Border wall.

26일 전

[Image courtesy of @xpilar]

Together we cross intricate paths, hiding among the trees

We went hungry days, cold nights, with weight on the shoulders and dreams in the mind

Courage kisses, fights for despair and love looks

Together we try to cross the border, looking for a better future

Sore feet, bleeding hands, eyes with tears and empty stomachs

Your hands full of dirt, my throat full of dust, you covered me with sand

You hid me, you asked me not to shout and fight because you love me

I saw how they took you, how behind the bars you looked where you know I was

Damn moment in which life separated us, now it's my turn to fight alone

I go through an arduous path, leaving a path of tears and pain

Thinking about what will happen to you, what torture you will live in

I want to scream, throw myself on the floor and cry, but I can't be obvious

For your sacrifice I must fight, My heart broken because you are far from me

I could cross the border, but alone and without strategies

My compass is you, how can I survive in another country alone, without you

Behind me is the black border wall, bars that separate nations

Walls of men who make it difficult for us to see the sea or the pyramids

A new roof shelters me, a new country faces me

Life wanted us to fight together, that your sacrifice was my impulse

Someday we will be together again and your hand will touch again

I'll change that last kiss that we took under the full moon as runaways

Because since I migrated, my body is here and my heart is with you.

- - - -

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Wow this is a great piece of writing. Truly moving! Resteemed


Thanks for reading and for your support!❤

Intense and touching.
Keep up the good work.


How good you liked me, Thanks for reading!

Hi @anasuleidy

thanks for a great story based on my digital photo


Thanks for reading and for the contest.

Nice and very moving poem!! Thank you for sharing


Thank you for reading me and for your constant support, great!