Contribute at least $5 to the crowdfund, nominate a project supported by Utopian to win $70 worth in perks and win 20 STEEM for yourself

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If you've missed it, @utopian-io is currently running a fundraiser on Indiegogo. Utopian is an amazing initiative that allows developers, translators, bug hunters, tutorial writers and everyone with a passion for Open Source, to get some financial compensation for their work on open source software projects.

From my other account, @mattockfs, I've been on the receiving end of this amazing service when developing the Python asyncsteem library that I'm currently rewriting into a next gen asynchronous JSON-RPC library that supports STEEM, called txjsonrpcqueue, and when writing a series of tutorials about asynchronic programming in Python. While, as I'm spreading my time between my creative account @pibara and my tech account @mattockfs, I'm not one of the biggest content contributors, Utopian has played a big role in motivating me to work on my asynchronous Python work, and now that @utopian-io is running a fundraiser in order to help Utopian take the next step in its existence, expanding beyond just the bare technical, partially into the creative domain where the rest of my interests lay, but then of course limited to the open source domain, making a little contribution seemed like the right thing to do. To my surprise though, I was only number 17 contributing. Utopian is doing so much for the community and is a valuable part of the Steem ecosystem. We should be able to do better than just few contributions.

In an attempt to get more people to at least make a modest contribution to the fundraiser and maybe help make this fundraiser a success, I decided to pay forward the perks my $70 contribution entitles me to, and add in a modest sum in STEEM, and run a little nomination competition. The perks of my contribution are as follows:

  • Instant username reservation
  • Exclusive updates
  • Project early registration
  • Exclusive Dreamers Badge
  • Project spotlight 7 days

This is not the prize YOU can win in this competition, this is the prize you can nominate your favorite Utopian project for. The price you can win yourself, if your nomination turns out to be the winner is 20 STEEM plus whatever the liquid author reward for this post ends up being.

So what do you need to do to compete in this competition.

  • Respond to this post with a statement that either you already contributed to the fundraiser, or that you pledge to contribute at least $5,- to the fundraiser.
  • Name and link to the open source project with existing Utopian contributions that you would like to nominate.

An example nomination comment might read something like this:

I pledge to contribute $10 to the Utopian fundraiser. I nominate the LightSteem project by @emrebeyler.

That's it. Don't nominate me or my projects please. Nominating your own project is allowed, but if you end up winning, you will only win the Utopian perks while the STEEM/SBD part of the prize will go to the next runner-up.

I will pick the winner based on multiple metrics, some of which possibly subjective, but here are a few objective measuring factors that I will use to weigh in:

  • Multiple nominations for the same project.
  • Newer or generally less known projects that need the exposure more.
  • Existing Utopian contributions in multiple categories.
  • Recent commits to version control.
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I'm in!

I nominate the BEEM project from @holger80!

Awesome that @steemgigs has got a few votes as I would have likely nominated that seeing as that's what I have been working on recently, but to keep things interesting (and I helped the mocks too ;)) I nominate FPL+ by @amosbastian :D

I nominate Steemgigs, just because it has a lot of potential, but isn't that well known.
@surpassinggoogle is the owner I think :)


An incredibly worthy nomination!


Congrats on winning this competition with your nomination together with @bozz. Please note, if you want to use your winnings to further aid Utopian Colony, you may want to check out the Fundition version of their fundraiser. Kind regards.


Thank you for the amazing prize! I will be supporting Utopian for sure in the upcoming weeks!

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Am I correct in assuming you are this Daan?


Yes, correct :) Here's some additional proof:

I pledge to contribute $10 to the fundraising campaign or more but I need to fix the credit card issue first because of where I am located. I want to nominate the new project as it has a lot of potential but needing some boost as it is at its initial stage right now. Thank you.

I am nominating Steemhunt.

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Great. @jayplayco is the prime contact for that project, right? Don't forget to pledge (or state you already made) a contribution of $5 or more to the Utopian fundraiser.

I would like to nominate @steemj, a Steem Wrapper for Java, made by @dez1337 and updated a while ago by @muksihs, I donated 35$. :3 I hope someone will keep updating it for the future, since this Java wrapper comes very handy for many things...^^


Any idea about the circumstances why @muksihs apparently stopped making pull requests to @dez1337?


Time constraints, work, life, etc.


Really no idea... =(

I have contributed $10 and I nominate


I'd also like to throw my vote in for Steemgigs. It could be a great way for people to market and "sell" their skills.


Congrats on winning this competition with your nomination together with @daan. Please note, if you want to use your winnings to further aid Utopian Colony, you may want to check out the Fundition version of their fundraiser. Kind regards.

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