Welcome to the 2nd @familyprotection fundraising raffle - 3 x 1oz silver rounds to be won, for just 2SBD!!!

2년 전


Hello again and I am happy to announce the 2nd fundraising raffle for @familyprotection!!

And as promised I have increased the prize pool.

For those who missed out on the first raffle, I am proud to say that we raised over 80SBD!!! And also some SBD to put towards more silver rounds to raffle off.

Screenshot_2018-07-15 Hand Poured Silver(4).png

You will be happy to hear that the rules and entry fees are, petty much, the same as the 1st raffle. Other than a slight tweak of the multiple-entry fees, the main difference is that instead of just giving away one silver beauty, there will be 3 coins to win. Obviously this means we will have 3 chances to win!!!

Yes, you heard right! I am giving away 3 silver rounds, to 3 separate winners!

Now before I bore you all with the rules of play, I would like to bring your attention to our cause.


@familyprotection is Steemit-based initiative to offer support & awareness of the injustices done to families and children by "Child Protection Services" (CPS).

Screenshot_2018-07-15 My History with familyprotection and why I am involved — Steemit.png

To find out more about the founders of @familyprotection and the story behind why they came together to start this amazing community, please follow this link


The man behind the metal...

@pit-bullion is our 2nd steemian to be supplying the metal and he not only sells the shiny-shiny, he blooming well pours the stuff!!

Screenshot_2018-07-15 Hand Poured Silver(2).png

You can also find @pit-bullion on steemit and keep up with all his latest pours. I find it an extra bonus that we can keep the supply of silver "in-house" for this raffle and it is testament to steemit, for showing the cooperation that is possible when government barriers are removed, or maybe even just lowered.
Whatever the circumstances are, I want to give a big thank you to @pit-bullion.

Screenshot_2018-07-15 Hand Poured Silver(3).png

Time to reveal the prizes!!

For this 2nd raffle, we have ourselves 2, hand-poured, silver rounds to give away, purchased from @pit-bullion. I have also added a coin I have recently purchased from my local pawn brokers.

Screenshot_2018-07-15 Hand Poured Silver(1).png

Here is the 1 oz silver coin I purchased from the high-street.

Screenshot_2018-07-15 samoa 1oz silver coin royal horse - Google Search.png

And one of these could be yours, just for a small donation to @familyprotection.

The rules of play

    (Please notify this in the comments section and when it has been confirmed you will be entered into the draw. If you do not receive a confirmation message, you have not yet been put into the raffle. Please contact me if there are any problems)

  • YOU WILL NEED TO SEND A MINIMUM DONATION OF 2SBD TO @familyprotection. Please put the word "raffle" in the memo section .
    (Again, once this has been confirmed you will be entered into the raffle)

    There are no limits to how many times you can enter into the raffle.

2SBD will get you 1 entry to the raffle

5SBD will get you 3 entries.

10SBD will get you 6 entries

  • THIS RAFFLE WILL BE DRAWN IN THREE WEEKS TIME(give or take a day or two).
    I will be using a discord raffle-bot to draw the raffle and will record the event for you all to find out on the final post that announces the raffle has been drawn


So come on folks! Lets dig deep and share this post around. It would be great to smash the through the 80SBD barrier and reach for a target of 100SBD! I know we can do it and I hope the extra silver-prizes have shown my willing intent to help this happen. I will be donating to this myself although I will not be taking part. However, I would still like to invite @markwhittam, @canadian-coconut & @eco-alex to participate. I have no problems with you being put into the raffle and I would consider you all the most worthy of winners, if that was they way things turned out. The raffle is ran by a bot I have no control over and you can't say fairer than that.

We can do this, steemit!! Let's blow the roof off this thing and hopefully reach our 100SBD target. I can't think of a more worthy cause.


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Thank-you @article61 for submitting this post with the #familyprotection tag. It has been UPVOTED by @familyprotection and RESTEEMED TO OUR Community Supporters.

