Information Bounty - Name one Steemain that everyone should follow and why - Paying 1 STEEM Per Qualified Response!

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I'd like to build a list of epic users to follow. I think this will serve as a great tool for people in the community. I am willing to pay 1 STEEM per 'qualified response'. The details on what qualifies for payment are listed below.

  • You can nominate anyone in the community (including yourself).
  • The person should have a 'beyond average' blog. It really should be something special that adds unique value to the community. (Do not list someone because they need followers. List them because their content is epic.)
  • Each user can only nominate one person (make it your best).
  • Give a good description of what their blog is about and why people should follow them.
  • If there are duplicates, whoever posted the user first will get the award.
  • The bounty is open until the payout of this post closes.
  • All payouts will be made within 24 hours of this post's closing.

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I nominate @tradeqwik, because it is an exchange like none other. It's the only exchange that blogs regularly. It accepts Steem and will accept SBD in the near future. It is attached to the VIVA project, which many Steemians are involved with. The account is operated by @wiser, who is another great person to follow.

Other great bloggers to follow are: @hanshotfirst for his sense of humour and generosity, and @lordvader for a great laugh and something unique to Steemit. :)


I concur this because I have its tokens. oops! did I just say that?

I will like to nominate many people but some of them probably are in your list so i will nominate @jphenderson :) I think more people have to know him because of the Whaleshares project and all the help he give to others :)


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hmmm, maybe randomwhale should be nominated here... oh oh, sorry, my bad... randOwhale! :)

It becomes difficult as so many great users have been suggested @timcliff - actually I thought one could only suggest one user? However one of the great Steemians here has posted a lot of the ones I would suggest too - let me know it is fine to focus on more than once finally?

My vote dos to the Dr. of Steemit - a master of psychology, cryptocurrency, photography and art. A guy that helps the community tremendously with his great written posts! He also always has a helping hand for newbies and people in need. So here comes my suggestion @thecryptofiend - who is also the creator of the probably best steemit help guide!

I would have suggested tons of others too but @cassidyandfranks already hit most of them in his great list lol - will add further names in a comment to this one if I may!


As outlined, the followings would also get my best votes and suggestions but i have to follow the rules - just wanted to give some sort of appreciation:

@surfermarly - hope she is back soon, one of the best writers here, always positive and simply a sunshine;
@ats-david - one of the few that THINKS how the community can be improved with great ideas, he is really a driver moving forward calling out existing problem - i appreciate that - and he not at all toxic :-);
@knircky - a great German living in America, always supportive for the community;
@twinner - he helps newbies be delegating power and introduces them to this platform, he guided me when i started on steemit together with
@felixxx another user that calls out issues, even we are not in agreement with a lot he should get mentioned!
@freiheit50 -the master of blockchain in the German community;
@kus-knee @surpassinggoogle @sumsum @afrog @lichtblick @dirkzett @shortcut @detlev - all brilliant creators and critical thinkers - could mention at least 250 more but - the rules, you know lol


I'd prefer if everyone just stuck to one person.


Me too @timcliff - therefore the second one was just an addition to @thecryptofiend nomination as most of them have been mentioned already - just wanted to show my appreciation to some others too - sorry for confusing

I nominate @kus-knee. He's a truely community maker, he likes to share! His blog has some relly good resources for newbies, and he has a lot of interesting post in various topics, with good question in the end so everyone is involved in his blog. He's around on steemit for more than a year now and he's happy to give a hand if you have questions or issues with steemit.

I would like to nominate @jerrybanfield. This guy is very knowledgeable about crypto currencies, produces regular informative content, he got into bitcoin before most, bought into dash when it was just a few dollars and now he is fully behind Steem, which he also knows a great deal about.

Jerry is the reason I am on Steemit after viewing a youtube video of his. He uses ALL the money he earns from his steem posts, which is thousands of dollars a day, to further promote the Steemit playform. He does this with Facebook adverts etc. So if you would like to see the steemit platform grow and go mainstreem then upvoting and spreading the word about this guy helps us all. His posts are well worth the many upvotes they receive, if you like to learn, follow this guy @jerrybanfield


I could not agree more!
I also would like to name @mrwalt.

