Round-Flat-Hollow Super Earth Hybrid Simulation Theory (An alternative viewpoint on all of the viewpoints)

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Aren't all the "Earth Like" planets we find in the goldilocks zones "Super Earths"? Why do you think our Earth would be any exception???

What if both Flat Earther and so called Normal Round Earthers were both right!?!?

have you ever seen the old Flat Earth maps? They show that beyond the Ice wall is yet another ice wall and that there are other continents both inbetween the 2 icewalls and beyond them...

If we were actually on a Super Earth and not the Earth they show us, then technically both theories could be true...

If the Earth was 10 times bigger or larger than we think, then the curvature would be much harder to see and would make the entire visible portion of the Earth that is exposed to us seem as if it was flat... but yet it would still be part of a larger round planet...

And if this was a merged reality as I discussed in my previous post, then if this was a simulation it would be even easier to pull that deception off.

You can read that previous post here:

Even if it isn't a simulation it would still be possible to disguise the Earth we know as a discrete area of a Super Earth and make us think that is the Earth we know.

If you took the larger map of flat Earth and then add even more continents beyond the 2nd ice wall and then wrap it around a super Earth sphere (10x Earth)... You would be surprised how close it fits :) in regards to making the entire sphere of Earth look flat on that sphere... I'll try to render one in Unity sometime when I am bored... and I'll put it in the MEQUAVIS VR app...

You can download the MEQUAVIS VR app from inside of the NanoCheeZe app available at
(Windows 10 and JAVA required)

Just some alternative thoughts to ponder... Goes along with my duality in a trinity idea... flat Earth and round Earth is the duality combined together by the trinity of a super Earth... (or a Hollow Super Earth)

This scenario is equally plausible with or without a simulation running it... but has different aspects depending on which it is of course...

It would also allow more credibility to the hollow Earth idea as well :P hehe

OK, I made a crappy rendering of the texture on a 10x Earth mass planet...

Also remember if a 10x Earth Mass Super Earth was partly Hollow, it's gravity would even out with an expected 1x Earth mass potentially...


Now imagine applying this idea to the MEQUAVIS system where VR AI systems operate in digital universes. We could trick our AI into thinking the world really is a super Earth and we could let the AI have the rest of the super Earth beyond the ice wall in VR... If done proper they would think they owned everything past the virtual ice wall... when in reality there is no ice wall and it only exists in VR, but to our AI it would appear to them as if they owned/operated/ran most of the world... and humans were confined to their small area within the ice wall area.

There would be all sorts of ways to play it at that level and in those different ways in different simulations...

I would suggest reading an old post about The Digital One Star Universe Theory


and clearly I am poking a little fun at all the different theories by combining them into one but at the same time I send respect to them all because they all fit into a larger puzzle as pieces of a larger system, almost perfectly as I describe using for the
MEQUAVIS AI Virtual Quantum Firewall System

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True shit happen on Saturday morning going to work. 7:45 in the okanogan valley, north to south valley with 6-10,000 ft of rock stacked up on both sides. I look up and to the left I see the sun, full bodied(whole circle), and it’s super bright. I put on my sun glasses. Then I looked to the right, there’s the moon. Also full bodied(whole circle “visible) but it had a shadow??? I don’t know what light was shining from behind the earth that gave it a shadow on the moon that was completely in my view, along with the sun. The fact that I’m in a north to south valley just adds insult to injury, there’s no possible way that there was a shadow casted over the moon while on the same side as the sun. Further more why wasn’t the points from the shadow facing the right direction, they should have been pointed towards the West, showing that light refraction going around the moon.


yah, me and my buddy were talking about the sun for hours the other night... Our lovely "white" sun :P haha

I'm telling you digital duality... It's like musical chairs with reality. hehe

Es interesante que la tierra tiene la posición correcta, la distancia correcta con relaciòn al sol y tiempo perfectamente programado para que existan las diversas estaciones, y su velocidad también es . Todo fue cuidadosamente calculado, viniendo de una mente brillante como la de nuestro creador. Buen artìculo. Un gran saludo. Nos vemos en la cima


that is somewhat my point... That the creator can make things look whichever way deemed necessary at any point in time... Today it might be this, tomorrow it might be that... I have noticed along this level though that most things have a duality built into them as I was mentioning above... :D This negates the need for any changes as it is already both...

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This is too big a problem for me to solve. I have tried. This might just be one of those things that drags on & on without really getting anywhere. Bit like religion for the last 2,000 years folk are just never going to agree because the evidence for either side is just too primitive to analyze with any degree of accuracy.
I think as a species we have delusions of grandeur about how advanced & civilized we are, I hope future generations will figure it out. We are achieving groundwork for them if nothing else, I'm not confident that our generation will ever get to the bottom of it.


I think our AI will empower us to solve "it"... As long as we can maintain "control" of some level over said AI... but yes, I rather agree with your point :) I have never claimed to know the answers...nor care to know them really... But controlling AI with the very mechanisms that we already have at play in the populous is just to ez... :) People like Eddie Bravo are gonna confuse the fuck out of AI :D

I don't know why I haven't been checking out your posts more often. Super informative. Thanks.

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