What Topics Do You Think Should Be Included in the Onboarding Process?

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Remember back to your early days of Steem. When you were trying to figure out what the various keys meant, what the difference between Steem, Steem Power and SBD was … not to mention trying to understand out all the un-written social norms.

What were some of the things that confused you most when you were new? What do you wish someone could have easily explained to you back then?

We would love to get your feedback on what topics you the community think will be most valuable to include in our educational materials. As we work with our writers to develop scripts – we want to make sure we are doing our best to create the most valuable content we can.

That’s where you come in.

We would love to get your feedback on what topics you think should be covered during the onboarding process. If you have a few minutes, please consider leaving a comment below with your topic suggestions!

Because this is a tool that is being created for the community - we want to do our best to get your feedback and ideas along the way to make sure we are creating the most dynamic and valuable tool that we can. Thank you in advance to everyone who stops by and leaves a comment on this post.

Current Topics

Here is a list of our first 10 topics as they stand now.

  • What is Crypto?
  • What is Blockchain?
  • What is Steem?
  • What are Steem Dapps?
  • Where Does the Money Come From?
  • Account Security - Passwords and Keys
  • Your Voice is Worth Something
  • Curating Other's Content : Do's and Don'ts
  • Engaging With People Through Comments
  • Steem - Finding Your Community and Getting Involved

After going through these 10 videos, the new user will then be able to pass a short quiz and get a free account.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on topics!

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Hey guys ,

In all my workshops and bootcamps , i NEVER had to explain these 2 things :-

  1. What is Crypto
  2. What is Blockchain

Its not that everyone already knows what it is ... its just that they don't care and just want to get started on STEEM

I don't think it should be part of the Onboarding process as having that knowledge does not contribute to the main objectives which seems to be "getting people involved in creating content and be part of a community"

Suggested Topics to be added in

The other topics seems to be fine in getting a new user started. The idea is to make sure that the new user straight away writes a post and not wait for the Perfect post before posting.


Hey Bitrocker thanks so much for the input. Perhaps you are right about the first two, which is exactly why we are going to have a testing phase with real onboarders and onboardees and get as much intel we can gather about the first ten videos and how people react to them. The reason we started with those two, is because down the road, concepts like Exchanges, investment, long term mindset, uses of steem as a coin and many more will come, and we want these people to understand the implications and the whole universe they are going into. It´s not just a blogging platform, its a new universe!

Thank you for the suggested topics, we will definitely find a way to include them in the second set of videos :D


Just seeing this after payout, so can't upvote, but I agree with you 100% both on leaving out those first two (or making them bonus material in a bonus section) and on adding in those other topics.

I'm digging in my memory to see what topics I would have loved having a clear-cut answer on in the first weeks/months. Also looking at some questions I got from new users lately. These are the first things that I come up with now, maybe more will be added later:

  • How to grow the account and overcome blockchain account limits (RC's, and why does a blockchain transaction 'cost something' while a comparable transaction on Facebook is free?)
  • How to form an opinion on Bid Bots and the Trending Page
  • How to 'dig info on the Blockchain' (helpful tools like steemd, steemworld, steemdb)
  • How to add value to Steem (and work towards its future existence) / (SP vs cashing out)
  • How to look at Steemit, Inc (who's the leader/is there a leader on the Steem blockchain? ;-))
  • How to interpret the dollar payouts below a post (influence of price of Steem, a vote from an account with 500SP is still a vote from an account with 500SP no matter the dollar value)

Thank you so much for your intel @soyrosa, definitely the post payour interpretation is something to keep an eye to so people doesn´t get discouraged about how they receive the $.
And yes, Trending page and Bid bot etiquette is soo important!


Great points to cover for sure! Great to see the community supporting this initiative which is so important for the future of the ecosystem!

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Yes! That last point definitely!


Yes! Great additions.


These are great and as a relatively new user I completely agree.

