Conspiracy people aren't universally evil.

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I'd actually argue that skeptical, conspiratorial mentality isn't a universal evil.

And ultimately I think that such impulses are not undesirable across the board.

Some of the most celebrated people in history were conspiratorial lunatics. Some of the people we most admire got it wrong 99 times but SUPER right on that 100th try. The 99 missteps weren't as detrimental as 100 was advantageous to us all. And misstep 76 might have been a REALLY bad call, except it became worse when we blew it up disproportionately.
You don't want a drooling, uncritical population any more than I do.

I'm not saying I revere conspiracy folks. I'm just acknowledging that they serve a critical function despite their irrationality.

The guy who first promoted germ theory and hand washing got fired from his job and discredited by his peers. Shutting down flat earthers is great but, in so doing, you also lose hand washers, if that makes sense.

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