6-Word Story Contest. Winners Announcement!

3년 전

Hiya! Results Time!

Well done to everyone that entered the 6-Word Story Contest. You really rocked the Creepy theme. Some bone-chillin' entries there for sure.

6wordstory cup.jpg

Onwards to the results...

The post pay-out was 4.983 SBD -- 1/3 of this is 1.66 SBD. This will be shared with runners-up.
6wordstory results may2018.jpg

I couldn't decide on an outright winner. They were all so good, that I decided to share 2/3 of the SBD pay-out between 4 winners.

So, the winners -- in no particular order -- are...

scary monkey.jpg

@jadams2k18, @rlt47, @poyim, @nathan-rokus

Congrats! You're a joint winner in the 6-word-story contest. Yay! You managed to creep me out most of all. You'll each receive 0.83 SBD

Here are the runners-up, receiving an equal share of the remaining 1/3 SBD...

@sunsethunter, @malloryblythe, @lunaticpandora, @javalord, @krishnakuya, @insideoutlet, @tonybless, @feebie.
You'll see me in your wallet shortly after I post this :D

There were two that didn't qualify due to image sourcing issues. Better luck next time.

Thank you for taking part and don't forget to keep your eyes open for the next 6-word-story contest! EVERYONE WINS!

If you'd like to see previous entries/winners, here's the post.

Love, @AnjKara xx

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Cool thank you! 😀 congratulations to the winners, all of the story’s were so cool and creepy:) looking forward to the next one :)


Thanks for playing, @sunsethunter.

Hope to see you soon :D


received. thanksru.PNG

Received. Thanks a lot


You're welcome. Thanks for playing :D

Always hard to pick winners when the quality starts getting better :)


Lol that's so true. Thanks for popping by. Much appreciated xx


Thank you, it was an interesting concept that was fun to play with, it wasn't as creepy as I would have liked as I lost the image I wanted but I hope to do better next time :)


You're welcome. Thanks for playing.

Hope to see you next time :D

Thank you! Congrats to all the winners.


You're welcome. Well played :D

Thank you

Congrats to the other winners!


You're welcome. Well played! :D

Thanks @anjkara! That was fun...

Congrats to everyone!


You're welcome. Well played :D

That was a fun contest! Great way for everyone to exercise their creative muscles.


Thanks Nathan. Well played :D

My first time to read this, Congrats to the winners!

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