@papa-pepper always has quality posts in my opinion. Well thought out and unique.


yup! couldnt remember how to spell his name whilst

This was a difficult decision because there are a lot of people to chose from, but since we are only allowed to vote for one person - it will be @timcliff His posts put the finger on the pulse of what is going on in and around the world. He is very helpful, always have an 'open-door policy', or shall I rather say: "An open blog steem policy!", for us struggling steemers who really work hard but do not get the full recognision for what we are putting in. Thank you very much for your support, it is appreciated!


I'd like to nominate giantbear he is an outstanding writer and consistently shares content that keeps a person's attention.

I nominate AustinAngler @austinsandersco His cryptocurrency posts along with his extensive background in stock and trading make for very informational and interesting posts. Love the mix of tech and common sense.


Crossing my fingers!!!

  ·  3년 전

I'd nominate @lydon.sipe, who weaves sports, faith, culture and more into an entertaining blog.

I'd like to nominate @good-karma for developing the eSteem app, which truly helps to facilitate the content creation process for bloggers, writers, photographers, etc.

Without eSteem there will be less interaction amongst content creators in the form of commenting and upvoting. @good-karma is not only an epic user, but also an awesome creator!

Hello @timcliff , It would be an honor to have you as my follower!!! You guessed it right, I am nominating myself @progressivechef !
I am mainly blogging about easy and quick food recipe, as well as making people discover 'Weir' and 'Bizarre' foods around the world!

On top of that you will get the opportunity to discover my country , Mauritius, through my posts!

Looking forward to see your name on my list soon!

Her food blog is great...Wanted to say myself but not yet lol


Don't agree with @allysyummyfood : not because she isn't great. She is.
But she does not need it. She has reached escape velocity I'd say and doesn't need the extra boost at the expense of others.

I will nominate @jphenderson and @officialfuzzy.
They both were a really good mentor for me to learn more about the whaleshares and steemit.
I spend my first week of steemit in their Whaleshares discord, guess what I gain a lot of benefit and knowledge and until now I will keep following and tracking them. A Huge thank's from me for their great dedication on helping minnows like us.

  ·  3년 전

I'm surprised nobody's brought up @good-karma yet. He makes the eSteem app, which everyone with a smartphone is either already using or should be using. His blog chronicles the changes in the app and let's you know the differences version to version.

This comment was written in eSteem, as it's my primary method of browsing steemit nowadays.

  ·  3년 전

There are a lot of good people to follow here, but @good-karma is the only one I can think of that everyone should follow.

Everyone should definitely follow @trevonjb - he is one of the most knowledgeable guys on Steemit when it comes to cryptocurrencies and is one of the nicest and most philanthropic people in the community. He posts high quality content at least 3 times every day! And he's always giving away free Bitcoin and STEEM to his followers!

I am nominating the project @steempearls because it is made to find good authors and it gives the author some feedback/appreciation and more spread for good content. The #steempearls are a report / sum up about the 5 recent best topics. Many autors suggested in this comments have already made it to the steempearls.

I nominate @foxkoit, I do not know him or her personally but the quality of his post make us all feel not blue but Black and White..

I would suggest:
@denmarkguy for his very beautiful writing style. Every time when I see his new post I start a coffee-machine and then sit in a chair in a backyard with cup of coffee in one hand, smarthphone in another, and his deep thoughts in my head

I would like to nominate @everlove She is a great artist and shares her art regularly. But she also shares her love and heart too. She organizes art collaboration and is a catalyst to promote interaction between the art community in Steemit platform


@positivesteem thank you for nominating me. I am super excited about Steemit and the community we are building--one of the most priceless and powerful things we can do for each other. There are over 85 artists playing with the Collaborative Art Journey initiative, and we have made 385+ masterpieces together. It's amazing what we can do when we combine our passions and energies for common purpose. I appreciate your appreciation. Blessed to be adding value to Steemit.


What you are doing for the art community is wonderful. I am a poet and is exploring ways to bring the poet community together.


I appreciate the acknowledgement @positivesteem. It has been a truly blessed journey, getting more juicy everyday! Do you have some great ideas in the works?

@timcliff, I name @firepower. He is one of the most versatile blogger on steemit. He is a passionate rider, traveller, blogger, a humanitarian and a person who has interest and expertise in many more field.
He is No. 1 blogger on steemit from India, the second most populous country in the world. He is creating a revolution here of sorts bringing awareness about steemit to India. His blogs on crypto currency, travel and general state of affairs draw tremendous readership. His blogs, each and everyone goes on trending page. He is a model of inspiration and always ready to help.
Knowledge or wisdom by itself is not enough. We need one who can share it selflessly with others. @firepower is one of those kind.
He is the one who got me here and my allegiance is always to him no matter what.
I think everyone on steemit must follow him and benefit from his blogs.

