Ditch Synthetic Food & Watch yourSELF get well

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This is as clear as it gets.

Not much is going to change HEALTH wise in your state of WELL-BEING until You stop consuming synthetic foods and switch to FRESH, WHOLE, CLEAN produce that come from the Earth, not a factory.

In 1974 food has become an official secret weapon against humanity.
"Who controls the food supply controls the people," said Henry Kissinger in a big gathering of those who hold the power.
Synthetic chemical bombs called modern food flooded the world and, to everyone's sheer delight, became readily available everywhere at a reasonable price.
Nicely wrapped and labelled with pictures of real fresh food and false promises of HEALTH, VITAMINS, MINERALS, FIBER, etc, it tricked innocent human beings into thinking that this is what FOOD is supposed to be/look/taste like.

Quality of food began to be measured in "Fast & Cheap, Easy & Convenient" rather then "Healthy& Fresh, Whole & Nourishing." Synthetic/chemicalized food damage human DNA, dumb down the brain cells and lowers vibration of LIFE in whoever consumes it... but no one paid attention or cared about that, and many people ended up "sick, fat & nearly dead."
Overweight human bodies with weak immunity, every known allergic reaction, elevated fever, and bloated unnaturally protruding tummies, foggy scattered minds and low energy levels became a norm. Treating them with more synthetic drugs is also normal, but that is another story for another time.


People forgot how magnificent they are designed to feel.
Food Industry has been committing the biggest crime against humanity and getting away with it. If Food Industry had an honest add, it would say something like - "Proudly poisoning innocent humanity since beginning of time. "
And You, my friend, for as long as You keep consuming it's UFOs (Unidentified Food Objects), regardless how HEALTHY or VEGAN they claim to be - You will remain stuck in the matrix's claws, vibrationally limited and unable to break free..
There are many people who are under this spell, serving the machine, buying it's yummy stuff, all zombied out, addicted to their favorite treats, completely unaware of the bigger picture or deeper insight.

It helps to know - synthetic food is made to be addictive, many people struggle to get off it far more then to stop smoking or drinking.
Knowing that many people already broke FREE from this food addiction and happily exist on clean, whole fresh foods must be empowering and inspiring.

Take Your Power Back.

Most people seem to be on a see-food diet - they eat everything they see available. It is not their fault, the system needs to survive and stay in the business of profiting on expense of trusting human beings.
Becoming aware and accepting the facts for what they are is a great step to take your power back to your SELF.

Once You wake yourself up, You become acutely aware that there is a hidden price tag hanging off every fake morsel, off every pretty-looking chemical bomb created by the system to feed itself, not You and your loved ones.

What to do?
Start thinking differently.
Start asking Questions such as:

How good is this food I am buying for my cells?

Who made this food that I am buying?
What is the intention behind it? Is it for pure profit at any price OR is it to improve my state of WELL-BEING?

How Vibrationally clean is the food that I am about to have? How many chemicals or how much violence were used to grow & produce it?

On a scale of 1 to 10 how connected this food is to the Earth, to Nature, to HARMONY?

Where and when did it grow, if at all?
Don[t forget to check the expiration date and remind yourself that the longer the shelf life of a product - the shorter is your own life.

Why ask such questions?
Because whoever makes your food, my friend,... basically has You by the balls.

~ extract from Breathe & Evolve

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