Get sponsored for Steem Basic Income, tell me about yourself

3년 전

Previously I offered to sponsor three people for Steem Basic Income (SBI) which you can read about it here.

Last time it was pretty open but unorganised, however this time I want to make clear my criteria, which I hadn't really thought about before.

Please tell me about yourself and what your interests are in blogging on Steemit, and why you're interested in SBI. I will pick the top 3 commenters I vibe with the most and send 1 STEEM to @steembasicincome on their behalf. That is to say, not the best or "most deserving", etc., but just my preference. I hope you find that to be fair, it's a gift after all.

I will close the offer at a certain point when there are enough submissions, and change this blog post title to start with "[closed]", like I did last time.

So tell me about yourself!

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I am from Venezuela, I am 50 years old, without a profession and without university studies that allow me to earn an income and have a better life. I earn my food making publications, stories, jokes, poems and reports here in steemit. I am currently suffering from a serious economic crisis, sometimes having to look for food in the trash in order to live. I have only 1 pair of shoes all broken and a pair of pants in very bad condition. I suffer from hypertension and diabetes, I am also asperger, so I have trouble communicating with people. my life is very difficult and through sbi I can achieve a better income with my work, I need to receive all possible help, hopefully some pious souls will offer me their hand.



Notice from poster

I didn't realise I couldn't edit the title after 7 days until now, so I left it too late to follow my own instructions. But I will just announce here in this message.

I have picked: @averageoutsider, @botefarm and @reinaldoverdu

Thanks everyone for writing messages to this, it's a nice way to get to know people too, I enjoyed reading. @goldenoakfarm I sent to you the last time, thanks for coming again but I wanted to give to some others. Nice to hear more about you too, even though that is quite sad that you both struggle with difficult illness. And there were other stories of hardship, I suppose all of us have our own difficulties, it's good to stick together.

Setting up giveaway of SBI like what you are doing is a great way to give back and help other members as well as having your own shares of SBI increases. I have only recently participated actively in SBI. It is a great way to have an upvote for our own article that we have put in effort. I believe with our share increases, it will help our article to get more attention since there is definitely going to be an upvote from SBI. I mainly write educational articles in steemit recently. I did organise two SBI giveaway too if you are interested to join. All the best in your journey here in steemit! Cheers!

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I love yltbisontest of yours, maybe because its simple and easy, not demanding, thanks for this opportunity .

My username is @botefarm, coined from my two name, am from Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa. I actually studied Physics in the University but not having a job I was introduced to Steemit by a friend especially when the farm failed and I needed money to get back.
I blog about life, the tag ratio shows that too, I also write a lot of stories and fiction all meant to drive home a lesson or a point.
I'll surely appreciate been sponsored for @steembasicincome share, it goes a long way, more than you can think.
It also encourages consistency in blogging because you'll know someone is out there to Upvote your post. Isn't that amazing?

I am a homesteader in New England with a small farm where we raise most of our own food. The reason we do this is because we both have chronic invisible illnesses and for me, the high quality of the food we raise is my sole treatment for the Lyme disease.

I do a lot of work on improving the nutrient density and balancing the soil to benefit the plants and animals here. But it also serves to improve the carbon retention of the soil and the soil health.

My main reason for blogging about what we do here on the homestead is to share information about growing food and nutrition, particularly in regards to improving health. This is a pay it forward.

In 2007 a kind person shared all her research on food and nutrition with me, and as a result of that, I have not used a wheelchair since 2008. She was the one that pushed me to try to raise our own food. So now I share what I’ve learned in hopes someone else can have a better life too.

The reason I selected Steemit for blogging was the possibility of making a little something to supplement the single disability income we run this farm on. So a little SBI would aid that. I intend to keep posting every day as I have since joining in early February 2018.

Congratulations on/for running your SteemBasicIncome contest; Lately, that has been my 'main' function here as well. I also like the criteria that you set (who you "vibe" with the most) because I understand how difficult it is to try and pick 'the best' or 'most deserving'.

When we come right down to the nitty-gritty of it all, it's hard to escape from our 'own' preferences, and nothing wrong with that either.

As for 'me', I'm just some old guy here, passing some time writing and encouraging 'others' to write as well. Sharing my success on steemit with others (especially new people) and perhaps those who have been overlooked for whatever reason, is a big part of my mission right now. I've been doing it with contests like you; sponsoring people who I vibed with too. Even though I look for quality, 'heart' is very important to me as well in picking who I sponsor.

That's about it. It's like Popeye used to say, "I am'z what I am'z, and dat'z all dat I am'z"

Have a happy day.




Thank you @fourth ... I feel honored. Hope you're having a good day.


You're very welcome.