Gary Vee's Guide to Create 64 Pieces of Content In a Day

8개월 전

On this 44th Birthday this year, Gary Vaynerchuck, the star marketer, investor, influencer, motivational speaker, social media celebrity, author (the list will go on...) decided to gift his audience a valuable guide, which took him over 100 hours to finish. He lists down how to create 64 pieces of content in a day in his EBook and guess what, he made the $1000 ebook available for you all, at free of cost. Amazing, right?

Here's what he wrote in his blog,

"I hope you find this new 270-page deck below massively valuable, and I’m extremely proud that it’s free. Happy birthday to you, from me, on my birthday "

Here's me wishing Gary Vee on my Instagram Profile:

[Download] How to Create 64 Pieces of Content In a Day

In order to use the eBook, you can scroll through the basic hacks created by Gary Vee in his article. The 11 hacks listed by Gary Vaynerchuck on his website are as follows:

  1. Screenshot your tweets and turn them into Instagram posts (pg 20)
  2. Download your TikTok clips and post them on Instagram stories (pg 239)
  3. Take pictures with partners, customers, or clients and add long copy for context. Post on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and/or Twitter (pg 126)
  4. Crosspost your Instagram stories to Facebook stories and Snapchat (pg 177)
  5. Create lightweight memes with the Preview App or Microsoft Paint (pg 41)
  6. Post image of your thoughts by taking a screenshot of your message on any notepad app (pg 65)
  7. Screenshot your Twitter interactions, and post on Instagram stories (pg 177)
  8. Use polls on Facebook and Instagram for market research (pg 226)
  9. Screenshot your best posts on social and share them as a carousel on Instagram and LinkedIn (pg 55)
  10. Convert your best tweets into “quote graphic” images (pg 167)
  11. Add your two cents to trending news in your field (pg 196)

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