Information Finding Championship round 13 results.

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Hello there! Welcome to our digital castle.

Artwork credit - @yeszuzia on steemit and instagram

We have the results in for another round. :)


apolymask - Voted for plushzilla

rarebooksleuth - Voted for bengy

charisma777 - Voted for plushzilla

luckysteem - Voted for plushzilla

addempsea - Voted for bengy

Deliberator - Voted for bengy

So.. It's a tie, but.. What are we doing with this round?
We've been talking on our discord amongst ourselves and I made a thread the other day asking what we should do about the results of this challenge since no one quite brought us back what we were looking for.

Normally. I wouldn't even care that much, but.. This round had a bonus 25 steem reward and it was suppose to be a sort of special round, but no one quite fulfilled what we wanted.. So.. What do we do?

I'm pretty sure every single person said they agree that we should do something else with the 25 steem.. But what? We got a bunch of different answers, so I want people to come together here and sort of officially vote what you think we should do with the 25 steem.

Also, what should we do in regards to the tie for this round? Do we do a tie breaker round? If so should it be the same subject or a different subject?

And don't get me wrong, I could come up with ideas for all these things, but.. I want this to be a community and I want everyone's voice to feel like it matters.

I'm just one voice here among many, I shouldn't be deciding such things all by myself, I think we should come together to decide these particular aspects of the game. Cause.. This is uncharted territory and I think we should face it together. :)

Also @grizzman completed another side quest and earned another 3 XP, and that is now updated in our official numbers.

Here's what our numbers look like.. Also hoping to do the new leaderboard stuff charisma777 set up, but haven't got to it yet.


kryptocek 5-41-1
bashadow 3-24-0 1-14-0
auminda 1-09-0
swolesome 1-09-0
xomegax 1-08-0
grizzman 0-08-0
amariespeaks 1-07-0
noisyboy 1-05-0
deliberator 0-04-0 now a judge
bengy 0-03-0
plushzilla 0-03-0
sophiabydesign 0-02-0
lynncoyle1 0-01-0
nxtblg 0-01-0
yura81 0-01-0
mnallica 0-01-0
iexplore 0-01-0

Artwork credit - @yeszuzia on steemit and instagram

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What about all the entry's are all of them is bad?Don't you liked any one of those?I must say you should chose from the existing entry's.Other wise all the participants will be disheartened,if all the entry's are not disqualified then you should chose from those existing entry's.You can also arrange a voting session for selecting which one is best.I always try to follow you,i am sure you will do the best.

I think you should have disbursed the amount among top two or three contestant.Other wise people will think that you are trying to trick them or you are trying to make them work for another project with the same amount.This is my personal opinion.I like you that's why i don't want to people say bad things about you.Thank's for sharing.

Wow excellent post

wow very excellent post Thanks for sharing i will done upvote....////

Your post is very useful, Really i appreciate you.


Wow nice art

Also, what should we do in regards to the tie for this round? Do we do a tie breaker round? If so should it be the same subject or a different subject?

Split the post pay-out, and split the XP between both of them. Give each one a bonus vote in round 21, hope they don't tie in that round. So round 21 both bengy and plushzilla get an automatic vote, even if they did not enter the round, (of course round 21 would have to be a regular round, if it is not then pick next regular round).

Nice. I'm already a member of your discord. Its so easy way to do good on steemit. Experts are helping beginners to better understand about steemit. Thank a lot to all discord MEMBER

Thank By,

You could use the bonus to power up the new official account?


I actually really like this idea get some SP flowing into the new IFC account and essentially over time we can make the transition to the new account over time once we have some SP over there!


And @plushzilla and I will be lifetime beneficiaries of automatic upvotes and resteems!