You are FREE

10개월 전


You are not stuck on some slave planet.
And You are not a slave.

This is a stunning luminous planet that is going through a shift. She is a living breathing being who simply had enough.

You are free to feel like a victim.
You are as free to receive an invitation (!) to WAKE yourself up & to EXPAND as consciousness that You forgot You are.

You might feel small & dis-empowered, scared & confused, and that is OK. You are human.
You do not have to get stuck in this frequency for too long though.
You can Learn from it. Squeeze the juice of cosmic wisdom out of it. ....and move on.
You are free to choose.

You have the power to choose how to experience yourself through anything, You already made some conscious choices.
You can choose how you wish to experience your SELF through the most astonishing paradigm shift You will ever know.

The system, the heartless machine running this planet is of low consciousness. It does not have a SOUL.

Like any other low vibrational energy
the machine knows no feelings. It strives to survive & it is not capable of caring about who's & what expense it happens.

The very same soulless way the system does not care about you&me or our kids or the future of this planet. It is a corrupt entity that held humanity enslaved for far too long - it forced wars & unspeakable cruelty, it normalized the outrageous injustice & heartless rules.
It invented vaccinations & soul-dimming drugs, it poisoned the food. & water on this planet, it brainwashed everyone it could & killed those who had the spiritual stamina to stand against it. It mocks anyone who dare to stand against it. No wonder You are afraid.

It keeps torturing sentient living beings and keeps forcing it's heartless rules upon innocent human beings.
It turned good people into good slaves who do not know how to think for themselves or how to stand up for their basic human rights or the future of their children.
All by using fear.

You do not have to put up with it just because everyone else does.
You can choose to cut your cord off.
You can FREE your mind from the programming.
If that is what You choose - that is what You get.

You have a choice to claim your sovereignty, to step into your INNER POWER, to stand up for your SELF & for this planet.

~ extract from BREATHE & EVOLVE
( Life From a Cosmic Point of View)

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