call them out, but that's quite telling of their true character to me -- not the shiny one in their public posts or videos. It's impossible to find a good excuse not to drop in once or twice in 51 days of consecutive posting if you knew about it.

Thank you:

Thanks to the 12 people who contributed with reps, some hardcore on a regular basis, and some who dipped their toes in. Many were very proud of their hard work, shared tips and videos, and generally encouraged those in the group. It helped me push through my reps when I was tired and feeling like nobody cared, so a big thanks to them.

I'm generally comfortable ending the challenge now because I know that most of those who were involved will continue on their own. I'd like to apologize to the few who really benefitted from it and were barely using Steem otherwise (or came back to Steem for this). At some point though, the lack of respect from thousands of others shows me that this isn't the right place for me to do this.

To those who were struggling to meet their reps, keep at it. While my challenge did help you get a jump start, you have everything you need to do it on your own.

Thanks again to the small handful of people who saw the value in what I was trying to do to give my posts some upvotes to show some appreciation and respect. It's not about the vote, it's about the action to vote. I saw and apreciated each and every one.

What's Next:

This experience has greatly soured me on Steem when I was already on the brink of shutting down my account. Investing and SteemFest won't be happening. Not a chance. I'll be unplugging quite a bit with no desire for anyone's validation at this point.

On the bright side, I'm in the best shape I've been in ages and know that others have made great gains from their reps. That makes me happy. I'll keep going on my own in real life.

As for my recycling posts, it doesn't feel right to post that I routinely save hundreds of pounds from waste for $2 when someone writes 300 words about why they are or aren't going to SteemFest for $75. Again, the community at large continues to show me that I'm not spending my time and effort wisely here. I'd rather focus 100% in real life where I can make more meaningful gains.

Here was my last fitness challenge post.

**For God's sake, please support @rmsbodybuilding on Steem from time to time for keeping fitness a priority here while rarely getting any recognition.


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Don't quit something you're passionate about simply because others aren't as into it as you are.

Dude, that would be like me quitting art simply because the majority of people here show no interest, which is a fact, by the way. That's the life I signed up for. I focus on the people who enjoy it, not the people who don't.

I can relate to what you're saying here. It hasn't been easy for me. Did you ever see me blame everyone else if I was struggling though? Hell no.

That's on me. If I want things to improve, they certainly won't get better if I quit.

You're having a bad day. We all get those. Don't turn a bad day into a bad week.


Thanks for your relatable experience and advice. I'd never quit my exercise, drums, baseball or recycling, etc.. I'd never ever let those fires die. I'm just not interested in sharing them on Steem much anymore because the joy I feel from them is soured when they're rarely acknowledged.

I wish it was just a bad day, but I gave it 26 tooth-and-nail months with very limited success. It's not blaming others so to speak, but with the small pool of active Steemians these days, it's hard to understand the consistent oversight. This leads me to conclude that the interest in what I offer is negligible at best. Eventually, it's natural to lose motivation to keep sharing these personal things.

After all of this time of trying to tell myself exactly what you're saying, nothing has improved or changed to help me feel good about the effort I'm putting forth. I've had some moments to shine, but the overall picture has been a struggle I don't see the value in continuing. I tried to tell myself this would be for the friendships, but 99% of those people flaked or don't care. Again, it circles back to me apparently not fitting in and it's about time to call a spade a spade.


Some people have failed more times than others have tried.

If I could tell you exactly what needs to be done to help you gain traction, I would. I don't know what that is though.

My art and writing, especially if I'm writing jokes, those things are nothing without eyes or laughs. I know it's not easy being here and performing in front of so many empty seats. We're all in the same boat. I've taken breaks from the place. It never comes out right when it's forced. Do what you gotta do, man.


I'm not exactly setting the world on fire, but most of my posts I view as sort of blockchain journaling. It doesn't matter who reads it or votes it because I'm doing it for myself.

Especially with your recycling posts, I see you documenting your experience. If only a couple people come along for the ride, who cares, because at some point you get to go back and relive it.

It's just a rough time in general for engagement type content like contests. Hopefully that turns around soon.

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I too have been for a long time very disillusioned with Steemit
@steemmatt, I piddle along bringing in (on a GOOD week)
About $5 for the week. Now, it is true that most of my
Posts have been posted before, usually last year,
Because of all the personal drama and stress
Of my last 24 months, I've not been in a
Mental place where writing came to
Me, so I'm just rehashing older
Posts, as of now. I hope you
Don't leave altogether.
Keep on Steeming

If it makes you feel any better... last week was the 78th week of my #steemfoodtours challenge on STEEM and there were zero participants...