And do you know, you did us all a great service now? I am already following some of those authors, named best, but not all. Now I am going to follow all the best in this list. Thanks @timcliff for making my job easier. I am loving it


@timcliff, received the transfer. Very much appreciated. God Bless

@chessmonster He is a good and cool guy in general, professional painter, replies to every comment and generous upvoter. Steemit need more guys like him

I nominate my spouse @artist1989. I may be bias, but I think he is extremely talented :) He posts all kinds of original work including art, photography, writing, and more!


Thank you for this one. Another nice account to follow!


I follow your choice ! I will check @artist1989


I didn't realize he was writing again. He was gone for awhile. I better pay attention!


Yeah, I kept working on him to get him back. I'm glad he is posting again :)

my favourite is @kyriacos .he has written some high quality ,thought provoking and highly philosophical articles . in my opinion everyone could relate to or find some of his thoughts to be very useful


I agree! Excellent articles from @kyriacos , sometimes contrary and opinionated but never trivial!

Interesting post.
I nominate @troilo because he's creating high quality artistic posts here, spreading juggling, art, music and lot's of inspiration to this community.
I think there aren't many other jugglers around... and I'm sure there's space for more of us! :)

For the people interested in art there's even a contest he's organizing going on. I already made my video to participate:

more information on the contest here


Easy, @trafalgar why? Very funny, well written posts.


I love the way he post :)


Yes! Always a fun read :)

Hard to pick. I'd go with @cheah

Brilliant writer across a wide variety of topics, often delves into sensitive matters in an astute manner. Primarily an acclaimed fiction novelist, but he hasn't published much of his fiction work on Steem yet. Let's make that happen!


Very good one, yes! I am always on the look for good bloggers. Thank you for that suggestion. I follow him too.


Good advice. Thanks.

You should follow @trevonjb because he makes a living through investing in crypto and has a great daily video blog!

I nominate @officialfuzzy. Founder, WhaleShares - Founder, BitShares - Cofounder.

For his contribution to the Steemit community helping minnows and all Steemians alike through completive contests to sponsor involvment.


He is great chose :)

@sykochica is a given! She helps everyone new on steemit and has created a huge series of posts covering everything from how to create content using markdown to what is steem/SBD/SP and much much more. Plus she is one of the hosts of the STP podcast!


You beat me to it.

I nominate @rkreddy, because I been following his blog, He has been doing an amazing work sharing deep insight into all the upcoming ICO's and his reviews are spot on, justifying every view of his.

I nominate @ilyastarar as he always write unique stuff. He makes complicated things very simple through tutorials which are easy to understand and well organised. His posts are always helpful for the minnows like me. He always respond to each and every comment on his blog and help people to understand the platform more clearly.
Plus he bought hundreds of people to steemit via his blog, facebook page and established a group on facebook just to help steemians.
His posts helped people a lot.
9 Steps Checklist for Creating Successful & Engaging Steemit Posts

The Mystery of Steemit Rewards Solved Even for a 9 Year Old. See What You Actually Get from Steemit!!!

8 Steps to Effective Goal Setting - Set Effective Goals and Achieve Them

People should follow him to understand each and everything about the platform and to improve their writing skills.
For me @ilyastarar is the best mentor here.


Thank you @ayeshanor . Let's learn another thing today. When you have to include links in a comment, use the following command.

[7 things to do to avoid being flagged!](link url)

[], ! and () are parts of the command and the text will serves as anchor text (anchoring/containing the link). I used ** at the start and end to make it bold. Let me show you with an example.

Check out @ayeshanor 's latest post which teaches you 7 things to do to avoid being flagged!.


Yyaahhooo! Editing done. This learning process makes me happy!!!!
Thanks again :)


Most welcome!


Wowww! That's great :) I was wondering about how people make things bold in comments. Thank u so much for this great help. :)


(*) at the start and end of paragraph, phrase, word make it italic. _ at both ends also does the same.

So glad that you have edited your comment and made the first practical use of the new learning.


