slipped under the radar: "Parkland shooting survivor also survived 9/11". And the real truth about 9/11....

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Isabelle Robinson, Parkland shooting "survivor", was also the child in the famous picture found among the rubble of the World Trade Center on 9/11.
Her mother is Jennifer Rothschild !!! (let that sink in...)
We are told they survived together the 9/11 terror attacks.

In the video dedicated to the 9/11 picture they mention how Isabelle now studies as a singer and actress. (at 7:40)

However her acting during the Parkland shooting hoax let her down: while she was doing reasonably well through most of the interview she messed towards the end by breaking into that duping delight grin:!/v/fakenewsreport/x9fxc17x
This mistake probably cost her the limelight. While David Hogg and the other "survivors" were catapulted to stardom on National TV, she was left out. I don't think they've even let her talk at the #marchforourlives charade in Washington.

Anyhow she was featured in a few media stories about her being a survivor of 2 separate terror attacks, which of course is statistically almost impossible. The odds would be astronomical. Yet the Media flaunts this story as something believable, to mock the masses.

After all It's not the first time we hear tales from the Media of survivors of multiple terror attacks:

We are told Mason Wells survived 3 terror attacks

Same for Julia Monaco, who reportedly survived 3 terror attacks in 3 months. Beyond impossible!

Something tells me there will be another chance for Isabelle Robinson to shine, and her Rothschild family will hope she doesn't fuck up next time.

9/11 was an Hoax

I've come to the conclusion even 9/11 was an hoax.
Just controlled demolitions/explosions, CGI planes, government workers, crisis actors and hollywood make up artists. The same crap we're seeing today but on a bigger scale and budget.

I've not seen 1 single genuinely injured or maimed person in any of the videos:
horror movie fake blood, no real wounds, some theatrics and a bunch of lying scumbags throwing masonic handsigns. There's nothing genuine about any of this:

The only impressive thing was how they faked the people jumping from the building, but for example the famous picture and video of the falling man was staged/faked and all about the occult .

Looking back most of the "911 truth movement" was controlled opposition to keep us locked in the deception Matrix.

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Will we ever live to know the full truth about this tragedy?