"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

  ·  2년 전

Woohoo Round Two!!!

I WANT that Steem Slug! It will make me happy and smug!! :-D

Upvoted....resteemed and 7SBD has been transfered to Family protection!!

That should fetch me 4 entries I believe!?

Great work you are doing for @familyprotection!!!

Hey....if you hit 125 SBD will you scrounge up a 4th round????? :-P



Your math is as good as your suggestion, buddy! Yes that is a challenge I am more than willing to meet :) 125SBD would be amazing.
Thank you for your donation you have been entered into the raffle( x 4 )

I should be good,
Upvoted, resteemed and donation sent!!

Peace and Good luck everyone!!!


Thank you for your donation to @familyprotection. You have been entered into the raffle.

This post gets the #healthy-home silver lining seal of approval!!!

Great work @article61 in supporting @familyprotection!!


That's a great nod of appreciation, thank you very much :)

Really awesome man. Sorry ulIm just seeing this and thanks for the great shout out


You're welcome. The big raffle was a crazy night and watching you pour the silver is always cool, totally brings the kid out in me.
Glad to have you onboard mate. I hope to keep doing these so I will stay in touch.

Hey a quick question please. You say this will last 3 weeks, will you be posting a new post for new entries so it can be upvoted and resteemed? I plan on donating tomorrow and wouldn't mind being entered since I will be anyway.

Oh, and a second question please. If you do another post that will allow for a vote and resteem could I have my entries split evenly between markwhittam and canadian coconut? They deserve someone doing something nice for them, they spend all of their energy on here devoted to others and getting the word out on what is going on with CPS.


Mate, that's is an awesome suggestion and I would love to have them in the running's, they certainly deserve it. I am writing out a post tonight so folk can enter in week 2. Just put a note about which vote is for who and I will have it to refer to when it comes to doing the draw.

Happy to help, I am in. 2sbd on it's way now


Great to hear that @stbathans and thank you for the donation. You have been entered into the raffle :)

I'm in! My 2SBD is already sent. So happy to help @familyprotection and participate in the raffle! @ironshield


Thanks for the donation You have been placed in the raffle :)

I'll put in however many SBD I have (4-5?) but I don't want in the raffle- I have several rounds like that already, so give it to someone who doesn't have any!


Hi buddy, long time no see. How are you keeping? I will put you in the raffle and you can nominate someone to take your tickets. Thanks for the support mate.


I'm still hanging in... my health is about shot. I have congestive heart failure now (it isn't as bad as it sounds). I try to kick some SBD in to FP every week- I surprised myself yesterday I had about 11.


I'm sure you will be a tough cookie to break ;) Hey I saw your donation, thanks bud, I will put you in for 6 tickets if you re-steem the post. No worries if not as I know folk can be quite particular about it. But dems da rules!! :)
Wishing you well mate, seems your mind is still sharp as a needle ;)




You're a good man @richq11, you wouldn't believe how much it helps, I will probably get another two donations at least, so thank you.


My pleasure... always glad to help!


I know you are buddy. One of the best in my book. It's a shame we a running in different circles, I will have to get back to some deep-state writing and reacquire myself with your work.

Incredible, fantastic contest, I really have no idea how to participate but I will give my contribution to collaborate in this noble cause, remember that it is not for the prize "the intention is that we all support this beautiful cause @familyprotection is for children and for children "... already resteemed but I have no idea how to send the donation, I am new to steemit. If you can explain to me how to do it ... blessings to all


Love the attitude! You are spot on and it good to hear folk reiterate it. Bless you for supporting this cause and taking part. You have already up-voted and re0steemed, so you are nearly there ;)
If you go to your wallet and click on the drop-down menu next to your SBD amount. Now just click on "transfer" and send 2 sbd for 1 entry, 5sbd for 3 or 10sbd for 6 entries. If you could put the word "raffle" in the memo section, that will make it easy for me to find. Hope this helps and feel free to ask more.

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Dude!! That is fucking weak!! You need to go have a word with yourself.