COMPETITION! Count the beans and win 10 Steem with @c0ff33a ☕️

3년 전

Who doesn't like competitions? Especially when they are super easy and you can win cryptocurrency for your effort. Utilising 100% of my single brain cell thinking capacity I came up with this unique , and relatively simple game that anyone can enter and you could win upto 10 Steem!

This competition is super easy, all you have to do is guess how many coffee beans are in my clear plastic drip filter. I'm not expecting anyone to guess exactly - so the winner will be decided based on guessing the correct number of beans in the drip filter, with a tolerance of 5 beans either side (so winners are anyone guessing the exact amount or within 5 beans higher or lower). In the event nobody get's that close even I will keep expanding 5 beans either side until we have winners. The 10 Steem will be distributed evenly throughout winning guesses - so if there are 5 winning guesses 2 Steem each. And of course only 1 correct answer - 10 Steem!

It's not a competition without rules, so I have further caused my single brain cell distress in coming up with this collection of requirements to play the competition.

  • The first rule of bean count competition is you must talk about bean count competition - Resteem this post if you wish to join in, entries will be checked and if you guess right and have not resteemed then sorry you will not win anything.

  • The second rule of bean count competition is you DO NOT have to upvote this post. Yes, you read that right I don't expect you to upvote this post to enter - I know for many of our Steemians Vote Power % drops quickly and if you do not have the % slider you have limited votes. While it's awesome if you do upvote this post - you don't have to - save it for a favourite post you find, someone you come across and think that's a really great post - upvote them instead - you could even leave a nice comment like "I upvoted your post because @c0ff33a told me I didn't have to upvote his" - just make sure you also tell them what you really liked about their post because that is super important when you leave a comment.


Here I present you with the Beans - I hand counted these coffee beans into the drip filter - and I know exactly how many are in there. To be honest I was going to fill it - but counting beans is super boring so after two full hand fulls counted into this drip filter I decided that was enough!


I did think this clear dripper would be...clearer? Turns out not so much, so to make this a little easier for you all the number of beans is somewhere between 0 and 400 - just to rule out those wild 100 billion guesses.


I think I maybe made this too hard - it's impossible to really tell how many there might be so it's going to be total guess work. If you have access to coffee beans I counted out two hand fulls - that might help. Except I have small womens hands, and moobs (I put that in because @bluefinstudios finds it amusing)


To enter in this fun competition please do the following:-

1. Resteem this post

2. Leave a comment with your guess of the number of coffee beans in my dripper in the range 0 to 400.

3. You can guess more then one time, but in the event you guess more then one number in the winning range - you will only be counted as a single winning competior.

4. Look out for my post on Thursday 23rd August around this time for the winner announcement.

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Those are beautiful beans you have i would eat them


Thanks buddy for putting on this fun competetion.

I say


I guess around 82 coffee beans :D

bwahahha “small womens hands” i cant stop LOLng!! ahhahahha

excellent initiative u/v, resteemed!!

my guess: 169

My guess is 306.

Posted using Partiko Android

Moobs... who doesn't love moobs?

Also, do partial beans count as one? Should I count the pieces and try and average them into a whole??? So confusing!


you dont :p


correct... not a fan of Moobs.

I hope i'm not late but i'm going with 42 beans.

"Utilising 100% of my single brain cell thinking capacity I came up with this unique , and relatively simple game that anyone can enter and you could win upto 10 Steem!"

Hahahah.. That really made me laugh! Upvoted and resteemed!

Ahah, this is fun, and since I am knowing about this contest right now, I could read all the guesses and make up my mind, so here are my 10 guesses, my friend <3:

  1. 263
  2. 274
  3. 302
  4. 297
  5. 253
  6. 291
  7. 312
  8. 285
  9. 315
  10. 244

Cheers to all! This is really fun!


234 is my first guess @c0ff33a
I have some questions though:
What is the diameter across the top
and what is the height?
Thank you!

I don't know how much time you spent counting beans, but I do believe you will need more time counting the guesses 😀

I think the beans are 238.

My guess would be 247??

Alright! Good one.

This post was upvoted and resteemed by @thethreehugs. Thank you for your support of @thealliance

143 : )

my guess is 125 beans

268 could it be?
Hey you said how many entries we want so I will.. Lol


269, @saffisara is bad at math!


😜 I'm bad at math hu? Lucky me that I have a math genius friend then.... Lol


I'm guessing 186 beans!

Only you could make a bean counting competition so attractive! Awesome! Let me have a wild guess and say a random number: 113. Yes, 113 coffee beans!


Awsome challenge my friend, sorry you got bored counting them 😉 again... The thing you do for us 😂 hahaha
My guess is... 🤔 234

Hmmm nice game! I also try to employ 100% of my brain cells from time to time to come up with a competition idea but always fail. Haha.

Small women hands and moobs... 😆

My guess would have to be 185. 😉


My first guess is..... 283


Next guess is 213. And I upvoted before I even read the post, so there... ;)


Now that is 36 beans ;p


my guess is 233

234 beans


244 beans


255 beans

I will say 236! I am not that lucky but it will be fun to see the true count. Have a great night!

  ·  3년 전

Nice idea of the competition... Never expected this to be that simple... I will make a guess I think around 250 beans

Posted using Partiko Android

155 beans



Looks like I won a vote!


