Tack on to Mathis der Spuk: Background information, and Miles le Grenouille


I have recently done an essay intended as an exposure of Miles Mathis. This will be a follow-up to that essay, specifically regarding Miles's genealogy and blood. Not so much regarding his demoralisation tactics, but more of a fun thing now. I'll be far more relaxed in general for this little extension.

First of all, Miles has already covered his genealogy before, however it doesn't go long, and has hinted to his racial makeup. Both in his "What can I do?" paper, where he says he has both German and jewish blood, and in his response to an imposter of Kevin. I'm going to focus on the latter while taking hints from the former, seeing as he very well may be part-jewish and/or German, but the conclusion I actually came to is more surprising. To add, I will cover his paternal genealogy, more so than his maternal, where his maybe jewish grandfather Moses Mordechai Williams comes to play. His son is Roland Williams, who is the grandfather of Miles.

So, Miles William Mathis. First of all this seems like a pretty fictitious name. Who is called "Miles Mathis"? As I say in my title, these are the same initials for "master mason" and is a huge nod to spookery. But whatever. His parents have the last name "Williams" but not Mathis (Roland Williams, Moses Mordechai Williams etc.), but otherwise where even does Mathis come from? Do they just refer to him as Miles Mathis instead of Miles Williams as a nod to "master mason", or it could've been just for symmetry without them knowing anything about the prominence of MM? Seeing as he comes from a not-so rich family in Amarillo, things are really confusing here. I suppose Mathis was always part of the family name here, so his grandfather's full name would've been "Roland Williams Mathis".

So, let's get right into his genealogy. Mathis is both a French and German surname, of course coming from the Biblical Hebrew name Mattathias (not the variant Matthew, though both are variants of Matityahu). Both the French and the Germans settled Texas, the former tried to colonise Texas but later died doing so, and the survivors incorporated into the Spanish colony of Texas (which I assume still would've had a lot of French settlers), whereas German settlers arrived later when the land was a part of the United States. Miles has his own paper on how the German settlers of central Texas were also crypto-jewish (is this perhaps what he meant when he said he had both German and jewish blood?), though doesn't really use good evidence. No real jewish names, just German names shared by notorious jews. However, there is one interesting figure among them, Gustav Theissen, who Mathis says is actually a Thyssen, who were related to John Kerry, in turn related to several aristocratic names such as the Roosevelts (Rosenfelds), Fischers, Kohns (oy vey), Winthrops, Paines, Palmers, Coffins, bla bla bla you get the point. However, he also says they're related to the Lalondes of France. So these crypto-jewish German settlements in Texas had French ties themselves. In-fact, I'm going to say that Miles Mathis is actually mainly of French descent, which explains his deep ties to the French culture (not just because he went there several times).

Let's go to Forebears.io for a moment:
Mathis as a surname is far more prevalent in France and Francophone countries (Canada, Morocco) than it is in Germany and Austria, and even then much of that could be French people in Germany. Of course however, it's most common in the USA. The House of Names records just as much French Mathis settlers in the USA than it does apparent German, and more notable French Mathises than German Mathises overall. If we analyse the names here:
Ann Mathis, Jean Mathis, Madeleine Mathis, against Hans Jacob Mathis, Cathrine Mathis, and Christian Mathis. John C. Mathis might be an English exception, considering John is the Anglophone equivalent to French Jean and German Hans.

The Mathises seem to be French Burgundian in origin going by House of Names. The earliest Mathis recorded is actually called Mathieu de Vendôme, the Abbot of St. Denis who ruled France as regent while Louis IX was on a crusade. Keep in mind, Mathis wrote about the crusades, conveniently calling himself "Miles Mathis the Bold" after Phillip III the Bold. Is it no coincidence then that not once does he mention his probable ancestor, despite him being chosen to rule France while Louis IX was gone, which he wrote about otherwise? And going into SurnameDB, I found something that is guaranteed to flip some tables here. It's said that the surname Mattis (Mathieu etc.) actually originated from crusaders and specifically Templar knights returning from the crusades, not from the church in their homelands, giving them a Biblical surname.

"This famous surname is recorded in over two hundred and fifty different spellings ranging from Mathieu, Mattis, Mattis, Matisse, Matteus, and others of France to Mathew, Matthes, Mathie and Mathias of England and Macieiczyk of Poland. From medieval times it has been recorded in every part of Christendom. Its popularity throughout Europe first as a baptismal name and then later as a surname dates from the 11th century when Crusaders, otherwise known as the Knight Templar, returning from one of their many expeditions to the Holy Land, gave it to their sons in commemoration of the fathers (unsuccessful) attempt to free Palestine from the Muslims."

Not all crusaders were Templars however, but this seems to be a reasonable origin for its rise as a name, among the crusaders. Do note, that the Templars were almost completely Frenchies themselves. Here we see variants of the surname all over western Europe, as we heard that it was spread as far east as Poland with Macieiczyk.

"Early examples of the surname recordings include Heinrich Matthaus of Uberlingen, Germany, in 1382, John Mathows of Whitby, England, in 1395, the patronymic Hugh Mathewman in the Poll Tax rolls of England in 1379, and a similar Clewi Mathis of Freiburg, Germany, in the year 1475"

So anyways, Mathis likely originated as Mathieu, and later shifted to the more Greek sounding Mathis along with other similar variations such as Mattis. Instead of being both a French and German name, it likely originated in France, and was later brought to Germany.

The next clues are in Mathis's phenotype.

Come on, this look is clearly central French more so than it is German of any kind, though you might be wary of a jewish element in there. Brown, curly but not completely curly brown hair, and typical Celtic facial features. Far more Gallic or even British than German.

So all things considered, it looks far more likely that Miles W. Mathis's prime ancestry is French, not German, give or take jewish blood. This explains a lot of things, including his attitude towards French history in his historical fake events papers, and French culture in general. So what does this mean in the grand scheme of things? Well, not much had Mathis's demoralisation tactics not convinced me to make the last one. I have said that Mathis has "utter irrelevancy in the grand scheme of things", since I was specifically trying to combat his rise among many people trying to escape the circus we live in right now, but remember, though Mathis may think he's a lot tougher than he actually is, him spreading disinformation does affect any attempt to salvage a piece of land in this time of chaos, just in more of a domino effect. This whole idea that the spooks are "collectivist authoritarians" that rule everything and keep us brainwashed, subconsciously going down an infinite rabbithole while not stopping to think not why they fake these events (not so much stuff like the space launches which are intended to bog people down into modern cosmology, with the supposed people calling it out either acting deliberately stupid or not questioning said cosmology to begin with), but why they reveal certain events are faked. Eventually these terrorists (yes, by the real definition of terrorism, people that rule by terror, thus any agent of our governments today, overt or covert, willing or unwilling) might as well start orchestrating real attacks that will end up in mass-slaughter after all these obvious fake events. Take from this what you will, but one thing: If we want any chance of avoiding the system, we have to abandon libertinism and this childish anarchal mentality.

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