Wednesday - May – 2 – LTC/USD - Predict Your Price + Give Away Votes 2 x $1.5

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  • I would like to invite everyone who is new to Steemit, having basic knowledge about Crypto trading to participate this game. If you are Whales or Big Whales, more than welcome you to join in. We really appreciate your support!
  • The purpose of this game which will help the Minnow accounts and also help Steemit Community growth.
  • If you do not want to join in this game, please leave your upvote to support all players.


  • Leave a comment with your PREDICTING NUMBERS for CLOSED PRICE of TODAY at (24:00) (UTC) or 8 PM (EST) and you will have chance to get REWARD for the UPVOTE $1.5
  • 2 comments with the CLOSEST NUMBERS will get the REWARDS.
  • You lose nothing when playing this game.
  • You can check the closed price of daily candle at 2:00AM (UTC) or 10PM (EST) on:


  1. This contest is valid for the first 35 entries only. I’ll use “AGE” to sort those who comment early.
  2. Only 1 comment of predicting price numbers per STEEMIT ACCOUNT per DAY per TOPIC.
    (I recommend you to use 1 account only that would help other MINNOWS have chances to growth).
  3. Place your own predicting price numbers. Can be same numbers but the earlier will win.
  4. Any edited comments will not be counted, so not to edit it once it is placed.
  5. Here are some examples of predicting price you SHOULD leave with your comments:
    1. 135.78
    2. 91.10
    3. 39.04
      (Your number MUST have 2 decimals) (You can add some words on your comments to get rid of spam bots).
  • The NEW POST of the same TOPIC will be posted every day from 3:00AM-5AM (UTC) or 11:00PM-1:00AM (EST). The last comment MUST be before 14:00PM (UTC) or 10:00AM (EST). Any questions, you can reply to the post after that. I will answer ASAP.


  • The WINNERS will get the REWARD ($1.4-$1.6) in the same TOPIC posting on the following day.
  • I will post the @name and price in the next post on the following day.
  • The previous WINNERS will get the confirmation reply for his/her new predicting price + my UPVOTEs.
  • Don’t forget to Upvote, Resteem this post, you will get more $ with CURATION REWARDS from the post.
  • The more people come in, the more chances to get upvotes and follow.
  • I plan on raising my vote value over time.
  • The closed price of yesterday (Tuesday - May – 1 - 2018) at: 148.49
  • The list of yesterday (Tuesday - May – 1 - 2018):
  • Congratulations! Here are the previous winners; will get the Rewards today:
    @allwork (148.42) 1
    @eeeps.sh7 (148.91) 2
  • If you would like to participate other Predicting TOPICs, click here for more:

Good luck!
@angelinafx (Angelina)

please read the description.

(THE FIRST 35 ENTRIES ONLY) (I’ll use “age” to sort those who comment early)

REP required (25-55)

Any edited comments will not be counted, so not to edit it once it is placed.

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Congratulations! You are the winner of the previous contest!



Congratulations! You are the winner of the previous contest!


Thanks a lot


Np! good luck again! ;)


Maybe it will be 147.50

I think 153.03


*Am in lovely, so how serious is it?




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Hi, please help people still small, @fikar21 very little come on me for upvote, please help for many that come on @fikar21 thanks @angelinafx

plz help me

plz help me