"Where does the money come from?" was a big one for me... and took me a long time to really figure out. I was super worried that Steem was a ponzi scheme. Once I worked it all out, I was a lot more comfortable with the platform.

Maybe a section on Realistic Expectations?
When you Google or YouTube "Steem" you still see videos or articles about making a thousand dollars per day on Steem... I've never made anything like that, but I log on daily because my various communities are so much fun... and I've learnt so much. Steem has been life-changing, just not financially (not yet anyway). Setting realistic expectations might weed out the people just trying to make a quick buck before you spend accounts on them.


Indeed, one of the most difficult to explain selling points is where does the money come from without making it sound like its a complete scam, @revisesociology was a key player in getting the proper message in the videos regarding this topic!

Thanks for the input in realistic expectations, you are correct, if people arrive to steem thinking they´ll be millionaries in 3 months, then we have a very negative situation to handle in 3 months and one day :P


Exactly... and then it's kind of a waste of your amazing efforts to onboard them. Also, people definitely, definitely share more bad experiences with family and friends than good ones.


Realistic expectations is a great idea!

The challenge will be writing it without being too snarky about the abusers!

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Hahaha, yeah... I wouldn't be great at that.

Maybe that needs to be included in the realistic expectations as well? No system is 100% abuse-proof, but on Steem it's more frustrating to see because it affects everyone.

Oh my good! A lot of good comments here! I don't talk about anything different that was suggested. How the witness, and payouts work are my favourites for now!


Witnesses would be important. People skip it too much.

My first "duh" moments were about voting - I treated it like the Facebook like button, and did not know that voting old posts was useless, or that my vote was worth 0.00, or that the value of my vote got even smaller if I depleted my voting power.
I also avoided discord for too long - I didn't want to learn a new program, and didn't think I needed it. But it helped a lot once I started - especially with getting involved in communities.

Are these videos intended to be watched before the new user opens their account?

I have been outlining some learning experiences at @steemitblackbelt also to help with onboarding. My first outline is here and you are welcome to take a look at the learning objectives to see if they are helpful.

Kudos for what you are doing!

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Me too! When I started I thought of it like Hey I´m just going to vote for everyone so they see I liked their post and maybe they´ll like my post back and I was using like 200% of my VP daily in other people and I was literally at 1% VP for at least 2 weeks until I learned about how VP works.

The first ten videos are meant for people to watch before they open their account, then, these 20 videos we are asking the commnuity about, are meant to be watched after the user gets an account from Steemonboarding.

Sounds interesting, I´ll check out the blackbelt and see what can be merged. Feel free to send me a DM on discord @anomadsoul #8455 to talk further about this!


Hey @anomadsoul,

I was thinking it would be a great idea for steemonboardng to launch a mentorship platform. It would work this way:

New user comes on steem, looking for help. Gets on your platform, learns a lot. But guides will never be complete! he will always have more questions.

Or another user might get bored going through the videos but would prefer to ask questions right away to someone. Specific questions that he thought of.

So why not create a program where the user pays 5$ to get a mentor for a year. mentors would be experienced users on steem who signed up to become mentors. They might even be rewarded with upvotes from steem onboarding or simply a share of the 5$.

Also, if the user didn't have an account, the the 5$ cost would also buy him an account on steem. This is the same process steemmonsters uses to sell account. They sell them with the first pack that the user needs to buy.

Looking forward to your response on this.


Agree with discord. The little.program.that.could.

Quite literally the backbone of steem.

Great initiative and a couple of things spring to mind:

  • Why use Steem and not another platform (e.g. Whaleshares, Smoke, Weku, Trybe, Medium etc) - maybe a comparison table with the features and benefits vs them.

  • A roadmap of the platform and how it is looking to develop? Where is it going etc?

  • What are Resource Credits and Voting Power?

  • Bid bots (what are they, why are they used, ethics of them, trending page)

  • Steem on the go (mobile apps, Partiko, esteem etc)


Oh nice, the Steem on the go topic sounds great, thanks for the tips!