I say 280

howdy sir one has hands that small! but I will guess 279 coffee beans. this is a cool one thank you!

I just want to say those beans look hmm noooom. I grew up by a factory who used to grind coffee beans so that smell imprinted in my brain. I eat one or two also sometimes with my coffee if they are served out... no proper coffee is done in this house for a long time, sigh.
Not entering the competition because I am honest I never resteem unless it's related with the feed and been waiting FOREVER for steem to separate "shares" from "posts". Same with others when I go and visit their profiles, so I hate to sound diva-ish I resteem few times and skip contests if I have too... if not I'd give it a go, but upvoting anyway, cos IT'S COFFEE! AND some of my friends are here participating, and because of the memory smell you just made me remember.

246 is my guess.



I wish it was, that would have been considerably less boring to count!


one entry per person ?


No, as many as you like. I always wanted a post with 400 comments on it lol


^_^ as said on @snowpeas thread the I say 370


Good, But @snowpea said 342 and I said lower 😉


If I wanted to be a brat, I could just keep commenting every number between 101 and 342. 😂😂😂 BTW, ty so much for the delegation. Not sure if you saw my other comment to you but I wanted to let you know I undelegated 100SP elsewhere, so I'll be good again with my slider soon once it's back in my account. 😘



Oooh it's exciting this, like Play Your Cards Right


Higher @tygertyger and lower @snowpea


ok if we are allowed more than one @c0ff33a I say 370

· we get more than one? It could get narrowed down quickly that way lol! Ok, 278.


I did not say you could not have more then one guess - so it is a free for all. But - if one account has more then one winning guesses - they will only count as a single win to stop people spamming numbers.


Oh, I think I understand. This is a lot of fun! Great idea @c0ff33a! 😃

423 beans :) Resteemed


It's good, but a little high. I would try lower.

Nice. This is a very fitting contest for you.


I know, that's why the call me Mr Bean!



A little low but still a good answer.

231? I talked about fight club the beans too :P


This game was a really good idea until I started counting the beans out - sssssooo boring. And you can't cheat and like weigh ten beans and times it - because the beans are never excactly the same - different size, shape and even weight is different they loose different amounts of moisture when roasting.

Saw that we can make two guesses, so I'll also say 192!


The more the merrier! Thank you for your answers and good luck!

I upvoted your post because you told that I don't have to upvote this post.
Yeah If you didn't tell anything about upvote then I might skip upvoting although my voting worth is literally nothing at all.
My guess is 280.


Thank you very much, I have to admire you upvoted my post because I saw you didn't have to - because it's exactly what I would have done! You can guarantee when someone tells me not to do something I deliberately do it out of spite - although it's a bit awkward when you get to that yellow line you are not supposed to cross at the railway station - ruined a few pairs of shoes crossing that line I have.


that's a nice story of you about the yellow line on railway station.
and yeah, we are too curious that if we see a danger sign then we wish to know what could be the danger thing.

you haven't tell anything about my guess, I've the upper side and multiple it to 4x times on a guess. then added some extra bean.

I'm excited about the real amount whether i should go lower or higher.

295 is my guess


It's a touch high but good luck

My guess would be 232. I actually counted the top to see and then went from there. I could be far from the estimated guess. @paintingangels is really good at this guessing game :)


Wonderful, do you think @paintingangels might sing the answer for me ;-)


Maybe :P that would be cool.

Got a question, if I guess another number, does that void the last number I guessed?


Good question - it's my competition and I didn't state how many answers you can give so if you wish to guess again you can - if any answer is close enough it will win - but only one correct answer per account - so if anyone guesses two or three times within the range it only counts as one entry from them.


Sounds good to me. I am still thinking about it. My math is all screwy now that your glass is a coned chape. There is a math equation that can be used for the normal jars but this makes it more difficult. Everything it to be taken into consideration. Type of coffee will tell what size of bean, circumference of the glass, how many layers in the glass, but since its coffee, it goes in all which ways so can't count layers. You have made that quite difficult. Good job :D


I will use a different container for the next one - but it's really is so very boring counting the beans out. I really had intended to fill that dripper - but once I had filled it the pictured quarter way - and it gets wider so holds even more - I decided no way I spending all night counting beans!


HAHA, and if you are anything like me, since having kids, I would get lost in my counting after so many. 52, 53, 54, 55, 54, wait was that 55 or 54? Gahd start over :p





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Ok, since I can take as many guesses as I want; I guess it is somewhere between 2 and a billion.


Posted using Partiko Android




A good answer, but a little low to be correct.


What about 255 of them? :)

Good day! My guess is 228.


I got distracted and read your post with your wonderful boy in - so grown up for 7 months he looks like a few years old toddler!. He's certainly got his mum's face and beautiful smile though :-)


Thanks for stopping by and I'm so proud with my little Clark growth and so happy about it, thanks for the appreciate also Sir. Its nice to have someone like you dropping by. Thanks again and God bless.


And oh, doh, of course i would upvote it! I always did (do?) whenever i spotted you 💓


Thank you very much for your answer, a slither low but ok.




Your fault

Imma flood this with numbers 🤣

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Second guess 285

Or mabye 195 👍

How about 312 😉

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187 I'm just guessing here.. Lol

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My guess is 290.

368 might be it?

Third guess 295

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