Five facts everyone should know about anonymous:

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  1. Anonymous is not an organization:

    Anonymous has no leader because of which their logo is a man without head. Here is no any legitimate code of conduct or infrastructure.

  2. Anyone can join Anonymous:

    If anyone hav a desire to join anonymous, there is no restriction or gatekeepers to stop. But anyone is really thinking of doing this, AnonInsiders recommends that you first consider joining activism groups that operate within the confines of the law instead. If you still want to continue your journey with Anonymous, the website lays out how to encrypt your computer for maximum privacy and how to contact them using an alias over encrypted Internet relay chats (IRCs).

  3. Only few of them have hacking skills:

    Because of this reason only some of them are elite hackers.So why do they have many members? The reason is they need every computer they can get to perform a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.

  4. How participation in Anonymous works?

    Once you’ve built your online alias and made some friends in the secure IRC, the next step is to find a cause that you support. If, for instance, you wanted to take part in their operation against Scientology, you would find the IRC channel dedicated to that operation and pledge your support in the chat room.
    The software that they use to launch their DDoS attacks is called a “low-orbit ion cannon” (LOIC). This software allows your computer to deliver large-scale hits to any website.

  5. Anonymous is a saviour:

    After the Paris terrorist attacks, Anonymous declared war on ISIS. They claim to have shut down over 20,000 Twitter accounts belonging to ISIS recruiters, they also
    once hacked Visa and Mastercard, they blocked payment and fundings because they didnt wanted one of wiki sites to take out names of corrupt politicians.

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