Leader For The CONservatives

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Excellent video, to be honest, about the last one, I didn’t even bother to watch the leadership coverage. I knew my favourites wouldn’t win and that if I just checked in eventually Twitter would tell me who won – which it did. I would have, like you, supported Sloan 1st and Lewis 2nd.

I didn’t like O’Toole or Mackay personally they just seem to much like what they’ve already got and the CPC needs to be torn down to the foundations and rebuilt. I think even the limp left conservatives are happy to see Scheer go though. They are starting to realize that Trudeau is in power because the CPC did not choose a strong leader and it has cost us all.

We’re up over 45 cucumbers now from the garden, I’ve lost count, pumpkins, beets, carrots, tomatoes are on the way. The bugs really took a chunk out of the bean plants but we’ve had a decent handful of yellow beans already. I agree with the others, your/wife’s videos and words were the inspiration for me to really start and maintain a garden this year. We’re already planning next years’

I’m still very disappointed with where things are at with the PPC. They asked me to consider running again should there be a flash election, I’ve declined. I believe there are reasons for that beyond just my personal health right now. Running as an independent crossed my mind too, but for now I’m pursuing other projects.

Have a good one.

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