HARMONY “A sharding-based blockchain that is fully scalable, provably secure, and energy efficient”


What is Harmony?
It is about a decentralized blockchain that seeks to improve the failures presented by the existing block chains, being among the most important the problems over time that peer to peer transactions take, which results in improving the scalability of the chain of blocks The technology implemented by Harmony is based on a linear chain, which corresponds to a greater number of transactions per second and a fragmentation system.
What makes Harmony different?
The infrastructure presented by Harmony is based on algorithms that present convenience to the user, and Harmony can quickly propagate blocks within fragments or across the network through the Adaptive Dispersion Algorithm.
Harmony is an innovative technology which has very attractive features such as the following:
Fully scalable: Harmony, in compliance with the fragmentation technology, not only applies what has been said to the validation of the transactions or the communication network, but also the state of the blockchain, making it fully scalable and thus solving one of the problems which controls most virtual currencies.
Secure Sharding: Sharding creates a broader security for users as well as a lot of efficiency in their operations, because this chain fragmented into nodes and does not allow malicious entities to enter.

Why is Harmony so safe and efficient?
Security in a blockchain system is essential, for all users it is absolutely necessary to have a safe and efficient system that manages to comply with their transactions giving them the necessary peace of mind when they make use of such a system. That is why Harmony offers a platform that meets the expectations of efficiency and safety expected by users, with a technology based on sharding creates an efficient linear chain environment and with a system of block chains and consensus that provides the Security necessary for transactions.
Continuing, Harmony is an innovative and decentralized blockchain that has the peculiarity of using the sharding system in its infrastructure in order to improve all the scalability failures that are present in the blockchain. Through the Sharding system, Harmony intends to cover a greater number of transactions per second without the blockchain becoming saturated in these processes. In this way, Harmony is the perfect solution since it is a fully scalable blockchain, as it is also demonstrably safe and very capable of supporting the emerging decentralized economy, becoming a high-performance and low-consumption network.

Adaptive-Thresholded PoS:
In the blockchain the voting price is algorithmically set to be small enough and thus prevent malicious users from concentrating their voting power in a single shard. In that sense, Harmony Blockchain adapts a PoS-based model with the intention of guaranteeing security to all its users and not being affected by other malicious users who want to abuse their voting actions in a single shard.

Consistent Cross-Shard Transactions: ​
Harmony Blockchain allows cross transactions of shards with other shards through direct communication. On the other hand, Harmony intends to use an atomic locking mechanism in order to ensure that cross-shard transactions are performed correctly.

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