SPE: The DC Snipers, part 5 [Codebreaking the Plates]

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The DC Snipers, in particular Lee Boyd Malvo, shot their victims from a hole above New Jersey license plate that read NDA-21Z.
It turns out that this is a code and another spooky signature of the psyop event.

In the previous installments, I pointed out some red flags in this event and showed why it is a psyop. We solved the cryptic message—“like a duck in a noose”—that the snipers gave to the police on the day that they were captured.

In the last installment, we began discussing the film that came out about the event, Blue Caprice. I showed how the filmmakers—through “white magic”--confirm our reading of the event and how they were repackaging the psyop. In this installment, I am going to show that the filmmakers are telling us about how the license plate is a psyop signature—how Lee Boyd Malvo’s name and the license plate are the same according to the cipher that they create in the film.

You can read the previous installments here: https://steemit.com/@hqz

See, in the film, they pay a lot of attention to the license plate. It is a different number, and they show that the plates change several times. But, this is key: they don’t make the plate changes part of the plot. It just happens, and it would be easy to miss if you are not paying attention.

This is the New Jersey plate that is used through most of the film. It is fine that they are not using the same plate number. (It is just a movie, after all.) However, they change the plate twice with no explanation on the level of the plot:

Different plates.

I can explain the meanings of these different plate numbers, but the main point is that the film wants us to pay attention to the plates. As we have already pointed out, the film is telling us about the spooky signatures in the event.

The license plate of the actual event is NDA-21Z.
The main plate used in the film is YYX-59T.

The plate in the film is a cipher that shows how the plate in the actual event is a version of the name Lee Boyd Malvo.

I’ll show you how I got there.

A Primer

In order to follow what I am doing here, we should point out a basic code/cipher. One of the oldest codes is the “Caesar code” in ancient Rome. What it involved was shifting numbers/letters on a basic chart:

Basically, if you wanted to encode a message, you would just shift the letters a certain number of positions. If I wanted to say “ATTACK NOW,” I would shift up like three positions:


This would be our encoded message. All someone has to do is shift down 3 letters.

In my study of psyop events, I have found that while the encoding gets a little complicated, it is all variations of this Caesar cipher.

It is a variation of this Caesar cipher that the film teaches us about and shows us another spooky signature in the event itself.

The Shot

So, I was clued into to pay attention to the license plate because of a peculiar shot in the film. There is a moment where the film puts Malvo out by some dumpsters:

I noticed how the dumpster had a freshly painted “NDA.” Since I was familiar with the case I knew that the license plate in the shooting started with “NDA.” I found this to be an interesting coincidence since the film was using a different license plate number, despite the fact of the license plate number being such a big deal in the event itself (the car was never identified until the end of the event after several weeks, they shot from a hole right above the license plate).

This made me pay particular attention to the next shot, which features Malvo and series of letters/numbers:

This shot alone explains a cipher that is reconfirmed by the plate that is used in the film and explains the plate of the DC Snipers psyop—how we are supposed to understand the plate as a psyop signature.


I call this cipher “LIC-X,” or the license plate design. The still above gives us two rules of decoding. The bottom row is the easiest. It is just telling us about addition. 1+5=6. It is telling us about adding letters on a letter/number chart. The top row adds a twist to that. If we follow the logic of the bottom row, then D+A=R. However, it doesn’t. Using a letter/number chart, D+A should equal E. But, this is where referring to the chart is useful.

You’ll notice that D(4) + A(1) = E (5). However, you might notice this, too. E is right above the expected R. This is our second rule.
That is, the bottom of the still above is just telling us about addition (1+5=6). When applied to the top row it adds the rule that we need to shift top/bottom rows on the letter/number chart. D+A=E, E=R. Therefore, D+A=R:

  1. Addition of adjacent letters.
  2. Take the letter right above/below on the chart.

This is the meaning of the cipher. It is reconfirmed in many ways throughout the film, and I would be happy to show more evidence for anyone interested. The point is, though, that the plate in the film confirms this methodology and shows us how to solve the plate of the event as a version of Lee Boyd Malvo.


Again, the plate in the film is YYX-59T. This is another instance of our cipher. You’ll note that Y+Y=X on our chart (for numbers bigger than 26/Z we just start back over at 1). That is, Y=25. 25+25 is 50. If we shift 50 positions on our chart (starting back with A/1 for 27) then we get X.

The first part of the plate confirms the adding of letters in our cipher. Y+Y=X.

The second part of the plate confirms the second rule of the cipher!

“59T.” What is 59 on the letter number chart? It is “G.” When you take a look at the chart, you can see that “G” is right above “T.” This is the second rule that we found for the cipher.

So, the license plate in the film confirms our methodology.


This is the actual license plate number from the DC snipers’ car. The film taught us a cipher, and now we are going to see how it applies to the event itself.

We have two rules:

  1. Addition of adjacent letters.
  2. Take the letter right above/below on the chart.

In order to make everything consistent, let’s convert NDA-21Z to all letters. 21=U.


Now, let’s apply our cipher to the shooter:




Now that looks like a lot of nonsense. However, I note that we have most of the letters of the plate


We can even convert the U back to 21 just to see.


We are missing an “N.” And we are left with quite a long string of letters: WTDPDAX.

Well, guess what ghostbusters? What do you think you get when you add that string of remaining letters?

W + T + D + P + D + A + X

There is only one possibility here. One chance to confirm the whole exercise that was taught to us by the film.

And, yes, it equals “N.”


He was shooting from a plate that is derived from his name the whole time.

Like a duck in a noose.

Case closed.

Here at HQZ, we have ghostbusted dozens of shooting psyops. We have a lot more written on this case but think it is time to move on. We would happily answer any questions about our methodology or provide further evidence.

Until next time…


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