How Long Do You Have to Wait to See ROI from Content Marketing Efforts?


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As a society, we have definitely become more impatient as the world around us speeds up. We can get an answer to pretty much every question we have immediately at our fingertips by tapping a few keys on our phone. We can get most items delivered the next day if not the same day. Entire meals can be cooked in 10 minutes, and the news is barely a minute old before we see it online. It’s understandable why small business marketers get impatient when it comes to seeing ROI from content marketing efforts compared to other marketing such as paid ads, but it really IS worth the wait! Let’s dive deeper into how long you must wait to see ROI from content marketing.

What is considered content marketing?

Content marketing is creating and sharing online material, such as videos, blogs, educational articles, eBooks, and social media posts, ideally targeted to a specific audience online. The key to successful content marketing is creating valuable, relevant content to attract, acquire, and engage your audience. Providing helpful and entertaining content can form a strong bond between your brand and customers that continues to grow and strengthen over time. Savvy marketers for businesses large and small know that content marketing can be one of the most valuable types of marketing a company can do. Here’s why:

-96% of the most successful content marketers say that content marketing has helped them build credibility and trust with their audience.
-95% of the B2B service and product buyers admit that they view content as a trustworthy marker when evaluating a business.
-Content marketing 62% less than traditional marketing programs and generates 3x the leads.


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