Sorry to see it's come to this Matt, it sure seemed like a lot of work to collate all that data and chart it out. To do all that work and receive such poor feedback from the community would have made many people drop the idea in much less time than it took you.

I appreciated it Matt, it got me off my arse and training again, now I'm almost back to where I was before I injured my back and had to stop training.. If it wasn't for your challenge I'd probably be still doing nothing and working on my beer belly. A few weeks of doing your challenge has whipped me back into good shape too.

I'd almost lost faith in steem and cashed out most of my steem but after you started the challenge I put some money back in so I could give upvotes that are worth a few cents and hopefully help rebuild the team spirit we had when you ran it last time.

Sorry to see it end but I fully understand your reasons for dropping it.

Thanks for all your efforts Matt!


I miss you, and I always enjoyed your recycling posts. And I understand that you are a little angry because not many people are responding. I do think that it needs time. And people are always more attracted to the money, or if they can get some tokens for free. As long as you can make some people happy, that's all that counts. However, it's better to not only build the community here on Steemit but also grow it on other Platforms. We don't know yet what steems is meant to be.

Take care 🙁

I hope it's not about fitting in...then there will be no hope for me. I'm glad I found you on my first day here. I've enjoyed your uniqueness. I rarely see people, including myself, give themselves hard challenges and follow I have stated many times you have my RESPECT! You may be correct about focusing more on real-life especially at your young age.

I've lost most of the $4,000. (steem was at .40) I put down and am finding it hard to stay motivated to produce something for a few pennies and it is showing in the quality of my post and I'm finding myself not caring.

You don't have to totally walk away. Consider checking in once in a while to let us know what you're up to or if you just need to create something or come tell us about your next grand slam.

Every time (this isn't the first :D) you write your heart out on your disappointment for Steem and its (lacking/diminishing) community you get quite a few awesome comments - so you are doing something good, as engagement is indeed lacking, but these people care enough to support/motivate/share with you.

This is not anything more than me sharing an observation :-)

I hate to see you being so awesome and feeling so neglected. I can't take that away for you. I hate it though. I'm very sure if we can have better interfaces and simpler ways of connecting that aren't about money/Steem constantly we could have more fun like with your fitness challenges. I'm hoping that day will come and I can get you back <3

Learning to use Steem effectively is very difficult.

Learning to keep motivated on Steem can be even more difficult.

The Steem 'Community' can best be described as fragmented.

We very urgently need to grow the user base to gain some level of critical mass where there are enough people to offer some level of decent engagement for most interests.

Getting from where we are to where we need to be is going to be a challenge.

I think it will likely come down to hand to hand fighting on the streets.

PS. Sorry I am not a fitness person (although I should be!) - but I will very much miss your inspiring thrifting posts. I look forward to the book one day...

I have seen quite a few posts like this recently, with people giving up on Steem. It’s sad but there is not much true engagement anymore, and since that should be the core of a social network it’s a big fail. I guess when the next bull market comes people will start taking again, which is quite sad ...

Will you go back to Facebook or will you quit social Media completely?

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I very rarely use Facebook for any social reason. It's usually just to sell things on Marketplace as of late, which is a great sales channel. I don't have any other social media accounts, nor care about them. Any YouTube videos were posted just for Steem and are unlisted. The culture social media promotes and erodes is not of any interest to me.

· mastodon is trade-free sales-free social media.

yes the reality is like you mention in this post,sadly. it was good to have some extra motivation to do some extra reps :) I'm just doing actifit reps here. you can run your own blog on is free) or on the dat network.

I hear you man. I was about to start back up tomorrow, but I'm going to keep rolling. I got hit with a nasty African amoeba! I'll hit you up when I can break 2 minutes! :-)

Hey, sorry to hear you are feeling this way. I am new to this site and have started posting in the fitness tag. I have been trying to follow the community as best I can but have spent most of my time on here writing my own blogs. However, I recognise now that we need to build a community up.

I have blogged for years (elsewhere) and can understand the hardship of pouring yourself into something for what seems to be little gain. If you do decide to continue, you can consider me a supporter going forward :)

I'm not that active on steem as well but no way am I runnjng from a holiday in thailand (disguised as sf4). I feel ya on the community, but that's what you get when put a dollar value for everything you do.

You eventually attract the fiends.

All the best, Matt! Your recycle posts give me joy to be honest haha

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