What defines a miracle? two: What defines being happy?

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I start writing this long but short story, which will be given in parts .. Doing two questions? first: what defines a miracle? two:
Who defines being happy? ... Many will say to be rich, to be with the person or persons loved, to be free emotionally and economically, to be successful in everything, to be loved by all. In order so many answers, and the truth is that for my in particular there is no answer .. I have spent my life since I was a child looking for answers and grateful too. .if since I was a little girl, I was born in a small town in the state of Tachira Venezuela ... without many life opportunities since before birth ... first because after eight months of embarrassment my mother fell down a small cliff, a little bleeding and step, then, I could not be born because I had the umbilical cord in my neck, because they forced me to be born purple due to the lack of oxygen, and because of old beliefs they beat me to cry and breathe, after two years I fell and hit my head in the back of the brain, I died, literally, they prepared everything to bury me, my parents for whatever reasons, did not bother much to take me to the doctor or the clinic, or call the nurse. ... they just prepared for my wake ... suddenly wake up. After five hours dead according to them, I did not have any kind of breathing and my small body was cold ... miracle, destiny or desire to fulfill a goal or obejtivo in this planet, I continued living. . that loqura, good spent the time between the lack of money and other things, because at four years I detect a solitary or Taenia solium .. this is the most beautiful parasite in the world and eat your nutrients ... and can live In your belly. Until I killed you. In the end I know that you were expelled. They took me to the doctor almost died, but I'm still here. ..And i ask myself? miracle, desire to live, goals to fulfill, maybe awaken from the consciousness .. that I'm on track nothing happens by chance does not exist. , then I keep telling you ..
Thank you, Steeit, I love this medium because it allows you to expres venezuela mariposas.jpg

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I feel like ammmm.......
Where I can't express it but there's an answer to both.

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