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Have you stopped writing a story!

Or as a matter of fact, what keeps you going and motivated? This question is not only directed towards professional in the field because writing like other form of art is a skill that is indulged by many ; some out of frustration, others out of boredom, while only the few people take it as an object of interest. Whichever way we see it, manuscripts of writing kept over the years has helped us reconcile with our past, forge new inventions and increase knowledge. In a day, there is atleast few moment when we would rather scribble something down so that we do not forget, could be an idea that crossed our mind or something we learned over the radio. This unconscious act is an innate ability which we all possess and if properly developed could earn us a career or yet another source of income from our regular job.

One of the few online platform where the users can earn while writing either as a side hustle or a hobby is Catered Content; In this article I will tell you a little about them.

CateredContent in a nutshell


I found out about this platform late last year; few months after they launched there first event. One of the few things that kept me interested is that they maintain a time frame window which event is expected to run and prizes distributed trustlessly once event is concluded. I find this even more interesting because prizes are distributed in cryptocurrency (mostly steem) so which means that joining this platform can translate into big future gains as well.

Taking a Closer look

Apart from the monetary gains, I feel there are lots of lessons to draw from using an open platform like Catered Content; some of which are

  • Opportunity to mingle with like minds
  • A place to grow your innate writing skills and build your online portfolio
  • The right place to do research on a subject of interest such as cryptocurrency, exchange and blockchain technology.

Ranking Algorithm

However, the team realise there is room for more growth, therefore they are reshaping users experience on the platform with the late introduction of a ranking algorithm; based on users activity level.

Prize Distribution

This is done within few days once event is concluded. This is still based on the quality of the content for now so new users still have time to join the platform and win big.

Signing Up

Getting started on CateredContent is easy!

Step 1 >>> Sign-up
Step 2>>> Edit your profile and add an Ethereum address
Step 3 >>> Pick an event and submit your entry
Step 4 >>> Once the event is done, your prize will arrive in your address!

Events Catalog


Catered Content have hosted more than 10 events so far and currently have 3 running presently. The response have varied but there have being good response on few occasions; one that comes to mind is the very first event, OnePageX, where more than 125 users! submitted a link or more.

So any writer can partake in any of the running events.


CateredContent is a platform that allows users to earn money by writing about cool projects! CateredContent partners with companies to launch writing events & contests where users can participate to earn.

download (8).jpeg

As of now, CateredContent mostly works with blockchain companies, and rewards are distributed in the form of tokens from the contest topic company!

Visit this links for more details

CateredContent Website
CateredContent Reddit
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CateredContent Website

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