Making a Comeback for HIVE.


I've been gone.

I've been gone for a long time.

About 2 years ago when DLive started here on Steemit, I was working with them. Trying to get them to adapt to Steemit and Steem blockchain in general. My duties ranged from Community Management to Backend Developer.

However, having this access to the insides of DLive made me realise a few things. A few months into the launch, the DLive had about 2M SP (at the time) delegated to them by Steemit Inc. Shortly after they started to gain popularity, rather than improving the platform and adapting to Steem and Steemit, I heard of their plans to just scrap everything, use the delegated SP for themselves to gather extra cash and then withdraw everything to fund a new platform on their own. (This is what happened, after all, all the curation rewards they received from upvoting were instantly powered down and withdrawn.)

This was unacceptable for me at the time. As a member of Utopian community who loved Open-Source projects and a member of Steem chain. Right after I heard the internal talks regarding this I voiced my concern and was ousted from the team with a few other team members.

So what was the next step? I contacted Steemit Inc. Or, ned. In particular, more or less the same thing, That was what I thought back then. I warned them about this particular topic only to be ignored more than several times. And in the end, what happened? They upvoted their own threads for a while, upvoted weird stuff on Steemit and then immediately announced their platform and left.

I had lost faith. I lost my trust in ned and Steemit Inc. Even after warning them as an insider a few months before it was outright ignored and the blockchain was abused.

That is why I support Hive. I believe that having a decentralised community whose aim is to have a better platform rather than filling their pockets with more cash, that is going to be awesome. More projects are going to pop out left and right projects that deserve some support from the staff. Old projects who were thrown out of blockchain can even come back.

And users, of course. Users, users like me who did not like how everything was ran by Steemit Inc. are going to come back, with new ideas, replenished faith in the platform and support.

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