SPE: The DC Snipers, part 3 [Like a Duck in a Noose, cont.]

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Like a Duck in a Noose
In our last installment, we showed how the pattern of the DC snipers shootings resembled the constellation Draco, and we showed how their enigmatic phrase, “like a duck in a noose,” is a reference to the constellation. A male duck is a “drake.” “Drake” also means “dragon.” “Draco,” the constellation, means “drake”/ “dragon.” The constellation itself is in the shape of a noose. The shootings also formed a very similar shape.

You can read that installment here: https://steemit.com/conspiracy/@hqz/spe-the-dc-snipers-part-2-like-a-duck-in-a-noose

We suggested in that installment that this was a spooky signature—the kind of thing that indicates an intelligence psyop.

In this installment, I am going to show you how this spooky theme around the constellation Draco is further confirmed in the details of the event.

We were concentrating on how on October 3, 2002, the DC snipers shot 4 people in 4 different locations in 77 minutes. This means that they only had about 25 minutes between shootings [this is a minor correction from what I wrote before] to set up the next shot. You can read about the general difficulties surrounding the shootings in the previous installments.

The second victim on October 3 was a cab driver named Premkumar Walekar. He was the 4th victim overall of 14 different shooting events that the DC snipers were responsible for. 10 were killed, 3 were injured. 1 shot missed.

Here is how Wikipedia describes it:

• At 8:12 a.m., 54-year-old part-time taxi driver Premkumar Walekar was killed in Aspen Hill in Montgomery County, while pumping gasoline into his taxi at a Mobil station at Aspen Hill Road and Connecticut Avenue.

It turns out the details of this shooting confirm the Draco signature.

My eye was first drawn to this particular shooting because “Walekar” is an Indian name that means “messenger.” As you might know from previous installments, I have pointed out that the Roman god Mercury is an important touchstone for the spooks. Mercury is the messenger god.

The fact the he was also the 4th victim is important in this regard. 4 was the number for Mercury worship in Roman culture.

However, the key points here are about the name itself. I noticed that in the middle of the name, “Premkumar Walekar,” is the word “Kuma”: Prem_kuma_r Walekar

Kuma is a star in the constellation Draco. And here’s the crazy thing. Let’s go back to the graphic to see where the Premkumar Walekar was killed:

Now, let’s look at the location of Kuma in Draco:

Both the shooting and the star Kuma are in the “loop” area of each respective pattern.

Now, at the very least, this is an interesting coincidence, but the spooky resonance runs even deeper.

Let’s go back to the name:


We have noted “Kuma,” so let’s remove that from the name. This leaves us with:


In studying shooting psyops, we have noticed that the spooks like to use anagrams, and, at times, they add one layer of complexity in that some letters need to be added on a letter-number chart to get the missing letter or two in the anagram. Using this method, the rest of the name above cleanly resolves to:


There is another star in Draco named “Arrakis” or “Alrakis,” and this anagram seems to reflect the combination of the small differences between the name. Now, here’s the location of Arrakis/Alrakis in Draco:

It is the star circled on the lower left just under Kuma. Comparing with the pattern of the shootings, I would say that this even more matches the respective location.

I have one final point about this aspect of the DC sniper event. So far we have shown how the snipers’ phrase that they used with the police—“like a duck in a noose”—seems to refer to the similarity of the map of the shootings with the shape of the constellation Draco. Using some relatively simple codebreaking methods, we have seen how the name of the 4th victim, Premkumar Walekar, seems to suggest two adjacent stars in Draco, Kuma and Arrakis/Alrakis.

Now, here’s my final point. These two stars give us two points through which we could draw a line across the night sky.

[By the way I am using the sky charts at http://www.heavens-above.com/ to make this graphic.]

On the right, we have the constellation Draco, and the two stars that we got from the victim’s name. I have connected the stars with a straight line and have extended it toward the ecliptic (the purple curve).

You’ll notice that the major constellation that the line runs through is Pegasus. In fact, our line intersects with a major star in Pegasus (Algenib).

Why is Pegasus significant?

Well, let’s go back to the details of the event. As mentioned in the Wikipedia excerpt, Walekar was killed at a Mobil gas station. What does the Mobil logo feature?


In researching the DC snipers, I have found similar types of references in the other victims’ names and details which point to Draco and a cosmic orientation of the sky. What does it all mean? Well, at the very least, it is a message from the spooks:

¬We were here.

In the next installment, we are going to move on to the film Blue Caprice which is a retelling and repackaging of the DC snipers event. We are going to look at how the film tells you about this Draco business and adds another set of codes that show you how to interpret another aspect of the original event.

As you can see, the film put Malvo in this “White Magic” shirt for several scenes. This is one of the clues that the film is aware of the spooky games that are played in these psyops, games that employ “magic” and mysticism. We’ll start here next time.

Until then…


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