british humour in masonic fakenews. the OAP vs Burglar Hither Green Hoax

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A British pensioner defended himself from a burglar that broke into his house. During the confrontation the pensioner supposedly took the knife away from the burglar and killed him.
The Pensioner was initially arrested, which caused outrage among the public.
It forced the Justice Secretary to come out and clarify policy in regards of right of self defence within one's own home.
Then when the pensioner was finally released he found a memorial honouring the burglar infront of his house and a lot of chaotic scenes, which made him leave.
And there's been 2 factions fighting over the memorial ever since: those who stand with the pensioner and his right to self defense, and those who stand in sympathy with the family of the dead burgler.
Hegelian Dialectic and some entertainmant for the british public.


image source: Daily Mail

  • The Pensioner is balancing 2 pints of beer just as the symbol of Justice is the balancing of 2 scales.
    Typical british humour to signal to those in the know that the justice system is currently skewed towards one side and needs re-balancing.

  • The builders on the scene are the usual reference to Masonry.
    Freemasonry originates from the Stonemasons. Just like the stonemasons were the builders and architects of Cathedrals, the Freemasons act as the builders and architects of Society (I would argue they are destroyers more than builders but anyhow...)



With this media story they probably wanted to put some pressure on the Government and Justice System to shift the policies more in favour of the homeowners, who we can all agree are the real victims in any burglary.
As you probably are aware in recent years it's been pretty much the opposite, with burglers and their families even awarded compensations whenever any homeowner fought back. Homeowners never know where they stand, and sometimes are scared to defend themselves in case the burglar then sues them for assault or violating their human rights. And it's happened several times that the courts ruled in favour of the burglars!

I usually focus on the negative stuff the masons get up to, but looks like this particular hoax had mainly a positive objective to try and fix some of those injustices , and bring back asome common sense within the justice system.

However the family of the burglar is presented as a gypsy family, reinforcing the stereotype "gypsies = burglars". So they took also this occasion to stoke some division in society...especially towards a group whose lifestyle does not quite fit into the New World Order.
Note that british gypsies-also known as Travelers- are nowhere near as bad as Roma Gypsies, I personally never had a problem with them.

Ridiculous Crisis Actor

How can people not see this dude is acting for the cameras is beyond me. Ok he put in a lot of effort but he's still an obvious faker and a fraud. He did make me chuckle a few times though, I must admit.

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Great analysis and fascinating yet disturbing as always. Keep up the great work! -Dan

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