Art Prompt Writing Contest #13

3년 전


The 13th writing prompt art contest closed several days ago and yesterday we announced that @nubellorona was the winner with the following photograph.

We could imagine lots of different stories based on this image.

  • Writers are tasked with using the above photograph as a story prompt from which they will write an original piece of fiction.
  • Entrants will post the photograph on their stories, attributing it to @nubellorona.
  • The length should be between 500 and 1500 words - give or take.
  • Authors should post their entry on their own blog and then link to their post in the replies below.
  • One entry per user only.
  • Use the tag #twbwritingcontest
  • This contest will run for two weeks, ending at 23:59 on August 13th.
  • The overall winner will receive 20 Steem, second place will get 10 Steem and third will be sent 5 Steem.
Huge thanks once again to @curie for donating towards the prize fund. This has allowed us to increase the prizes for the next few months.  
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I’m so excited! What a great image!


This comment was made from

What a wonderful, cozy photo! 😊

Oh I like this I still have time to think

Hi! While I'm not too sure why I'm not able to see the photos that you've mentioned above. I've tried reloading the page a couple of times but to no avail... This is what is shown for me


Sorry, no idea why.This is the image.



Thank you!


You may not see them if you are logged into a business computer. They are sometimes blocked by a firewall or VPN.


I'm on my personal computer, I'm still not sure why I'm not able to see them though.

I love this contest as I am planning on going professional as a Writer
See my entry here:

Would it be odd to make it 'to be continued'? Or are you looking for a fully completed story?


A fully completed story is always best, as story arc is one of the basis on which the entries are judged. :-)


Alright, thank you for that!

A really great contest. Am really glad am developing my writing skills. Here is my submission post

I wanted my image to win, but I love this one.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate. Here is the link to my entry:

Thank you for hosting this wonderful contest, @thewritersblock! Here is my story:

Not sure if you received my entry from yesterday. I placed it under another post.