Definitely a guide on bid bots (and etiquette using them) will do wonders. We are aiming to onboard the users with a long term mindset and avoiding the get rich quick way of thinking, so we are at an advantage here; when they join the platform, they will already know that abusive practices are looked down into.


That's a great idea... it might be worth going into the math behind bidbots, and how most people probably don't realise that they're losing money in the transaction when you take into account the curation and price changes between the bid and the payout.

Also.. this is starting to feel more like an Intermediate course that should be available to people after they've been around for a month or two.


Yea I realised as I was writing that maybe bidbots would be a bit more advanced than beginner level but it won't take long for a newcomer to see bidbots in action I don't think.

To be honest, I have been on the platform around 10 months and still don't know what they are 😂

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You're welcome firstly, if I can think of anything else I will let you know. I have been writing a "Bluffer's Guide to Cryptocurrency" last year and did a little bit about Steemit so if you want me to do some writing for the welcome guide, let me know.

Long term mindset is key for sure. I think the emphasis needs to be on helping newcomers find communities of similar interest. For example, I like blogging, music and travel related things so I joined those discord communities.

But I didn't know that when I first joined. In fact it took 7 months to realise and, although I am very patient, I was getting pretty disheartened and desperate at that point. So definitely don't want someone new feeling that way!

Perhaps another point about how tags work can be included?

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Great engagement from the community! I am so excited with the participation and thoughts from the community.

Although rather early for new users, I would add how to acquire Steem and send to wallet for powering up. Given the limited fiat conversion capabilities, this would be an important aspect for the investors interested in also joining (although we all are investors).

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Exchanges and Wallets are definitely a focus point for these next set of videos! Thanks for the input mate!

At some point down the line we´ll have a specific interface for investors (leaving out all the content creation part and focusing on the economics of it).

You already hit the spot with the first 10 video selections:
Some additional ideas which might come across better as written guidance as opposed to videos (I can see the sense in limiting the video's to a reasonable number):

  • the distinction between STEEM/SBD/SP

  • Powering UP & Delegation of SP (Incl. places/ communities/ groups they might go to in order to find or pitch for delegation as a new user)

  • The role of witnesses and how to vote for witnesses

  • Discord - and how building rapport in discord groups can help foster relationships / not to be afraid to ask for help in discord communities

  • places to go for tutorials/ guides on markdown/ how to do the first posts/ the value in the use of the correct and appropriate tags / how to use other medium if they are video content producers

Great to see your progress guys...….


Witnesses! Definitely. Even voting for a proxy until the person wants to choose the witnesses themselves would be a great way to be involved.

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Markdown! Yes. There are so many great guides out there..

Here are things I've always wanted to know, and other things that may be useful for newbies:

  • how does the post payout amount becomes another figure dropping into my wallet, use of step by step actual examples in the calculation would be great
  • how are my curation rewards calculated, if my upvote amount is static,how does the pecking order (the number of other upvotes above and below me) and timing ( 15 min vs 6 days) effect it
  • First 10 must do checklist when you join Steemit, write down all your keys on a bit of papee, upload a profile picture, write a good self introduction...
  • Steemit etiquette
  • summary of different communities for generes to help people find a 'home'
  • difference between plagarism vs coy and paste (I saw a definition from Steemcheater once but can't find it now)

Oh nice, the payout calculation is great, I remember when i started I used to get frustrated when I saw my post payouts drop without a reason!

The 10 To-do-list sounds very clever and didactic! I like it, thanks for the idea! :D

There will be a special tab just for communities, so each steemian can browse them all and find their niche. By the way, it would be great to feature SMW there, if you can send me a discord message to discuss that I´d appreciate it :)))


Thanks Eric, have droppes you a DM

Great initiative and glad to see all these topics already! Here are a few more popping up in my mind:

  • Easy ways to buy steem/power up in different parts of the world
  • After voting for witnesses, how to track their performance and adjust votes accordingly?
  • Examples of curation projects and curated posts
  • Suggestions on hosting contests/challenges for community engagement (can be done by interviewing experienced hosts)
  • Show them the magical ecosystem: https://www.stateofthedapps.com/ and https://steemapps.com ;)

And what about asking the potential users to do a questionnaire or a Q&A session, including questions like:

  • How did you get to know Steem/Steemonboarding?
  • What do you know about Crypto and Blockchain?
  • What are your expectations on joining Steem?
  • What do you have to bring to this platform?

