You are born to BE FREE

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You are not going to find it on line, my love.... that thing that You are looking for, You will not find it here.
You have to investigate other vibrational places, like Nature, like Silence, like SELF.

You cannot find it on the news or on YouTube, You cannot Google it either. No one can give it to You, no matter how much they tell You about it or how eloquently they are describing it.

It is the FEELING of CONNECTION, it is the experience of INNER HARMONY that You are after,
And that does not come from anything outside of You...

You don't have to fly to an ashram in India either, You don't have to sit at the feet of any guru. You don't have to hear the experiences of it that others had, unless You find it inspiring and elevating.
None of your external maneuvers can bring You that feeling..... it must be created inside first.

It is time that You know -

Whatever is outside of You, even though it is very convincing & entertaining, has nothing to do with the cosmic fabric of your inside. It is THAT which You are longing to know about, and often don't even realize it.

In fact, the outer reality is projected into You by the Higher You so the human You learn her/his lessons.
What are the lessons? You know the eternity stuff - to be FREE from anything irrelevant to the SOUL, to master your personal energy that You call SELF, to be independent sovereign BEING.. ......that kinda lessons.

You can FEEL CONNECTED and FREE...... no matter what is happening on the outside.
All You need to do is to realize it and to desire it with every fiber of your being.
The power of your INTENTION together with Quantum Field/God/Infinite Intelligence/whatever You like calling it, will do the rest.

It is the TRUTH that survived millions of You-s out there.
It is the TRUTH that is the greatest secret of it all.
It is the only TRUTH that You need to know.

You hold the secret KEY in YOU, it is located somewhere between your old beliefs and unhealed wounds.... berried underneath the programming.
You can find it.
You will find it if that is something You are looking for.

Follow your BREATH.
Spread your spiritual WINGS.
Fly above the worldly noise.
Feel it
Be it.

YOU are born to be FREE.
~ extract from Breathe & Evolve.
Life From a Cosmic Point of View.

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