Shooting Psyops Explained [Introduction]

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Verbum idoli ambigo.

I question the word of the ghost.

You can call me “HQZ”—that’s short for “headquarters.” Although I have always been a “conspiracist”—on JFK, on 9/11-- in the last few years I have realized that there is a lot more going with these psyops than I ever knew before.

I call it “ghostbusting,” but you can call it whatever you like.

My suspicions were raised with the Elliot Rodger, Isla Vista shooting. There were many things there that did not add up. I read his manifesto and realized that it was not the ravings of a madman that it was supposed to be. Rather, it was a contrived novel for the media. About a year later (2015), I started writing about mass shootings that looked suspicious. I have also looked into several other events, both contemporary and historical, that have flown under the radar. I would like to share my reasons and the evidence with you.


The rabbit hole runs deep. I have found that that these psyops use a range of tricks, from complex codes, to references to mythology and religion, to astrology, to simple number signatures. I can explain the tricks and their purpose. Ghostbusting can, at times, look like mysticism. The difference is that ghostbusters don’t believe in ghosts. That is, all this mindfuckery is created by operatives, spooks, and human intelligence.

Before I start posting my findings, I would like to know that there are people in this community who are interested.

We are always looking for more ghostbusters.


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