XAYA: The Blockchain Gaming Revolution

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For many developers, financial constraint is a major reason why their ideas never see the light of day. This robs them of monetizing their ideas, while gamers are robbed of innovative solutions that improve on past solutions.


XAYA is a decentralised platform that ensures that developers and gamers can do what they do best. Developers do not need to worry about additional issues such as servers to host their games, nor how to get their games to the market.
Gamers on the other hand can have fun in an environment that ensures they are treated fairly, and they can earn virtual assets which can be converted to real value, and used however they deem fit.
All these will be achieved via a single platform that will provide truly multiplayer Decentralized Autonomous Universes (DAU’s). it will also ensure safe trading and sharing.

For XAYA, this is not uncharted waters, due to the fact that they have a great deal of experience in game development on the blockchain. In 2013, Huntercoin was released without much fanfare. Within a few months, it achieved a market capitalization of $1m and hit $6.3m in 2017.
Significant experience was also gained as a result of their other creation, Namecoin. This is essential, because it ensures that the team already understands the industry and the magnitude of the task at hand. Having worked with gamers already ensures that they have a better understanding of what users want and how to retain them. This is key to growth.

XAYA has a focus on both the gaming and cryptocurrency industry.
As at 2017, it was estimated that the gaming industry was worth $108.9m per year, also with a 2016-2020 forecast of 6.2% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) or 7.8% YoY in 2017.
Mobile gaming accounted for $35.3mand a 22% YoY.

Subscription based games and freemium games attract millions of users, and in the case of freemium, these games are monetized via adverts and paid features. World of Warcraft for instance, had about 12 million subscribers sometime in 2011. Gaming is also growing in some markets, and building solutions that fit into the traditions and likes of these regions opens up new doors.


In same 2017, crypto capitalization was at $350B. the growth of cryptos over the years has been phenomenal, howbeit it hasn’t been issues free.
More industries are looking to have a facet of blockchain technology built into their solutions. When demand for cryptos increases, so does its value.
XAYA being a blockchain based gaming platform, cryptocurrency and trading platform for virtual items ensures that when demand for its token increases, so will its value. This could happen sooner rather than later, due to the fact that XAYA is cost effective and shortens the development timeline.
Monopoly of the market, and access to resources to create incredible games is a problem faced by many aspiring and young developers. XAYA ensures that worrying about uptime, servers and getting games created are no longer a headache.
Developers can make use of tools provided by XAYA to create amazing games in shorter time, and also create their own tokens to be use in-game. XAYA also anticipates problems related to scaling up.

Gamers want richer gaming experiences, and seek games that will blow their minds. Being able to get rewarded via virtual items for levels and tasks completed gets gamers hooked, and knowing this can also be traded for real world value is mind-blowing. As the platform grows and evolves, it will be necessary to ensure provably fair gameplay and item acquisition which is not taken into cognizance by many; XAYA is prepared.


In addition to features already mentioned, some other benefits stakeholders stand to gain are listed below.

  • Security of virtual assets.
  • Platform reliability
  • Easy trade and sharing of virtual assets.
  • Secure social networking
  • Appealing and simple game launcher.
  • Human readable accounts and addresses


  • Access to new and existing markets
  • Cryptocurrency having a high value.
  • Creation of new gaming genres.


  • Full, partial or non-decentralized game development.
  • Support for highly scalable multiplayer game development.
  • Broad game engine compatibility
  • Pre-built libraries.
  • Creation of virtual assets and currencies
  • Easy payments acceptance.
    ATOMIC TRANSACTIONS:Ensures that trustless trading of game items, and game currencies in game is possible.

GAMING CHANNELS: An extension of payment channels on Bitcoin which can be used for game moves among multiple players off the blockchain. In so doing, it aids in scaling up.

EPHEMERAL TIMESTAMPS:This ensures that funds cannot be lost. It assists with respect to reoccurring payments.

image (5).png

XAYA will make use of game accounts and also tradable in-game assets. Ownership of virtual items is tracked securely. For a transaction to be successful, both parties need to sign. This is to prevent a situation where one party is at a loss.
All games on XAYA will be based on the global game state, and on the blockchain, this state can be manipulated by any user, when a transaction is initiated. Item ownership can also be represented directly in this game state.

Honest plays cannot lose money due to disputes.
Developers of sport related games such as Football (soccer) could harness the opportunity created by XAYA to provide games that meet the approval of gamers. Matchmaking can be done effectively on the blockchain, payments for more skilled players can be effected with developers own token, and features such as extension of game time can also be done, using the same token. Having pre-built libraries also ensures that development can be carried out much more effectively and efficiently. With the hundreds of millions of football loving enthusiasts, this could well be a great opportunity to such developers.

Other genres, such as strategy, card and board games can also be developed on the platform.
Monetization can be effected via reoccurring payments, one-off fees, in-app advertisement and also via percentages.
XAYA as a platform will be able to generate revenue via multiple streams, such as adverts, retail model, and game/in-game sales. It will also make use of micro-fees.


The reserve currency of the ecosystem is known as CHI, and to carry out any transaction, users will have to be in possession of it.
image (3).png

XAYA means a lot to the gaming industry, but to be summed up in one word; opportunity.
XAYA will ensure that small time players in the development sector will have an opportunity to have their voice heard and noticed. They will be given tools that will enable them succeed. Their success means that the industry will grow. Uptime is one of the problem gamers face, and not having adequate resources to meet the needs of gamers will ensure that they stay away. When gamers are treated fairly, they will be happy to keep on returning, and spending time and resources on the platform. They will also be more likely to refer friends and family, as opposed to if they feel treated unfairly. When gamers lose assets they have built over time in a second, this leads to angst, and will effectively ensure that they never return, if the wrong isn’t righted. Having top notch security is critical, to prevent a situation where users migrate to another platform, seeking solutions to their needs.

Being treated unfairly will lead to loss of revenue, seeing they will not return.

Partnerships with Treat Fighter and Soccer Manager ensures that hundreds of thousands of users are already available to make use of the platform. Developers will also benefit from this, seeing their games will be in the same ecosystem as these. Having such well established games will also make sure that more developers will be happy to bring their games to the platform, creating a winning situation for all parties involved.

XAYA will also ensure that VR related games will be catered for, and the firepower they need to be effective will no longer be an issue. As a result, they can focus on their primary objective.







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