My heart in the trash. (competition 27)

2개월 전

[Image courtesy of @xpilar]

You threw my heart in the boat
You watered the pieces in the trash
You mixed my love with crap
And being by my side you discarded me

My heart smells like dung
My heart wasted in the trash
My heart split with your dealings
My heart wasted for you

Damn love you had me
That you only mistreated me
And that you filled me with tears
And you only used me.

My poor broken heart,
My heart watered in the boat of oblivion
My heart floating in the sea of ​​contempt
My heart broken for you

It's sad to see my heart in the trash
Discarded as unusable waste
My heart full of love mixed with metal
My heart in love forgotten in the sea.


With this publication I participate in competition 27 of @xpilar, do you want to join? Follow this link

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