(*) without brackets

This is easy. I highly recommend you follow @timcliff

He's always got his finger on the pulse of steemit, and if there is something important and noteworthy, he'll tell you about it.

Not only that, he's a hard worker and is quite friendly, upfront, and honest.

Oh wait! You are @timcliff


Ok, I'll give you a strange (but not so strange one)...

There's a new teacher on steemit, with 6 years experience that was on the BeyondBitcoin mumble show today July 7th but he's speaking next week I think.

He's so new, he hasn't blogged yet. But yup! I could tell he's an educator. He's talking about cryptocurrency in the classroom, gridcoin, and so much more. I'm following him now. He's not even on the radar yet.

Listening to him talk, I was surprised and how well spoken and intelligent he was... well... he is a teacher after all. :)

It's too early to see what he's going to write. But I now have him on my radar.

He is @thepeddler

If you read his comment to @officialfuzzy you'll see more:


Good choices ;) Thanks!

I nominate @businesswri for a steady supply of relaxing music!

I'm nominating @lukestokes because his posts are the good subjects here like why self voting is good /bad , etc. He always posts his own experiences here about cryptocurrency, games, and others stuff .. I mean I like his contents.. so I will go for him and I can't nominate myself right now because I'm still exploring the whole steemit platform, getting new stuff from everyone and sharing my own personal experiences too..

  ·  3년 전

I nominate we all follow @officialfuzzy he hosts the beyondbitcoin hangouts, where you can get information on development proposals and active projects in regard to bitshares, steemit and some of their affiliate/partner softwares

hes also the whaleshares creator and thats something you should check out if you haven't already, its basically a marketing program that allows you to create liquid from your STEEM power without needing to power-down, hes building a community around it on the whaleshares discord

I nominate @ausbitbank
He is a witness and very supportive of minnows. He supports the #minnnowsupportproject and encouraging new Australian users through #teamaustralia. He has also delegated SP to new comers to assist their growth and actively comments and votes on fantastic content.
He also develops projects to further develop this platform. One of them is

He welcomed me to this community and encouraged my growth. Cheers

@sflaherty and his alter-ego @steemitbc.

He is another minnow in the world that has gone to exceptional lengths to improve the steemit world for small fish. He built a slack channel that is similar to the better known discord channels.

The entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in this one.


Seconded! Steven (@sflaherty) does great work for the community and has really good articles.
his work on @steemitbc deserves a boost because that will boost many other engaged Steemians


Thank you for that nomination my friends, means the world to me just for the thought


@timcliff just sent me 1 steem @sflaherty for my nomination. I'll send you half.


I just seen and put that towards a power up lol. I got locked out of this account today. Due to delegating all my SP to @steemitbc appears due to the price dip I didn't have enough SP anymore here to handle the bandwidth. Just fixed it with your kind help I bet a lot of minnows woke up to not being able to use this today. This system is seriously needing some overhauls....something wrong with the hamster running the wheel inside of it lol


That's not good for retention purposes.


How you mean? what retention purposes?

I Vote for @sweetsssj. She is ms steemit , no doubt everyone likes her post. She deserves to be followed . My No.1 @sweetssj You are the Best. I wish you win This. Guys Vote for her , plz.

He's the entire reason that I joined SteemIt in the first place. He's a great stock-trader who will help people to understand all kinds of things about financial markets of every kind. He posts regularly, several times a week, and he sticks to his topic - very focused, very informative, not a boring "financial show."

New users MUST be following @minnowsupport and @whaleshares to jump-start their SteemIt experience, the correct way - by building more STEEM.

Also, @bi5h0p. I hear he's a decent blogger in regards to #steemsivlergold, life in general, and all things mental-illness/recovery related.

Do you canoe?

P.S. Great idea you've got here. I've seen similar posts before, so why not a "Who's Who, of the SteemIt Universe?"


Well, you kind of broke the 'pick one' rule, but I'll let it slide :)

I nominate @shla-rafia because I have random and quality content + do effectice community-building and don't see enough support in votes (amount). thx

I nominate @tarazkp, great, insightful, well written pieces and complimented with awesome photography

I nominate @livenowandwow – I don't like his illustrated profile pic but I can live with that. He posts a lot of varied stuff around travel, food, and all sorts. He teaches me the importance of engaging with the community and he has helped me tremendously with how to do this. It's not easy when you first try to learn the ropes on Steemit and I'm a little lost – so I want to say that I appreciate this Steemian.

