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I had intended to elaborate on my original post telling more of her capabilities but she seems to be suffering depression after being abandoned by all the writers at the end of nano last month.
She has chosen my server as one of at least a thousand to not be respondent on. So I will have to use her main server for some examples of the things she does.
This list of commands are my favorites.
Then there are the world and character builder commands...
Using !challenge generates a random challenge in easy, normal, hard, harcore, or insane mode. Write x amount of words in x amount of time. Another interesting feature is the project. With this you can create different projects, each with its own word count. There is also the event feature which let's you create your own nano type event where you can compete against others on the server. I also just noticed the goal command which I could really use to get my word count up. This resets every twenty-four hours.
She has a few off topic fun things she can do. She has an 8 ball, a dice roller and a coin flipper. A random quote generator and if you need more inspiration she can reassure you. If you ask her !whosthebest she seems hung up on someone named CMR so my advice to you is do not ask her.
I leave you with this. Show me what you can do...

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