Adrenochrome the imaginary substance conspiracy nuts are afraid of

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I keep hearing idiot conspiracy theorists claiming "the elite" are killing children to harvest Adrenochrome.

Retarded memes like this

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There were studies involving mental patients in the 50s that supposedly caused them to freak out. It doesn't get normal people high or make them crazy. It doesn't cause schizophrenia, that was something Hunter S Thompson had heard in the 70s when he wrote Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, he had never done it either. It was all made up, and the movie exaggerated it even more. Hunter S Thompson is trolling morons from beyond the grave. That's about the level of a quality source from the tinfoil crowd today though.

"The controversy that these reports created just sort of died away, and the adrenochrome family has never been accepted as being psychedelic" - Alexander Shulgin

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That guy ^^^^ knew more than every single source you are going to use combined. If he says it is not active, it isn't, discussion over. There are numerous people who saw the movie and ordered it and tried it and felt nothing. Google "Adrenochrome trip reports". The stuff doesn't work, it isn't active. Every quote you can find on it being a psychoactive substance is from the 1950s.

I know conspiracy nuts aren't real good at thinking for themselves, but why kill children and rip it out of their brains when you buy it with your Visa card?

I understand retards who believe in pizzagate are not swayed by "facts" but if you think Hillary is eating baby brains to get high you should kill yourself to prevent your fucking stupid genes from spreading.

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Harsh, but I am rejoicing the fact that steem hasn't been consumed by "truthers" it's a ripe atmosphere for them to fester here..

If Shulgin says It's so that's all I need to know...

Thank you for not littering the blockchain with insanity..

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Steem is over run with truthers bro, they got kicked off other social media sites and people screaming "no censorship" attracted them like shit moths to a shit flame


Lol, Jim Lehey reference.. The lizard people from hollow earth are gonna call the annunaki on us and force us to inhale "chemtrails" from Alex Jones anus..

I love how dealing with those nutters always ends in I'm brainwashed...

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Should come over to my side and play with the anti-vaxxers brains. They are here, on Steemit, in full force. It's like the animals running from a forest fire.

Fight the insane inaccuracies and shitposts! They have an army of content spinners. Actually complimented one on the amount of bullshit he was able to put out. I was flabbergasted and my brain hurt after reading the rhetoric.

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