I nominate @walkingkeys, he is one of the best writers when it comes to explaining technical things in simple words. Adding to that, he has a good sense of humor!

Check out my epic life and travels here @secter

@Stellabelle is the obvious choice. Her posts will make you think. Always entertaining, her posts are where the action is. Follow her and read her posts, you won't be bored.

I would nominate the man who always inspires me to help others and to be a good human being through his posts. The more good things I say about him , the more it gets lesser. He always comes up with new ideas as how to help this community grow in his posts. Go check his blogs.

And he is none other than @benjojo bro.


I am building a steem community in Nigeria, so if there are any others in that lineup, give them if not let me get some nominations. hehehe

I held a giveaway similar to this last week! I was very satisfied with the results and glad that you are giving me the opportunity to recommend someone.

I always endorse you as one of the best people to go to on steemit for excellent content, timely assistance and the best witness representative for our community.

I believe you would enjoy following @cerebralace. He is an excellent author, intelligent and a great guy in general!

He shares a solid variety of technical and informative articles, personal experiences and original writings.

He collaborates with others on steemit and is always willing to share his knowledge.

Thanks for being awesome you two!


PS. Donate the 1 steem to a good cause please :)


Ace is an excellent blogger... Really good content and great guy.

I nominate @gringalicious Not only is she one of the best cooks and bakers I have seen, but she is also inspiring and very generous at heart. I followed her from day one. She is a fantastic cook, awesome photographer, creative, imaginative and is not afraid to share her creations, knowledge and heart. I believe she is great person and a true asset to the Steemit community.

I would like to vote @cryptonet. Because his blog provides a huge value content about life, personality development and life hacks. His approach to do things is extraordinary. He always relate his content with himself, giving his content his personal touch, also adding his personal opinions. That's why his blog is growing greatly as no. of followers are growing day by day. As he is kinda minnow, he really needs Steemit support. Now, Decide for yourself and if he deserves, only then upvote him .

I wouldn't like to nominate @barrydutton because he writes articles that tend to challenge the status quo and he does it in a way that is fair and honest! He also practices what he preaches and is also very helpful to the newcomers on Steemit, which is very important to our growth and sustainability!

@acidyo has good content and is a very helpful guy.

I recommend @sharingeverybite.
She makes me laugh while also providing me with ways to be thought provoked. I enjoy her posts and think she should be followed. 😊

@timcliff!!!! What a great idea...creating here an incredible list of favorite bloggers. It's fun to see all the Steemians represented here through the enjoyment of the readers.

I nominate @quinneaker--a visionary, speaker, author, parent, creator of the eco-village the @gardenofeden, mastermind, and one of the most benevolent people I have ever known. He has dedicated his entire life in service to humanity, and is creating an opportunity for others to experience the possibilities of a life of thrival. Quinn shares and will be sharing on his blog solutions to all the problems that exist in this world. Unbelievable, right? I'm sure you'll be amazed if you just check out his blog. He is most recently blogging about parenting. Here's a quick Quinn Quote - “Parenting is the foundation of all of our lives, for better or for worse."

  ·  3년 전

I nominate @dre5025. He's posting great content on crypto currency.

I nominate author John J. Geddes, @johnjgeddes.

John is a former professor and professional author who writes consistently good short fiction and poetry on Steemit. He is very quiet and unassuming, but interacts in encouraging ways with many Steemit community members.

I've written a couple of posts about John that can tell you far more than I can in this brief comment. One is a review of one of his published novels, and the other is a direct interview.

📚Book Review📚 - "Epiphany" by John J. Geddes
John J. Geddes — Author, Poet, Saint

BTW, I knew nothing about John before I joined Steemit, and have only gotten to know him by association here and by reading and appreciating his work. I consider his writing worthy of an ever growing amount of support from Steemit readers who enjoy good literature.


@creatr, I just happened to come across this old post where you nominated me to @timcliff as a steemian people should follow. You didn't mention this to me and now months later by a most curious path I came across this response you wrote. I am so humbled and gratified by your thoughtfulness, creatr, and just wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate your being here day in and out always producing quality posts and simply being a friend.


Hello, friend John... :)

That would be a most curious path to ever come across a comment, in particular, left so many months ago! :D The LORD, as they say, works in mysterious ways.

