Revisiting groundzero 911, how many buildings did really collapse? funny how far away wtc 7 is :D

2개월 전

It's really nice to see the location of wtc 7, so far away... 6, and 5 standing, but behind... hehehehehe.

for a high definition click here

So thanks to @nutritree and @mepatriot to have updated me !

so what is the correct answer... it appears

wtc 1
wtc 2
wtc 3
wtc 4
wtc 7

= 5 ? or add +1 wtc 6 with his crater?

Btw who still has the dust? what's really in it with modern sensors?

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Hey @mes,
maybe we have someone else who managed to get out of the massmedia magic spell? 🙄



@sweecee check out my Part 14 video to see what happened to building 7, it got turned to dust: