UFO Sightings-What if the UFO's Are Actually Real

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If i talk about this universe, it is very vast. So vast, that our small brains can't even think of it all.

We are yet to find a solitary cosmic neighbor, through that has not been a lack of searching. For many years we have been searching for that solitary cosmic neighbor's presence, but so far, there is nothing but silence.

However, a strange phenomenon has been going on for more than 50 years and it's that of the UFO's. A UFO is any unidentified flying object, it could be anything, but we humans call it as Aliens aircraft.

If you search on the internet there uave been many reports of these UFO's sightings and many people swear that they have jad contact with the aliens.
But there is no solid proof has been found till now.

They Might Be Seeing Us


If we accept for sometime that these aliens are visiting us in their spacecrafts. What would be the reason for that? If they are not marking their presence what's the point?

If the want to hide their presence, this makes it clear that they might be observing us.

Is Government hiding their Presence?


There is a possibility that aliens are actually in the contact with different governments and the sapce research team, but the government officials hiding the whole thing with is.

But this is not a small secret to hide for so long. Information has a tendency to spread out because if humans are involved in this, there is bound to be a lapse in security.

Some claims that the government fear the it might case panic in the world if they disclose this truth. That might be the reason, they are not sharing with us.


If it's true would the ever disclose this? We have seen the aliens in many Hollywood movies and are very much exposed to this idea. So i don't think this will cause any panic and fear among us.

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they are not. they are all demons. this, right here, is the great deception from the bible. you are being primed for the false flag project blue beam fake alien invasion / one world religion coming .. My guess is by Sept 23. You would be wise to research more. All the top UFO researchers have concluded space aliens are fake, but interdimensional (demons) are real. Go. Look Sichin is bullshit. He's Illuminati.