Great points are mentioned here! If I had to add something it would be how does this platforms (and it’s dapps) differ from traditional social media

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The parts of a great post:

  • Attention Grabbing Title
  • Great Thumb Nail Image - Landscape with a ratio of about 1 to 1.7 (height to length)
  • Properly sourcing images and other people's original thoughts
  • Quality content - the sky is the limit on all of the possibilities (and ways to best share certain types of content - @dtube, @dsound, etc).
  • A great call to action that promotes engagement.
  • How to format a post with markdown

I thought it had gone a bit quiet in discord!

So important to get the topics right. I guess the next step is to 'batch' the questions/ topics.

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What are dapps that everyone talks about?
Why is my vote always $0.00?
How can I get bandwidth?
uhmm... and definitely there should be a word or two about not focusing on trending page. :)
I guess they will be interested

I guess topics about common cliche and problems about cryptos would be great to address. For example what happens if my Steem Account get Hacked? or what does it mean if I post content on the Blockchain? Can I delete my content and who has access to it? Does my behaviour here have any legal consequences?
I also would like to see a own section about Witness Voting and how governance works.
Thats it good work guys!

  • Ways to use Steem (the coin)
  • The importance of citing and indicating sources of information / pictures. Copyright and different types of licenses. These and similar things, that can help you avoid flagging from the Steemcleaners side.

  • What to do if you can post only 1 comment a day with your Resource Credits. RCs and how to increase their amount.

  • Delegation. How it works and who can delegate you a piece of their Steem Power for pay or for free.

Maybe a little more advanced, but how about a video explaining STEEM witness voting system?


Perhaps a separate video demonstrating how to cast witness votes on various interfaces.

  • Why vote buying is bad
  • the various interfaces and dapps
  • how curation works
  • why networking is important

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Still don't think I know half of that stuff and only figured out how to delegate just the other day. I think for me the main thing was what tag to use and how to interact with people. Also actually thinking of it now working out the power up and voting I used to put 100% on everything I read and soon ran low and gave people nothing most of the time 💯🐒


Hi @vibeof100monkeys! I`m here to help :) If you want to delegate, please make a comment (for example replay to this one) like this:
I want to delegate X sp to @user
Where X is the amount of SP and @user is the steem user you want to delegate to. For example:
I want to delegate 100 sp to @steemonboarding
@tipU will answer with a delegation link. Hope this helps!:)

Thanks I worked most of it out now in time but great to know your are there 💯🐒

What Topics Do You Think Should Be Included in the Onboarding Process?

First of all, definitely a prime question that should be included in the Onboarding Process must be if they are willing to READ and read a lot if they want to guarantee their survival within the Steem blockchain.

And once answered that, then prompt them to say if they actually understand what means SYNERGY, ENGAGEMENT & COMMUNITY as a summary. };)

Hey, @steemonboarding!

Thank you for your contribution to the crowd. We are the Steemit project dedicated to empowering The Wisdom of Crowds. You can find more about us on our official website or whitepaper and you can support us by voting for our witness and joining our curation trail on Steemauto . We are also inviting you to join Crowdmind Discord server. Don't forget to use the #crowdmind hashtag and happy crowdsourcing!

This post has been included in today's SOS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.


Thanks for your support and mentioning us in SOS today!