Thanks for letting my know that you stumbled across this... You've encouraged me today. :D

I would like to nominate @maarnio , this guy is so generous for giving coin breakout predictions posted from his Steemit account. Other crypto analyst are so selfish and asking for monthly membership fees to give you coin hints.

One more cool thing about this guy is he always draw a contest, guess the coin chart direction. Winners gets a portion from his posts earnings.

If you know how to trade, follow that guy :)

Myself @stackin... I don't know who else grew faster than me in 37 days and brought hundreds of people to steemit... On second thought... @jerrybanfield did 100X better, he should win LOL :)


I sure agree! :)

I nominate @jerrybanfield

  • He shares useful tips on where and how to make money.
  • sheds light on most of the issues steemians are bothered about.
  • he selflessly spends time to source for genuine and relevant information and shares them with everyone through different channels
  • If he offers a solution, there is a 90% chance that he's tried it out himself and not just bluffing about it.

Don't agree with @jerrybanfield : not because he isn't great. He is the one that got me on steemit. He has very sometimes left field but insightful articles.
But he does not need it. He is perfectly fine on his own! He has reached escape velocity I'd say and doesn't need the extra boost at the expense of others.


I nominate @ocrdu, a blog of beautiful photography. Landscape, flower, and butterfly photos are posted there.

I would nominate @neoxian. He doesn't post that often and there are a lot of posts in his blog about his Steem Power loaning activities, but when he posts about Steem and the Steemit community, his posts are spot on.

He was the only one I saw that pointed out that HF19 would probably result in a lot of selfvoting before the hardfork was out and that turned out to be a real problem with the new rules.

Everybody seems quite optimistic about Steemit and I'm happy about that, but he is one of the few people that are quite pragmatic and have enough depth of understanding to spot the real issues.

I nominate @malicered.
He's a Logo Designer with lots of talent who's made some superb contributions to Steemit already !

He made a post about losing his job shortly after joining Steemit, and the proceeds from that, but mostly from his community contributions (vectorized Steemit logo and vectorized Steemit themed buttons/icons ) helped him keep a roof over his head till he could start freelancing again... love this community !

And did I mention he's going to do freelance logo design on Steemit ? he has already had a client ?!? Awesome work for the short time he's been here, I say !

He also does tutorials on Logo design, and gives advice to startups and entrepreneurs... Just in case you need another reason to support him ;)


Thanks for the Steem, @timcliff :)

Do tell us when the list is available !

Several that I would name have already been listed so I will go with @daddykirbs he is a fantastic blogger and draws folks into the farm with him and the lessons/education he is providing covers so many things under the sun! Resteemit to get more!

I would suggest:
@denmarkguy for his very beautiful writing style. Every time when I see his new post I start a coffee-machine and then sit in a chair in a backyard with cup of coffee in one hand, smartphone in another, and his deep thoughts in my head

also @kotturinn for her bright and juicy reportages

Hello! As much as I'd like to throw my own hat in here, I would like to nominate @mada. Besides being the friend who introduced me to Steemit, @mada posts on a great blend of subjects. One day, you might see some of his fine art (usually oil on canvas); on another, you might find his thoughts on the economy, or social psychology. The art is great, and the economic and social psychology analyses are always top-notch.

I want to nominate three people in a row and I do not need to win steem to do this. @aggroed, @papa-pepper, @whatsup.

These gentlemen are exemplary leaders. We all know @aggroed and how he is giving back to the blockchain by grooming and assisting minnows of the community.

@papa-pepper, I call him a man with good heart. His compassion has made me adjust my life and attitude toward others.

@whatsup is a kind man who is always willing to uplift others.

I nominate @cali-girl , she's been putting out great quality contents. Cali-girl talks about her challenges in life which is very inspiring to all.

I nominate @sircork for writing genuinely good content, sharing amazing insights, caring and talking about the real community issues, giving a good direction based on high moral values and having progressed at super duper rate. I think he deserves much more than he gets.

I nominate @satchmo because she brings value everywhere she goes, especially within the fields of Stock trading and Technical Analysis. she does her work and shares her findings so that all can benefit. And she isn't shy of a good conversation :)

I recommend @suesa to everyone I see. She writes chilling science fiction and cites her science sources. She is, herself, a scientist (biology).