View from my window. (competition 29)

2개월 전

[Image courtesy of @xpilar]

Another morning arrives, the view from my window reminds me that God is a magnificent artist

The sunlight gives me another moment of supreme beauty, the light penetrating the water filling with magical brightness

Every day the landscape is different despite having the same view, the artist every day changes some detail

Making my pupils impressed by their magical talent

Falling in love with the nuances of colors that dress the natural landscape, demonstrating the nobility that springs from the soul

How beautiful the mountains that clothe me, how beautiful the water path that evidence of constancy creates paths

How subtle the warm colors that cause so much peace and joy in my soul

This view from my window is worth more than any expensive work of art because the artist is God and is an exclusive work for me

Every day in the morning I open the window, breathe the fresh air, open my eyes and I fall in love with the view of the landscape shown in my window.


With this publication I participate in competition 29 of @xpilar, do you want to join? Follow this link

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