On Curation Do's and Don'ts: I think many people are still confused about when to vote, and when not to vote. Many people are still using autovoters to upvote their favorite authors the moment a post goes up, unfortunately I don't think that is good strategy anymore. I also still get people who forget to check the date on my posts, and they upvote old content. Upvoting too early or too late is a bit of waste if they are trying to help the author or themselves.

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Video explaining the difference between STEEM and Steemit

Great post so far!

  1. The importance of communities and some highlight communities (especially for newbies)
  2. The difference between Steem and Steemit.
  3. How to Power Up and Power down Steem. I still forget sometimes if you want to delegate 500 more SP you need to "delegate" already delegated SP + 500 instead of just delegating 500 SP.

I believe to grew up in steemit it es neccessary a little bit of good luck. But a big quantity of work. About the topics:
How to select people to follow?
What kind of topics to write?
How to invest the cryptos in the platform?
I'm hard working to grow up.
Have a nice day you both!!!

You got a 55.56% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @steemonboarding!

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If you like what @ocd does, consider voting for ocd-witness through SteemConnect or on the Steemit Witnesses page. :)

“Gamification” and “Always Be Selling”.... not sure how you would fit it in but I found the hardest part to understand and what has helped me get to where I am was relative to promotion of others being promotion of myself!

Understanding that celebration of ones own success can also be an opportunity of showing appreciation for the support thus promotion of yourself and which ever projects your involved with that have supported you in finding that success.

One thing I still don’t understand is markdown, basic editing I am fine with but anything past using images, links, center or headings I’m completely lost and the explanations all fall short!

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Read the full details of Fundition Fund program
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Join a community with heart based giving at its core
Fundition is a non profit project, by supporting it with delegation you are supporting 200+ projects.

What is Crypto?

An annoying prefix that shouldn't be used standalone. It's cryptocurrency.

I agree with @bitrocker2020. what I like about Steem is that you can start using blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency without need to know about that.
It's worth however mentioning (warning) about some techonology features here, like total transparency (everyone on the Internet can see your wallet), about immutability (you won't be able to remove your posts), etc.

I think I could benefit from some of those videos :) They look great. One thing I would emphasize is community. In the beginning it takes a lot of motivation to continue when feedback and rewards are minuscule. Newcomers should seek out others who share their interests. They should be encouraged to follow selectively and connect through genuine communication on a consistent basis. Discord is a good place to network with people of like interests. I personally don't do much chatting, but I find that Discord is a great place to get information and learn what others are doing. That's how I came across this blog.
So, to sum up, explain that Steemit has a lot of different neighborhoods. Find the neighborhoods you feel most comfortable in and start associating with people who hangout there. That's what I would strongly recommend.

Saludos a todos. Creo que es importante tocar el tema de la incidencia de steem y steem power en el poder de voto. La conceptualizacion de witness y porq qué votar. Explicar todo lo referente a flaguear o lo que tiene que ver con la banderita.

How about ..adding topics about

  • "Avoiding Plagiarism - Be Original "
  • "Patience and Persistence"
  • "Invest Money or Time"

@steemonboarding I feel these must be part as people who comes always looks for quick success overnight.

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How to create an account for a friend to join them in this new experience. This could be a suggestion at the end of the on-boarding material. I think this will be helpful as the sign up process is still fairly complicated for the average person.

STEEM payments. I can help you with that.

Anti-abuse, flagging, proper Steem etiquette and such,

We need to be sure the users onboarded have the tools and knowledge to be productive members of our ecosystem vs the many opportunistic takers we have now.

Topic suggestion: "Steem Wallets": what wallets are there for Steem and Steem Dollar (including the wallet on steemit.com) and how can I store, transfer and stake Steem?

Great idea. Don't forget the the resourcing vs SP thing.

I got killed on both accounts early on doing an intro post and one or two votes and comments then getting the 'no resources left' warning.

@welcomewagon came to the rescue with this account, and @partiko for my @assfaceproject account.

So for a newbie, getting encouraged in the faqs to vote and comment first is discouraging when it kills you for being able to even do 1 post a day.