Information Finding Championship round 12 round results.

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Hello there! Welcome to our digital castle.

Artwork credit - @yeszuzia on steemit and instagram

The results are in for another round!


apolymask - Voted for iexplore

rarebooksleuth - Voted for swolesome

charisma777 - Voted for amariespeaks

luckysteem - Voted for amariespeaks

addempsea - Voted for amariespeaks

Congrats @amariespeaks. I'll send the steem/sbd soon when I get a chance.
I'm a lil hesitant to say this and interject my own opinion here, but.. I'd like to say that I really think @iexplore deserved to win this round and had the best answer to what I was looking for, there were a few other ones too in regards to helping with the drinking water problem we face in the world, BUT.. I did mention in the rules of that round that it was not limited to just trying to solve the drinking water problem. That you could enter anything you wanted about the subject of water, whether it be poetry or a picture or whatever.. And This isn't just me voting.

As much as I would have liked iexplore's entry to have won and more attention to have gone towards the issue he brought up, that's not how this works. And even if I'm personally skeptical of the "effecting water with our thoughts" subject, enough of the other judges really liked it and that's the one that won.

The judges are made up of regular people just like the players.. So.. Sometimes there are going to be decisions I disagree with and I actually think that's a beautiful part of the game and one of the reasons it works so well, because it's not the Apolymask show, there's numerous other judges involved in the decisions and I would use this round as a reminder if you're unsure about entering a given round to maybe just give it a shot.. You never know, you may enter something the judges really vibe with and win!

Reasons the judges voted the way they did.

My reason.
While there were some other really great entries, and I think we may try to do some kind of special round or fundraising charity type of thing like a couple other people suggested anyways regardless, I still feel like this entry was the most important one.
Animal agriculture is a main cause if not the main cause of this water shortage problem in the first place and if people didn't use it so incredibly much we wouldn't have near as much of a problem of this, and ESPECIALLY in the long term in regards to our further survival as a very species on this planet.. We need to conserve first, not keep wasting while trying to make up for it with new technology, though we should keep pursuing new better technology as well! But first and foremost and something almost everyone can do unless you're totally plant based already is to reduce your animal product consumption.. You get my vote for this round! Great entry! And thank you for helping to bring more awareness to this issue.

I looked over all of the entries for round 12 and I keep coming back to this one, I feel if we were to change our own frequencies as a whole, a lot of the issues we see in this world would be non-existent. Plus there was some great information on water itself...Water is LIFE!

I voted for you for this round 12. I like your post and i'm very interested in this kind of topics.

This is a nice post, you should have used the steemstem tag. They upvote science post like this one. Im voting you for round 12.

Excellent post! I love the idea of pairing STEEM with an invention that could help protect our planet. Technologies co-evolving to help create a better world! Also your feedback system is beautifully simplistic. You've got my vote for Round 12!

ALSO.. I forgot to mention in the last update that @grizzman completed a side quest created by @charisma777 and earned an additional 3 XP, and that is now updated in our official numbers including the numbers from this round as well.

This is how our XP/Win list is looking now.


kryptocek 5-41-1
bashadow 3-24-0 1-14-0
auminda 1-09-0
swolesome 1-09-0
xomegax 1-08-0
amariespeaks 1-07-0
noisyboy 1-05-0
grizzman 0-05-0
deliberator 0-04-0 now a judge
sophiabydesign 0-02-0
lynncoyle1 0-01-0
nxtblg 0-01-0
yura81 0-01-0
mnallica 0-01-0
iexplore 0-01-0

Artwork credit - @yeszuzia on steemit and instagram

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@apolymask and all the judges - thanks so much for holding this contest and giving us a place to share all types of information!

I guess I'm regretting missing the entire water problem topic.. lol I was trying to come from a place of curious positivism around the mysteries of water as a molecule and I'm happy people at least read it and may think on it - whether they agree or disagree at least we're using our brains and thinking a bit outside the box.

With that said, I agree with you @apolymask - @iexplore brings up a major issue and not just as the water usage side. Animal agriculture and "feed" crops at a serious issue that are literally raping and murdering our beautiful planet.

I missed @iexplore's post and didn't even get a chance to vote it up and for that reason I'm going to transfer over the sbd from the winnings ! :-D!


First off Congrats on your round win @amariespeaks! Well deserved!! I am a huge believer in frequencies! Everything in the universe moves! And the possibility to match frequencies in order to manifest our own reality is a powerful force! I recently just had my first ever reiki session and we discussed frequencies and energies we all have and how we can harness each other to enhance our own "life force" and connect as one. It was an incredible experience and I highly recommend!

Now for a big THANK YOU! That is extremely kind of you to transfer the winnings when you truly do deserve it! It's an honor to receive! I will make sure I pay it forward! These types of moments are what makes the IFC one the best "contests" there is on steemit. We are competing against each other but @apolymask did you ever think it would lead to such a positive moment and such camaraderie? Image if our current world would have this much positivity that we feel in Cryptopia?


@iexplore you're so very welcome! Like I said to @apolymask your post brought up a dire issue that everyone should really see with wide open eyes. More people should know the weight of animal agriculture because the stats and costs are astronomical!
And imagine if everyone on planet earth was as supportive and generous as those of us in Cryptopia?! Thatd be amazing


That's awesome of you to try to show respect to iexplore in the way you did. I gained a new level of respect for you in the process. And I'm glad we have you as a player in the contest. :) Maybe instead of giving iexplore the whole thing, you could split it and give him half? Either way, I think that's awesome that you want to try to show such sentiments! You seem like a good soul. :) Thanks for being you! :D PS love Dr Who!


@apolymask I love dr who so much I will skip to that first LOL that show is epic!
But thanks for the kind words :) I'll gratefully take your respect in exchange for the winnings lol I sent them over - I kept the 0.5 STEEM and sent 1.3 sbd - it is an important topic and although I am honored to win a round I think the payout should go to @iexplore for bringing up such a desperate global issue.
Thanks again - I do this championship for the camaraderie and sharing of thoughts and ideas, the payout is a wonderful gesture but iexplore could use it a bit more than me right now.


We had some great conversations and comments from your post which I really enjoyed. I did like @wizardaves's entry as well @bengy's submission too... but it was very interesting to get all the different perspectives on a problem and something I love so much about IFC!


Congratulations on the win! Interesting article.


Thank's for the initiative.Congratulations to @amariespeaks for winning.This is a great contest.Thank's for sharing.

You shared some great art ... and your post was very good to me .... I hope everyone will love it ... i waiting for your next post.

Great post

Very nice to your post, very nice,

Congratulations @amariespeaks, thoughts do affect people plants and our surroundings we live in. Positivity is always a good thing. Congratulations to all the others also there were some very good entries.


@bashadow thank you so much! I couldn't agree with you more - both with the effects of positive thoughts and the quality of all the entries! :-D

Congratulations @amariespeaks! It was a tough one for sure.


thank you! I'm so exited to have won my first round!! It was a tough one, I saw a bunch of awesome entries. :-D