Five Ways To Secure Social Media Accounts

3년 전

Attackers love getting into social media. It's a huge access to new pools, credentials, and exploitation opportunities. The social media giants have great security teams, but there's still no guarantee your account is ever safe. Here's some tips to keep your account safe:

  1. Use complex passwords and passphrases
  2. Frequently change your passwords
  3. Use the multi-factor authentication method
  4. Limit access
  5. Regularly audit your social media accounts

You can check out detailed explanations HERE

All of these tips should definitely be applied to Steemit as well. With an account like Steemit, it's extremely important to maintain control of your account and password due to the value associated with it.

Make sure everyone's staying safe! Keep credentials and accounts guarded closely!

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Great advice here for sure


thanks bro to inform us


Trying to keep all safe! :)


One of the coolest aspects of the Steem blockchain that isn’t talked about a lot is it’s built in features that help facilitate privacy and security such as auto generation of ridiculously long passwords as well as how there’s so many types of passwords you can use without putting your account in jeopardy.


Yea but then the only problem with that is password management since no one writes it down. You either save your PW in your browser (dangerous), or you store it in a .txt file (also dangerous). Who honestly wants to remember their pw here and type it out each time. Overall though, yes....the passwords are EXTREMELY secure.